Taking Him for Granted

currently: the just last week one

Sometimes when I'm thinking about stuff that happened last week I think back to how much fun our New Year's Eve party was. ...and then I remember that New Year's Eve was thirty one weeks ago instead of last week, and then my mind is blown.  So hey, August! Nice of you to come storming in. To come in like a wrecking ball! There, that's the analogy I want....more

The Helpful Dad

 I just needed ten minutes. We had finished up dinner, and I needed to get the dishes in the washer without worrying about my toddler playing with knives. He took her outside to play. She ran through the yard while he started cleaning up the mulch in our landscaping....more

Marriage Kindergarten: The Good, The Poo, and The Ugly

 Basic rule of thumb: Never google childbirth if you are pregnant. I made that mistake when I was nine months along. There's just so much blood, and grunting, and bodily fluid, and panting. And to put the icing on the cake, your husband gets to watch the whole gritty process....more


Exactly 219 days ago Freddie received the 007 collection on Blu-ray. Exactly 213 days ago we decided to do weekly 007 date nights and cook a themed dinner while going through all the Bond movies....more

A Letter to Myself on My Wedding Day

I originally wrote this letter for a previous blog of mine. But with our five year anniversary coming up this upcoming weekend, I thought it was fitting to share. I know compared to some couples five years is not huge, but for us, this is our first big “milestone” anniversary. We have fit a lot in our first five years together.  It seems like time has just flown by in a blink of an eye....more

rock bottom - where I saved my marriage

I sat in a makeshift hospital room my bare knees peeking through the thin gown I was provided with. There was no medical equipment, not even a sink or cabinets, just four blank white walls. I felt as though they may as well have put me in a straight jacket and padded the walls. Tucked in the corner of the room situated on the only chair provided  was my mom.  In a pile on the end of hospital bed, which was more like a low to the ground massage table, sat my clothes. I stared down at my goose bump covered legs, my exhausted face stained with tears....more

the fight / choose happiness

the fight / choose happiness--Last night my husband and I got in a fight.Which is weird to say out loud, because even when we do fight, I really only tell my sister or my best friend, Anamarie…not the whole internet....more

The First Time My Husband Hit Me...

I overheard a conversation one day at a restaurant, a woman said to her friend “if my husband ever lays a hand on me, I’m gone.” I can only assume they knew someone who was being abused and were referring to that situation as she offered up her opinion.Funny thing, I’ve always had the same opinion. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve said the same thing, until it happened to me....more
Thanks for writing this. I went through something similar before leaving him, and i only told ...more

All The Happy Facebook Couples Drive Me Crazy!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I'm so sick of all the happy couples on Facebook. I totally love my husband, but I feel like our relationship is crap when I read things like, "Every time I go out with my husband it's like our first date all over again." I definitely don't feel like that after 10 years of marriage! Is there something wrong with us? Or Facebook? Signed, Facebook is Starting to Ruin My Marriage ...more
True! But keep in mind those people just choose to not post the bad moments.more