What Does It Mean To "Love" ?

What does it mean to love someone? Does it mean you give them everything they want? Does it mean letting someone run over you? Does it mean you tell them what they want to hear? Does it mean you never make them angry? Does love ever end? Webster defines love in this way; strong affection for another based on kinship ties. Example: maternal love for a child. Attraction based on sexual desire. Admiration or benevolence. Warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion. A beloved person: Darling. Brotherly concern for others. To hold dear. To feel a lover’s passion, devotion, or tenderness....more

Linen and Silk

December is the month of celebrating many ideas, holidays and wondrous occassions around the world. It is time to reflect on the past and to look forward to future with the coming of the new year. I love this season of  lights, familiar holiday traditions, carols playing, focus on friends and family, and the encouragement to extend good will and peace to all mankind. It is a time of celebration for us as it is the month a family was born. Seth and I celebrate our 12th year married this New Year's Eve; the Linen and Silk Anniversary for us. ...more

Holiday Stress

Hello Blogher :) ! This is my first official post! YAY! Anyway, this Christmas stuff everywhere lately has me in a frantic rush to try and get everything done all at once. It's put me in quite the stressed out funk. My husband is also very stressed about some of the things that he's having to deal with as well, so when you put us together we create a huge stressball that just grows. This isn't the best thing for our relationship, as you can imagine, so I've been wracking my brain trying to think of a way to get rid of some of this stress....more

Would you buy an engagement ring for your future husband?

A recent news article got me talking about engagement rings for men... Would you buy one? I did! Check it out!http://modernmommymagic.blogspot.com/2011/11/engagement-rings-for-men.html Ashleywww.modernmommymagic.blogspot.com...more

How do you cope when your husband travels?

My husband travels for business and every month or two he is gone for anywhere from a few days to a week.He is currently in Seattle (haha it's raining there) and this time around I zeroed in on the pattern of behavior that I go through each and every time he travels.Read through my stages of being a temporary single parent after the jump....more
One of my close friends husband works alot of shift work so we make plans from dinners out to ...more

I am, most definitely, mad.

Today was the first day back at work after a wonderful Thanksgiving break. And I opened my inbox - which I had not checked even one time over break because I refused to get sucked into work on my time off - to five different emails asking me to do five different, time-sensitive things. And this was on top of the five different time consuming things I had been asked to do before break....more

Manly Men Plan Weddings

www.TheFeministBride.com It’s really common to hear men declare that wedding planning is the “chick’s domain.” They assume their hard work is done after buying the engagement ring and proposing, now it’s time for the ladies to carry the burden of planning the big day. It’s all flowers, frilly lace and potpouri – stuff that’s too effeminate for a real man to be caught thinking about, right?...more

The First Thanksgiving

Two years ago I hosted Thanksgiving at my house for the first time. It worked out that way because of our extended family's schedules, but it was about more than plane tickets and obligations and routes on a map.For me, it was a rite of passage. It meant that we'd transitioned from young married couple to a family....more