Is something missing in your relationship?

If your relationship seems to be working well but you feel something is missing, it could be that you and your partner are stuck in a type of relationship pattern called a positive bonding pattern. ...more

10 Ways to Reconnect with Your Husband

Need to reconnect with your husband? It happens to us all.Our lives become routine, and as we work through our day-to-day, we can neglect those smaller parts of our relationships until the edges become frayed. At these times, it's important to refresh ourselves, and a great way to do that is to reconnect with your husband.Nothing breathes new life into your soul like a little romance, right? Strengthening your relationship means strengthening yourself....more

Walking Each-other Home

I spent a lot of time and energy worrying about love. ...more

Famous last words: 'I'll never marry a farmer.'

I have some special guests today on the blog: my parents!...more

My Marriage: where the woman is occasionally irrational, because the man is dense

Last Saturday night, my husband Rob and I decided to write our list of five fantasy freebie people who don’t count as cheating. The only rule was celebrities only, because “that cute girl at the gym” was definitely not a fair, nor wise, choice.My ListJohn StewartCraig FergusonChris RockDavid LettermanSteve Carell Rob said, “I don’t think you’re grasping the point of the list.” ...more
Good Lord I just saw your comment! I guess Blogher doesn't send an email to notify. That's a ...more

50 Shades of Momsie

50 Shades of Momsie   Oh, come on. You know I couldn’t leave it alone, right? ...more

Eat, Drink and Be Married: A DIY Engagement Basket!

One of my best girlfriends got engaged over the weekend and I couldn’t be happier for her and her fiancé! Her fiancé not only surprised her with a gorgeous ring, but he also surprised her by inviting all their family and friends to celebrate at a local restaurant later that night! She was so surprised and couldn’t stop smiling all night long! We are beyond thrilled for the two of them!...more

You Never...Until You Do

Do y'all have a list of "nevers" in your head?You know the list...that slightly self-righteous all-knowing "Well, I'll never do this" or "I'll never do that" list."I'll never date a bad boy.""I'll never lie to my parents.""I'll never take the easy route.""I'll never get married.""I'll never have kids.""I'll never get fat." "I'll never stay in a bad marriage.""I'll never get divorced."...more