How My Four Year Old Learned About Gay Marriage

How My Four Year Old Learned About Gay MarriageAs a first time j/k mum I never thought that I would be speaking with my son about gay marriage....more

We are More Than Needed, We are Wanted

I suffer from a severe medical condition and, unfortunately, it takes me to some very dark places.  If I’m being honest, sometimes it feels so unbearable for myself AND my family that I truly and deeply believe they would be better off without me in their lives....more

How loving someone is like moving into a house

When I married Hubby, we didn’t know each other very well. We met one weekend, wrote for nearly a year—continents apart—and then on our first date, he proposed.After that first date, I re-boarded a plane, and we planned a wedding and a future life together long distance. Which meant all our dating and getting to know one another took place after our wedding. ...more

Tale of a Vasectomy Reversal

Here we sit, in a hotel in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Small town USA. It's a brisk 37 degrees outside and we are hunkered down with books and college football, sipping coffee and looking out the window at the rustling maroon and golden trees. We have barely ventured out for two and a half days. Sounds like the Venturous Ventrys aren't so venturous at the moment, doesn't it? OH, BUT WE ARE ON AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! ...more

My Husband is 22 Years Older Than Me

Last year, I married a man 22 years my senior. I'm 41 years old....more
Hello Jennifer,  I enjoyed your blog, as I relate to it. My long term boyfriend is 20 years ...more

The divorce list

We have all been to that wedding. You know the one. The one where you are trying very hard to be generally happy for your friend/relative and not say anything overly snarky, but - way down deep - you have a suspicion they are not going to make it as a couple. You don't want to be right, but you can't help how you feel. Then, after time passes and you hear word of the breakup, you have to bite your tongue and never admit to anyone that you knew it wouldn't last. ...more

The Grass is Always Greener...

This past week has been filled with so much heartbreak. Not just for the people of France, Russia, Syria, and all of the other countries that have been affected by terror, natural disaster, and pain--but, also for individual families. Families who I have known my entire life. Families that have had to walk through pain and darkness that I cannot even imagine....more

Winds of Change

The Winds of Change(excerpt from Ch. 6) It was an awkward time for Sam and I. We had been told that we were not soul mates and that his mate was out there somewhere in a body, waiting for the appointed time when they would be together but on the soul level he and I agreed to work together, until now.  ...more

Marriage: Why Even Bother?

G and I have talked plenty about our future and the possibility of getting married. Simply put, he is pretty sure he wants to make it happen.I’m not.And here’s the surprise: it’s not because I think it’s anti-feminist. ...more
AlnikaW I really appreciate your response Alnika, sorry it took me so long to reply. That's ...more