The Importance of Marriage...

Talk show host Wendy Williams made a comment to an audience member about the importance of being married if you are buying property together.  She said that she was "old fashioned" about that kind of thing.  She believes that you need that "piece of paper" to protect yourself but that if you can have as many kids as you want without being married. Yes, whatever you do don't buy property together without being married! This is a prime example of what the direction society is taking and it is truly a shame......more

Looking For The Promise


Why PASSION can be a Mis-Direct

How many times have you heard ‘Follow Your Passion’? And, how many times have you thought, even felt, like somehow, you’re ‘Passion’ must be hiding behind that big stack of unpaid bills?  How many times have you been advised to ‘Find what you’re passionate about and do THAT’? ...more

My Husband Only Wants Sex Once a Week; I Want More!

Reader "I Want More" writes,...more
Dr E Your book sounds fab!!more

How Solving a Marriage Conflict Helped Me Solve a God Conflict

 Throughout our 18+ years of marriage, Edd and I have developed some quirky patterns....more

Are You Staying for the Kids?

Fantasy Baseball Dads

My husband spends a lot of time thinking about diamonds and fantasy situations, but not the kind that might promote excitement in marital relations.  This weekend was his fantasy baseball draft weekend with the guys.  Somehow, despite the fact that vacation time is hard to come by, he has never missed a draft “anniversary” guys weekend in our 17 years together; yet I can count on one hand (make that one finger) the times we’ve celebrated our wedding anniversary by going away together since we had kids....more

How "Baby Worshipping" is Ruining Relationships...

Sometime between when we were children and when we had children of our own, parenthood became a religion in America....more

5 Ways We Bring Life To Our Marriage