I am so dumb. I speak before spoken to, without knowing or understanding implications or meaning. I sing without music or voice. I jump into quicksand blind to the black. I spurn the helping hand in fear, and stay deaf when branches rustle and reach. Only bare Faith…and the Wave… and my Anchor, thrust me back to the edge, so I can claw my way out.I’m sitting across from Pete, not listening. I’m back from Portland. Guilty feeling.He holds a secret while he talks, I can feel it. So I let him go on, as he’s sure to spill. He always does.And then…...more

Is Jay-Z a poor excuse for a husband?

While looking through my blog roll and scrolling news sites in search of some pop culture relief, I came across an article penned by Naomi Schaefer Riley entitled  ‘Jay-Z a poor excuse for a husband’. Despite my ambivalence toward the Knowles-Carter relationship, the sexy headline piqued my interest so I decided take a look. What I found was the author’s unsettling discomfort concerning Beyoncé’s sexy performance of “Drunk in Love” with her husband Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter at the opening of the 2014 Grammys....more

That One-Time He Asked for a Threesome...

       This one time last summer the guy I was dating at the time asked me to participate in a threesome....more

Marriage, Divorce and 'Parenthood:' Come ON, Joel and Julia

**Spoiler Alert: You might not want to read this if you aren’t current with Parenthood episodes**...more
Why is there no discussion at all about the fact that Joel was kissed by that slutty mom Raquel ...more

The Girl I Don't Want To Be

As I sat there engrossed in one of my favorite TV shows, I couldn't help but let the tears flow. Lil Man was asleep. Hubby was at work. And I was taking a few moments out of this very hectic day for me.But there she was, everything that I didn't want to be, yet oddly we were very similar. And as I watched the drama unfold, I couldn't help but picture myself in her situation. And although I am very aware that this is a fabricated television show, it suddenly felt a little too real....more

7 Money Decisions to Make Now that You’re Married

Although it’s ideal to have money conversations with your partner prior to walking down the aisle, things don’t always happen the way they should. Whether you’re engaged, newlywed or years into a blissful marriage, below are 7 Money Decisions you and your partner need to make to set yourselves up for financial success:1.     Will we keep separate bank accounts or combine?...more

A Few Good Tips for Newly Weds

At one point or another in my life I have kept a journal, or a diary.  I found my last journal right before New Year's with all sorts of entries from myself about 7-8 years ago. Oh gosh...how time does change things....However, I do believe there is benefit to writing down your thoughts or the ideas of others that strike your fancy. Since New Years, I have been jotting down messages and quotes that I read in order to go back and reflect when I need a little pick me up or reality check....more

Can you be a feminist wife?

 "Can you be a feminist wife?"...more
nopithyphrase  Thank you so much! And thanks for reading. My husband is a feminist too. So I'm ...more

Why It Really Doesn't Matter If We Agree With Candace Bure On Biblical Submission

(photo credit: candacecameronbure.net)...more

What To Do When Wedding Planning Hits A Snag

We've been engaged for almost a year (April). I keep seeing the advertising for the Wonderful Wedding Show here in Winnipeg on January 18th and 19th , wondering if I should attend or not.  I should be over the moon with wedding planning, reviewing bridal magazines, thinking about photographers, and attending the wedding show, right?Nope....more