6 Tips That Make My Marriage Work

 I know this is not my usual kind of post, but lately I have noticed a lot of Hollywood couples getting divorced and it has inspired me to write this post in hopes that we can manage not to follow in their footsteps! ...more

It’s Perfectly Okay to Have a Kid-Free Wedding

When you get engaged and start planning a wedding, you inadvertently open yourself up the opinions of others…whether or not you ask for them. People will have opinions on everything from your dress to whether or not it’s acceptable to have a kid-free wedding. I found the best course of action to be a nod and a smile. But when I read this post last week about why it’s selfish to have a kid-free wedding, I felt compelled to respond....more
We did have a child free wedding as we got married at 7 pm followed by desert and dance around ...more

When Supporting Your Husband's Dreams Puts Yours on the Backburner

If someone tells you being a helpmate is easy, 1) he or she is a bold-faced liar and 2) run. I married a phenomenal man I am glad to do life with. Full of love, full of expectation and confident that together “we could do it all,” I imagined we’d pursue our dreams with tenacity and ease. Whew, I was naïve. The truth is building a life with your spouse may not look how you envisioned. And when building that life there may be a season (or seasons) when your goals and dreams hit the back burner so your husband can reach for his....more

Dear Husband: I Need You

It’s amazing the moments that make you realize the goldmine that you have in your spouse.Vacation is what has done it for me.See, I have a husband that LOVES being married and LOVES being a father with all that it comes with. We have a very balanced relationship. As in if the baby is screaming and doesn’t want me, he comes over and trades a glass of wine for the baby without prompting. Being married to my husband has spoiled me insanely. I love it but when he’s not with me, it’s me that’s crying!...more

Keep it Spicy: 5 Fun Indoor Date Ideas

The hubs and I don’t get out like we’d like to so that we can have adult time that’s special for the two of us. It’s so easy to fall into the “I’m comfortable” rut once you have kids but keeping that connection between husband and wife is so important. Once you’re done raising the kids, all you’ll have is each other!...more
Love these ideas❤️ Thank you for the important reminder!!more

Four Things You Should Stop Doing if You Want Him to Open Up

One of the most common complaints I hear from women is that their husbands won't open up, or that they have no idea how much something is bothering him until he explodes. Clearly culture plays a role in this. Just like women feel an unspoken pressure to be beautiful, men feel an unspoken pressure to be unemotional. So we're starting with a stacked deck here, but there are a few things women do that make the circumstances even harder....more

Challenge: Praise Your Sweetie for A Month Via Texts!

My husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary just a couple weeks ago and we will be celebrating our 10-year dating anniversary this upcoming fall. We have had a wonderful, yet chaotic life together and I wanted to make sure that my husband knew how much I loved and appreciated him after all this time....more
I don't need a challenge to do this. I just do. My husband inspires me to give him thanks and to ...more

Going from DINKs to parents

Dual-Income, No Kids. ...more

After You've said "Yes" To The Dress......

My 5th year wedding anniversary was last week, and reaching our 5th year mark prompted me to pull out my wedding gown.  Part of me wanted to know if I could still fit her, while most of me just wanted to unleash a little nostalgia.HERstory:...more

A Letter To My Husband

 This Saturday marks my 17 year wedding anniversary.It seems so strange to say that out loud. Time does seem to fly doesn't it? Saying I've been married for 17 years makes me feel 2 things;1. Very old!2. Very proud!If you have read my story then you know that I met my husband when we were 11 years old. We became a couple when we were 14 and we have been a couple ever since. We have now been together for 26 years!...more