Cleaning out the fridge...literally

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3 Reasons to Not "Give Your Husband More Sex"

I saw a graphic on Pinterest recently titled "8 Reasons to Give Your Husband More Sex.” In it, the author discussed the ways that sex benefits women, including improved health, reduced stress, and a stronger marriage, and made the case that regular sex in marriage is good for wives.  I don't disagree with that.  As a matter of fact, I strongly agree with it.  Despite that, the graphic really bothered me.  And it still bothers me whenever I think about it....more
MelanieMorris That's exactly the way it should be!more

You Complete Me: Lies Dating Websites Have Told Me

I saw this Christian Mingle commercial on TV the other night which stated, “There’s someone out there who needs you, whose life you can fulfill and who makes yours complete.”I nearly launched myself off the couch and body slammed the TV to the floor.Like this… except no one was wearing a thong…...more

3 Years and Counting


To Have and to Hold, Your Wife's Hand

 A while ago I was eavesdrop...more

Women Don’t Need Men, But Can We Admit We Want Them?

Comic by Tatsuya IshidaThis comic is sadly true....more
sarah.williams I am so happy that you found your dream guy :) I agree with you 100% everybody ...more

The Triumph Of Love

 History was made in my city Jacksonville, Florida earlier this year when 1,200 people gathered at Hemming Park to witness 60 LGBT couples get legally married....more

To the Small Things of Marriage

In a couple of weeks, my husband and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary.  We've discussed possible plans.  I suggested a weekend spent organizing our house.  While I believe that one will be vetoed as simply too un-anniversary-like, I'm cool with us not doing it big or giving each other expensive gifts.  I have told him as much and I believe he would like it notarized.  ...more

Why I Don't Always Put My Husband Before My Kids

A few days ago a young, newly married, Facebook friend of mine posted an article entitled Why My Husband Will Always Come Before My Kids by Amber Doty. In this article, Doty discusses her policy of always prioritizing the needs of her husband over those of her children....more
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