A Letter To My Husband

 This Saturday marks my 17 year wedding anniversary.It seems so strange to say that out loud. Time does seem to fly doesn't it? Saying I've been married for 17 years makes me feel 2 things;1. Very old!2. Very proud!If you have read my story then you know that I met my husband when we were 11 years old. We became a couple when we were 14 and we have been a couple ever since. We have now been together for 26 years!...more

7 Real Reasons You Need to Have Sex With Your Husband Everyday

Ok let me share something with you. People always ask me for relationship advice - single people, married people, people that want to be married and people that want to be single. I don’t know why girl, they just do. So I’ve decided to make my first relationship post about something that I keep being asked about....more
Thank you, I think sometimes as women we get complacent with sex and these are a few reasons why ...more

Stay Hopeful, Single Mamas

Cheap and Free Summer Date Ideas

Coming up with unique yet affordable date ideas can be difficult. Often couples will find themselves in the rut of only doing dinner/movie dates, and getting bored of them. Maybe you can’t think of any other unique date ideas, or maybe you think fun and unique has to equal expensive. But it doesn’t! Summer is the perfect time to mix it up, head outside, and try something new with your significant other. Today I’m sharing some cheap and free summer date ideas that we should all be trying!...more

Life Begins Again

They say that life begins at 40. Maybe that's true, but for me, a new version of life begins after 42 - years of marriage, that is. Life has had many "beginnings" for me. When I was born, when I was adopted at 3 months, when I married at 16, when each of my children was born, when I finished my bachelor's degree and started teaching at age 45.  Another beginning came when I met my birth mother and siblings, and that is one beginning that I am still processing....more

Make a Sexy Music Playlist - A Simple Way to Energize Your Sex Life

You know those days when you want/plan/hope to do something fun and sexy with your husband, but by the end of the day sex is at the bottom of your to-do list and falling fast?  Here's a little trick I learned recently that can help  keep your mind revved up for sex, even in the middle of crazy days - make a sexy music playlist and listen to it throughout the day.  Music that energizes you and makes you feel sexy can go a long way in counteracting the libido-suppressing effects of the daily grind!  Her...more

A Very Long Conversation

6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

I think choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning. This is especially true if you’re like Dave and I, and had the ceremony and reception at the same venue.Quite often, venues have onsite catering as well. So you’re not just choosing the space for the wedding, but the food as well! The staff will set up the ceremony and reception, serve dinner, make sure everything runs smoothly, etc. It’s an important decision....more
A friend who is a photographer (Angela Michelle Powell Woulfe) took her daughter's fifth year ...more

Hope and Bravery and Beginning Again

Once upon a time, when we were newly arrived in North Carolina by way of two years in Alaska, I was frustrated and stressed and we were out of money.See, when we left Alaska, I resolved to myself that I would no longer teach. Teaching was something that didn't bring me joy. It brought stress and frustration, but it also brought money that was much needed.And so, when we got to NC, I didn't apply for teaching jobs. I subbed, but my focus was elsewhere - I was looking for something else....more

Counterintuitive Thinking about Marriage

Here's another way to think about marriage and money. It’s counterintuitive to think about widowhood or divorce when you’re getting married. Few women do.However, without thinking of the consequences of letting our husband manage our money, we set ourselves up for financial vulnerability. We trust him to be making financial choices that will benefit us both. Sometimes he is; sometimes he isn’t. Most of the time, he’s not thinking of our future without him....more