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Great News!

So no - I did not set out to blog, journal, or even write a book about my family and how we went from trying to strangle each other to making it work better than I could have ever dreamed, but that is exactly what I did....more

By Candlelight: The Secret to My Grandparents' Marriage

Hmmm, I think I'm going to have to add foot massages to my nightly routine now, Kevin. Thanks! ;)more

Recognizing, Receiving, and Reciprocating Love

It was a Friday night and we were having supper. I remember that I got up to clear the table and load the dishwasher. I had had a long, draining day, but I knew that wasn’t an excuse. Against my better judgement, I started spewing words at my husband.“You never show me that you love me!”“You never do anything for me!” ...more
Julia Sta Romana Exactly. Over time you take for granted the little things that used to make ...more

The promise ring

My family has many wonderful memories. As with so many families in the 80s, we were brought up by a single mother. Her life was devoted only to us and that is the best present anyone can give. My mother is a very special person who has taught me to become an up-standing human being and a devoted mother. She is the reason I am the mother that I am today. Today we were invited to have dinner at her house to decorate the Christmas tree. If there is anyone that loves Christmas, it is her....more

#NaBloPoMo Day 15: On Friends and Marriage

I will set the scene for you:...more

Day 15- The Teeter-Totter Syndrome

Yup, Louie looks like the bad guy sitting on the low-end of the teeter-totter;Victoria seems the perfect , suffering saint. Look again!...more

Sick Bay

The bug has made its’ way here. Not for the four-legged members, but for us..**sigh** It has been a really long week-long enough that if I am not feeling better, Imight have to sit home this weekend, eating jello and saltines.I know we promisedto share, in a matter of speaking, when we got married, but hey now… Hell of a diet, eh? ...more

The Real Scandal: Homewreckers Are NOT Heroines!

Olivia Pope. I love her. I want to be her. She's stylish, talented, successful and always seems to know the right thing to do or say....more
Mellie chooses to stay in this relationship like so many other women. She is welllll aware of ...more

Stupid Song, Stuck in my Head

They played a Kid Rock song on the radio on my drive home today. And then it got stuck in my head. Which was especially frustrating because the only cure for me when I get a song stuck in my head is to listen to it. Which means I had to look up a Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow duet and play it. I was worried that Ross would make fun of me for it, because I know him and that's what he does, but this was serious! I really didn't think I could handle having that stupid chorus stuck on repeat in my head for the rest of the night....more