How Do You Do That?!

Here are just a few things that I wonder about and confuse me. So to people who excel at these things that I don't understand, how do you do that...?...more
Saltless in Seattle Thanks - glad you liked the post :)more

Let's Get Cheeky

People always talk about their secret favorite beauty products. You know, those cult products that you have used for years, can’t live without, and sometimes you keep the fabulousness of said product to yourself because you don’t want to share you secret. Well today I am sharing one of my favorite products for Spring/Summer. It’s called Rosie Jane Cheek Gloss, by Australian makeup artist, Rosie Jane Johnston....more

Confidence is Key Part II

So I know that I promised a second post about the photoshoot I did with Dylan Wilson Weddings (makeup by Elijana Cosmetics, styled by Alta moda and jewelry by Bourbon and Boweties and Bent by Courtney, but available at Alta moda) so here it is....more

Friday Faves: Elijana Cosmetics: Confidence is Key

I'm going to be honest, I'm not very confident. I know I've said it on the blog before and I really do mean it....more

NYX Cosmetics Mini Haul

Hey Ladies,So here it is my first haul post. It's more of a mini haul-- but it's my first. Any who, I've recently purchased and received a few must needed items from NYX Cosmetics. Seeing as how they had a free shipping deal when you purchase $25.00 or more, I was sold and bought all the new stuff.First, Butter Lip Balm. OMG! This lip balm is the BOMB! I completely fell in love--the way it makes my lips soft, it's amazing. I have the color "ladyfingers" the color is so pretty on. It gives a light pink tint, which looks great under my next product....more

The Beauty Love Affair Tag

 Welcome to the Beauty Love Affair tag. We know you're not the kind to kiss and tell; but we want to know. We want the juiciest stories about your current love. Tell us about your worst heartbreaks. Give us the juicy details of your steamiest affair. We want to know if it was love it first sight. Tell us who turned out to be a total jerk. Confide in us about your sweetest temptation....more

Makeup Colors and Styles for 2014

*Canva.comGlimmer, glam and gleam seems to be the words to describe the styles of 2014 when it comes to makeup.  There are a lot of bold colors and even some not so common with the Spring colors up ahead.  Many colors and styles made waves in New York during Fashion Week for 2014 as well as the Golden Globes.  Yes, some may be a little over the top for you but I PROMISE you will find something you can work with....more

DIY Easy Makeup Brush Repair in 2 Easy Steps

Repairing that broken makeup brush you were going to toss can save money and the environment, at least for a while. It's simple.Step 1: Simply take the broken makeup brush and slather the inside of the handle with hot glue. (Be careful -- it gets really hot!)Step 2: Replace the bristles & let the hot glue cool.Now you're ready to apply that makeup! Visit here to view a short tutorial (

Date Night Beauty Tips

From kissably-soft lips to smolderingly-sexy eyes, featured in this Date Night Beauty Guide are the top makeup looks that men love to see their date wear....more