Two sides of a coin

There are two sides to every coin and there are two sides to every marriage. I have a blog under another name for a different side of my marriage; the happier side. This blog is dedicated to the other side. It’s the darker, uglier side of my marriage. It’s the complicated side. This is my side....more

A great adventure!

Our family is preparing for a much anticipated trip to Disneyworld....more

The Ugly Truth...Marriage Scares The Heck Out Of Me

From My Blog:

Trust Is a Must

Trusting your mate is essential in a relationship. In fact, I refuse to be in a relationship where trust is an issue because it only leads to bigger issues of jealousy, lack of commitment and insecurities. But recently, trust issues have snuck into my relationship without warning, without permission, without warrant. This unwelcome visitor has added tension to my relationship and has introduced doubt. This tension then has a way of resurfacing any time any problem or issue is introduced that looks anything close to our unwelcomed visitor. ...more


Does love last forever? According to my 100-year-old grandmother, it does. Her husband passed away 20 years ago, and yet she still had a lifetime with him. A lifetime filled with endless love, an abounding friendship and an assured mindset. Their love was unquestionable, which made it even more amazing. Their love lasted from life until death. “...until death do us part…” But to hear my grandmother tell it, their souls have still never parted. She calls him her lover, she kisses his picture everyday, she relives fond moments with him in her mind. She keeps his spirit alive in her heart....more

Letting the Man be "The Man"

Are men and women really that different? Sometimes it feels as if we are extremely different, yet other times it feels like we are eerily similar. And sometimes we are different, but not in traditional ways. Men sometimes take on the traditional “woman” role—more emotional, more sensitive, more affectionate; while women sometimes take on the traditional “man” role—less aware, less talkative, less affected. But just because men and women don’t always play their traditional roles, doesn’t mean either of them is wrong....more

Schwarzenegger, The Good Wife, and Other Stories of Betrayal

News of former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's split with Maria Shriver after 25 years of marriage shocked us last week. Now the other shoe drops, Schwarzenegger admits he fathered a child with a longtime member of household staff over ten years ago....more

Everyday that series becomes more and more pertinant to reality. Former Gov S. should be ...more

The True Measure of Love

How do you measure love? Do you measure it by the number of times you say it? Do you measure it by the amount of nice things you do? Do you measure it by the amount of money you spend? Or is it immeasurable? Is it so abstract and undefined that you can’t put a number or quantity or percentage around it? I feel that you love me; therefore, it must be the case…...more