The Audition

Cooking My Way through My Husband's Midlife Crisis                                                                           ...more

Daily Habits to Make Your Marriage Stronger

Dave and I are about six months into our marriage, and it’s safe to say we’ve learned a lot. Since we already lived together before, I didn’t think marriage would be much different. Yet somehow it is. We’re in virtually the same situation, but it’s somehow different. It feels bigger and more important, which it should. It feels safer because you know that even if you fight or get upset with one another, you’re married and it’s permanent....more

fake life vs. real life

Today we are going to talk about marriage and Fake Life. You know, the life where your expectations are alive and reign freely. The life that doesn't have to be covered with three Instagram filters + 6x more brightness and 18x more contrast. We're also going to talk about marriage and Real Life. The life where Come on! You're close to 30!...more

Why I Won't Be Marrying My "Best Friend"

We've all heard it before. Some of you have probably even said it. Some of you probably believe it. "I'm marrying my best friend!" I see it on Facebook, hear it on TV shows, everywhere. I'm happy for you all. I truly am. However, I will never utter those words and here's why. ...more
Interesting point of view, but I honestly want you to come back and see if you are in the same ...more

You Lied to Me, Disney!

...And they lived happily ever after.The end of every fairy tale ever.But what if we got to see the stories after the wedding? What if we got to see Prince Charming allergic to Snow White's animal friends? Or Sleeping Beauty sleeping all day while Prince Philip went riding around the forest?...more
this is so true. a lot of time we base our relationships off these movies and get upset about ...more

The Never-Ending Battle

Do you have an unsolved problem with your spouse, one that has left you feeling perpetually resentful, mistreated, or hopeless? ...more

8 Ways You Can Keep Dating Your Spouse

When you’ve been married to someone or dating them for a significant amount of time, your marriage might start to lose some of that spark. It certainly doesn’t mean you love each other any less, but it might mean that your marriage needs a bit of a reboot....more

20 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

Back when hubby and I were dating, long before kids, date nights were a regular thing.  Whether it was the movies, bowling or playing pool, we always went out....more

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married at 20

"Till death do you part."I said those words at the ripe old age of 20 and 6 days. I though I knew what I was doing. That the world should be so happy for me that I'd found someone who said he'd put up with my nonsense forever.But there's so much I didn't know. More than just not knowing how to cook, I didn't know that I was heading down a lonely road; a road where half of the people I knew were angry that I'd gotten married, and the other half just couldn't relate to it.But here's what I've learned from being the only married one at 20....more
The most helpful of these IMO are the ones involving other people. I got married at 18, and was ...more

I Took Date Night Out of the Budget and Almost Ruined My Marriage

“Are we growing apart?”  ...more
budgetbrainiac Date night might be expensive but it is far less than the cost of therapy or a ...more