So This Is Marriage: 11 Years, a Family, and Many Beer Mugs Later

“Could you?” He starts, handing me the ridiculously large Mason jar he keeps at his bedside, an ode and a tease to my latest kitchenware obsession. I reach for it with my right hand without looking up from my laptop. He fits it between my splayed fingers and I go fill it up. “Spoiled,” I say over my shoulder. “You know it,” he answers in the crinkly-eyed way that I love. ...more
I've been married for 9 years and I'm starting (this year) to feel the beginning of what you ...more

I’m So Mad at Joel on Parenthood I Could Scream: When a Marriage Partner Quits

 “I’m so mad at Joel on Parenthood,” my husband said to me out of the blue. And I couldn’t agree more.The Parenthood television program on NBC has been a hard-hitting family drama for several years. Last year they tackled breast cancer and its impact. This year, they’re approaching how a marriage breaks down....more
I used to watch this show, but it got to be too much drama for me.  Anyway, marriage is tough ...more

Our{Real Life} Vows

The other night, husband and I decided to renew our vows.  Probably not in the way that most people would.  Although I would love to have a do-over for our wedding.It was an amazing day — all of the people we loved the most were there and it was a magical day.  It was just very … {... more}...more

I was in an abusive relationship, and cooking saved my life.

Sometimes I feel like I have a lived a hundred different lives and that I have found some impossibly clever way to tuck them all up inside of myself, revealing them only in the most deliberate of fashions. Like a wooden matryoshka doll stuffed full of smaller and less-full people, I sometimes seem to unfold.Which brings me to this story. This story I have been trying to write down for years now. This story that I am just now accepting as a part of my life, as something that happened in it and to me. It’s the story of how cooking saved me....more

Love & Marriage

After I left the house, I just kept driving. Thinking. Wondering what I was doing that was causing my life to fall apart, over, and over…....more

The 14 Day Marriage Challenge: Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of the 14 Day Marriage Challenge! The challenge for this day: 3 Times A Charm! ...more

Are You Winning Financially?

It’s no secret that our household income took a hit in the past 6 months. I’ve shared that as I launched Workable Wealth, I transitioned out of my full-time job as Director of Financial Planning with a local San Diego wealth management firm to part-time through the end of 2013 and now, I am contracting in on an as needed basis....more


I am so dumb. I speak before spoken to, without knowing or understanding implications or meaning. I sing without music or voice. I jump into quicksand blind to the black. I spurn the helping hand in fear, and stay deaf when branches rustle and reach. Only bare Faith…and the Wave… and my Anchor, thrust me back to the edge, so I can claw my way out.I’m sitting across from Pete, not listening. I’m back from Portland. Guilty feeling.He holds a secret while he talks, I can feel it. So I let him go on, as he’s sure to spill. He always does.And then…...more

Is Jay-Z a poor excuse for a husband?

While looking through my blog roll and scrolling news sites in search of some pop culture relief, I came across an article penned by Naomi Schaefer Riley entitled  ‘Jay-Z a poor excuse for a husband’. Despite my ambivalence toward the Knowles-Carter relationship, the sexy headline piqued my interest so I decided take a look. What I found was the author’s unsettling discomfort concerning Beyoncé’s sexy performance of “Drunk in Love” with her husband Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter at the opening of the 2014 Grammys....more

That One-Time He Asked for a Threesome...

       This one time last summer the guy I was dating at the time asked me to participate in a threesome....more