Reverse Bucket List

Dreaming and planning for our future is so important. We should be always striving to grow and improve, but we should also strive to appreciate what we have. It’s important that while we’re dreaming for what we want to do, we remember what we have done and what we’ve accomplished. I’ve done some awesome, fun things in my life and I want to continue to remind myself of that....more

Communication unfogs our cloudy lens

One of the most important components of any relationship is communication. Because we all see through different lens, it gaurantees that we will view the world, others, their actions, and so on differently. My husband and I have a come to Jesus meeting at least 3 times a year, 4 times on a good one. Recently, yesterday, I had to vent about my needs and being overwhelmed. Of course, I have had this conversation before and it reverts back after a month or two, because like cars, men need oil changes every 3 months....more

Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Creating your wedding guest list can be a difficult undertaking. For me, it was the most stressful part of wedding planning. It was the only part of wedding planning that I actually shed tears over as I watched my once-small wedding get larger and larger, until the guest list had 100 more people on it than I originally envisioned. It’s the aspect of wedding planning that can make or break your budget, and also the aspect that your familiar will like have the most to say about. Trust me, your parents will have a lot of opinions on the guest list....more

Marriage Epiphany Pt. 2: Preparation

 This was supposed to all be posted in one week and were meant to be more in-depth, but......more


 Hola mis amores! This is the second installment of my “Summer Love Series”. Miss Negra With Tumbao is gone for the ENTIRE summer so the Mister and I have ample opportunities to reinvent our relationship. Father’s Day Weekend gave me the inspiration to plan a sexy, little getaway for my favorite guy. With the right amount of planning, this can be a fairly inexpensive to pull off and it can happen close to home....more

8 Things You Should Know About Building Intimacy In Your Relationship

It’s July 1st and the first official day of the Summer Sex Challenge! And no one is more excited about today...more

10 things to do for your girlfriend/wife daily.

10 Things you should be doing for your girlfriend/wife daily ...more

8 Things You Should Do After Getting Engaged

For many, the day you get engaged will be one of the happiest days of your life to date. This was definitely true for me. And while it’s an amazing day, the hours, days and weeks following can be overwhelming. There’s suddenly so much to do!For most of us, this is our first time planning a wedding. If you were like me, the engagement ring was unexpected and you weren’t anticipating planning a wedding. Today I’d like to offer you a few tips to make that hectic time a little easier. Here are 8 things to do after getting engaged:...more
great list! we should use this !more

3 Steps to Becoming the Fun Parent

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I'm always the bad guy when it comes to enforcing things with my kids -- like flossing, cleaning up their rooms, practicing piano, etc. However, my husband is seen as the fun guy. After work, he just blows on in with a bucket of fun, leaving me to deal with the real responsibilities when it comes to the kids. I'm sick of it! What should I do? Signed, Sometimes I'd Like To Be the Fun Mom ...more

3 Reasons I'll Keep Trying For My Marriage

Fixing your marriage after an affair is hard. No matter how dedicated both spouses are, there is going to be a lot of frustration, sadness, confusion and a whole array of mixed emotions to work through.It's not easy.It's been one of the hardest things I've ever went through. Even harder than being a single parent at 15 and trying to graduate High School. (But that's a story for a different post on a different day.)...more