The highs and lows of marriage

I like being married. I still get little thrills sometimes when someone refers to me as "Mrs. Markman" or when I get to introduce my husband to people. There is a security in being united to my husband who is not only the love of my life, but my best friend. He's mine. I'm his. It's nice....more

Sorry But Your Husband Has Irreversible Brain Damage

I remember the first time I heard those words.  It was unexpected.  "We're sorry but there is nothing more we can do." ...more

Three Ways to Keep your Relationship Strong

Being in a committed relationship can be both effortless and grueling. There will be times when you feel like you’re on top of the world and other times when you feel like crawling into a dark cave. One thing is certain, whether you’re relationship is in a good or bad place, if you’re love is strong enough it is always worth it to make things work. Here are three things that will help keep your relationship strong.Share the workload...more

Happy New Year - How's your marriage?

As much as I love the holidays and the great excuse it gives me to celebrate, I am glad that they are over. The inside decorations are put away, I promise I'll take down the outside ones as soon as it stops raining, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone back at the office again (it was getting a little lonely)....more

Financial Drama in a Book Store

In ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de St. Exupery, the little prince tells a man that he can’t linger but must get back to his own planet to feed his fox and water his flower. The man encourages him to stay, saying ‘the fox is wild and the flower will take care of itself’. The little prince answers, ”You become responsible for what you tame”....more

10 Things I've Learned In My One Month Of Marriage

Today marks exactly ONE month of being a married woman! Here are ten things I've learned so far. 1. Laugh at your differencesLike I've told you before, my husband is 100% introvert and I am 100% extrovert. (For the love, if you don't know what this means please google it.) That being said, we have many.. many... MANY differences, on top of being two totally different genders! One thing I've learned in being married to the guy, is that we have got to laugh off our differences....more

Married Couples are Business Partners

You may not like thinking about your marriage this way, but if you live in a community property state, your husband, by definition, is also your business partner. The business you are building together is called marriage.The community property states are Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin....more

Arranged Marriage : Dear (Not So) Suitable Boy

Dear (Not So) Suitable Boy,I have been meaning to write to you for some time now (about 20 years) but somewhere along the way, after I realized you most certainly were not my knight in shining armor, I married someone else and had five kids. So yeah I was a bit preoccupied. No, I didn't end up marrying the knight in shining armor. He still hasn't shown up. Curse you, Disney. Curse you....more

Is Your Boyfriend Not Ready For Marriage Because Of His Career?

Fewer men are getting married than ever before, and the number one reason why is because of their financial stability.When he says he’s not ready because his career is not where he wants it to be, he’s not the only one. “More than a quarter of those who say they want to marry someday say they haven’t yet because they are not financially prepared.” According to a Pew Research Report....more

Stop Telling Me to Get Married!

“When you’re young, everything seems so black and white,” I say to my friend. “As you get older, grey areas become more and more frequent.”Later, when the third person in two weeks tells me that I should get married, I find myself returning to this conversation. Did I ever dream, when I was young, of being married? I’m sure that I did, I mean, all little girls do, don’t they? And yet I don’t remember thinking much about it....more
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