The Never-Ending Battle

Do you have an unsolved problem with your spouse, one that has left you feeling perpetually resentful, mistreated, or hopeless? ...more

8 Ways You Can Keep Dating Your Spouse

When you’ve been married to someone or dating them for a significant amount of time, your marriage might start to lose some of that spark. It certainly doesn’t mean you love each other any less, but it might mean that your marriage needs a bit of a reboot....more

20 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

Back when hubby and I were dating, long before kids, date nights were a regular thing.  Whether it was the movies, bowling or playing pool, we always went out....more

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married at 20

"Till death do you part."I said those words at the ripe old age of 20 and 6 days. I though I knew what I was doing. That the world should be so happy for me that I'd found someone who said he'd put up with my nonsense forever.But there's so much I didn't know. More than just not knowing how to cook, I didn't know that I was heading down a lonely road; a road where half of the people I knew were angry that I'd gotten married, and the other half just couldn't relate to it.But here's what I've learned from being the only married one at 20....more
The most helpful of these IMO are the ones involving other people. I got married at 18, and was ...more

I Took Date Night Out of the Budget and Almost Ruined My Marriage

“Are we growing apart?”  ...more
budgetbrainiac Date night might be expensive but it is far less than the cost of therapy or a ...more

Distrust and Stress

In What Makes Love Last? John Gottman writes about the importance of trust in relationships. ...more

Cookie Lyon Is A Better Woman Than I Will Ever Be

Cookie Lyon is a better woman than I will ever be. The second season of Empire is back and messy as ever, but there are a few things that are moving my spirit and not in a good way. Image via FOX ...more
Love her character, Taraji P. Henson is great in the show.more

Do You Ask Your Spouse’s Permission…

I agree with your calling it being considerate, and with your husband's definition. That's what ...more

I'd Make You Most Unhappy, Most. That Is, I'd Do My Best

Let’s stroll back in time. Our darling neighbors are back on the mountain....more

The Science of Happy Relationships

The secret to a happy marriage isn't really a secret. Scientists have spent decades studying every aspect of intimate relationships, and we now know a lot about what makes the difference between long-term bliss or ultimate divorce. ...more
Just Beet It Thanks, Aarika. I love good quality research because it can really help relationships.more