What To Do When Wedding Planning Hits A Snag

We've been engaged for almost a year (April). I keep seeing the advertising for the Wonderful Wedding Show here in Winnipeg on January 18th and 19th , wondering if I should attend or not.  I should be over the moon with wedding planning, reviewing bridal magazines, thinking about photographers, and attending the wedding show, right?Nope....more

Not motivated to plan a wedding?

www.TheFeministBride.comA Feminist Bride reader asks: "Looking for advice for a feminist bride that doesn't want to plan a wedding but her fiance wants the wedding...it's important to him..."...more

More Apple Stuff

I posted this pic on Instagram and got 17 likes. That's a lot of likes for me.  I normally don't get enough likes to group it together so that it says 17 likes.  You know what I mean?  I usually only have enough so that each one is listed individually.  Anyways....more

What Do You Know About Marriage That You Didn't Know Before?

I had 12 writing prompts in a bag and this is what I pulled today: Image: VikeraAs I wrote this prompt, I had hoped that I wouldn't have to write on it early on, but life had other plans for me. Well, after all, this year's theme for me is "Challenge Yourself". (Hmmmm....how do I write on this and expose my mistakes and failures?) I press on....more
Thanks.  Queendivakat -- sorry to hear about your divorce - it is a very painful time ...more

The Love Dare

I have been married for over ten years, TEN years. A few years ago I stood up in front of a group of women, week after week, and gave God all the glory for the wonder my marriage had become. Our marriage survived despite the statistics of those who have baby, buy a house then get married but it wasn’t easy....more

6 Truths about Marriage

Take off the rose colored glasses and listen up. I apologize for shattering your illusions. However,  if you consider these points with an open mind, your marriage may stand a better chance of surviving.1. Marriage is not natural behavior. There is no equivalent in nature where either sex of any species mates for life as a result of illusions about their mate. They pair off to propagate the species....more

Embracing Vulnerability Made Us Stronger

Jed has texted, called, emailed and smoke-signaled hundreds of middle-aged men over the past week with this simple message:"If you want to get lucky in the bedroom, have heart surgery. Trust me on this one."Which is why every middle-aged man in Minnesota has been giving me this strange, knowing look all week. They point to me in the grocery store, whisper about me at the coffee shop, and give me a sly wave as I drive by in my minivan. I am now an urban legend....more
Wow. I was just thinking along the lines of this today. After being married for over 20 years, I ...more

Butternut Squash

Since I've been married and my husband has been working quite a lot, I've had to start cooking much more. Cooking is not something I've enjoyed in the past, but I felt bad that my husband was eating cafeteria food at the hospital where he works. We all know that hospital food is the worst. If I was going to start making food, I wanted to not only do it right, but I wanted to make it fun. Life is too short to not enjoy doing even the simple mundane things in life, so you might as well make it fun! While I cook, I jam to my pandora stations....more

Marriage- Year 1 in Review

By: Wendy Castellanos-Wolf...more

Love and Autism: "I Married An Aspie"

My love and I have not always had the perfect relationship. Oh who am I kidding, we still don't; there's one fairytale that will never ride off the silver screen on a white horse. Sorry ladies. ...more
CaraCreager Oh Cara, there is someone perfectly aligned with you, no doubt about it. We are all ...more