The Great Housekeeping Slide, 2010-2016

When I was growing up, my family's house was spotless. Maybe not really, especially when my siblings and I were young, but that's how it always seemed to me. That has been the standard to which I've compared myself since the beginning of my adult life. However, it's occurred to me recently that my cleaning and housekeeping habits have...shall we say...evolved over the years. For me, the beginning of marriage and of my adult life occurred at the same time--2010--so this is where I'll begin to describe what I've started to think of as the great housekeeping slide....more

A Spouse's Response to Depression Part 1

Today I share my husband with you. He has willingly offered to write an article explaining what's it like to be married to a spouse who has been diagnosed with Depression. He offers a perspective that not many ever get to hear. Thank you for taking the time to listen to him. God has definitely blessed me over the last 19 years. :)...more

Relationship tips: Communication can be silent, just notice it

There was a moment right after our third daughter was born that I will never forget. Knowing everything I know now, it was a comedy. In the moment, it was one of the sweetest things I had experienced....more

First Comes Love, Then Comes Armageddon

The first real test of our marriage vows arrived ten months after we said them.It was true love. "Isn't she beautiful?" My husband whispered, over and over again, a tear rolling down his cheek. But I just couldn't see it. Truth is, I wanted to set her on fire....more

Where did you meet your match?

My Mother set me up with a guy once when I was in high school. He worked for her, and at the time I didn't realize I was being set up. It was well-intentioned, I have no doubt, but ultimately very weird and awkward for me. So let's not talk about that. ...more

Importance of Self-Care in Marriage

If you asked me 4 years ago what I like to do for self-care, I would have said I don't do anything because I'm not selfish. So it's no surprise that taking care of me fell down on the priority list. So what changed for me? One simple quote, "When you respect yourself, you respect your body." A lightbulb went off....more

I Played Hookie With My Hubby

The app DubSmash allows you to record yourself lip-synching to any piece of audio - song or movie clip. Within two days of download, I was entertained for hours and completely addicted. But beyond me, I knew my husband would LOVE this; he’s a professionally-trained actor. It would be like asking a baseball player if he wanted to go to the batting cage. ...more

What Happens to Your Social Media Accounts if You Change Your Name?

As I was setting up yet another social media account, I started thinking about an interesting conundrum some people need to deal with that wasn't an issue back in my day. What do you do with your social media accounts if you change your last name with marriage? ...more
I completely understand this issue, when I setup my Facebook account, I kept on wondering what ...more