What Makes a Long Marriage? (No, really. I’m asking.) – My Messy Beautiful

Marriage, partnership, coupledom- whatever you want to call it, it's been on my mind a lot lately. This post will probably give you a glimpse of me that you haven't seen before. (Oh, and there's a giveaway at the end for those who make it through.)...more



36 Dollar Honeymoon

"I can book our honeymoon flights for the morning after the wedding, it will cost us $36 dollars. And we get to fly first class, so we are talking free drinks, extra leg space, and nice headphones."  We are talking about flights to Puerto Rico. Frequent flier miles are worth it.  Granted, we will have to buy our flights to the wedding as well as home from the honeymoon, but still, that's a big chunk right there.  I should say, Travis gets a lot of credit for this wedding....more

It really pisses me off when my husband gets the mail.

 I adore my husband.  I’ve put up with him for 11½ years and have yet to get tired of him.  Does he have his quirks?  Sure.  Does he drive me crazy?  Sometimes.  Does he do things that irk me?  Of Course! One of those irksome things is when he gets the mail.  And it’s not just the mail, it’s the newspaper too.  Seems silly, I know.  But it’s not just about the mail or the newspaper, it’s about the Freedom!...more
Denise  Nah, if we solved all our problems, what would I have to blog about?  Just kidding...we ...more

My Wonderful Husband

NaBloPoMo – BlogHer – March 2014Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You by Krista on March 29, 2014Got a soul-mate and/or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? Describe them in great detail — leave no important quality out.~~~~~~~~My hubby is my best friend. He is easy to talk to and knows me inside and out. Sometimes, we don’t even have to talk. It seems one of us can just think of something and the other one will pick up on it....more

Re-thinking love and romance.

When I was younger, I had romantic notions about what love was. I mean, they weren’t so much my notions as they were the notions of Nora Ephron and any movie that Julia Roberts was in (except, like, the one she was in with Nick Nolte and that other one where she dressed up like an old timey lady.) Basically, if you were holding a stereo up over your head and playing tremendous 80s love songs, or exchanging witty banter with your best guy friend who didn’t know he loved you until you took off your glasses, you were speaking my love language. ...more

Wall Collage: Tell Your Story

It's Thursday! As in Throwback Thursday, y'all!So I was thinking I would revisit some of my old posts and feature them again only with an update....more

The Other Woman in My Marriage

Every year we get the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Many of us make resolutions to lose weight, pay off debt or lead a healthy lifestyle.  So far, my goal this year has been to reconnect with my husband and kick the other woman in our marriage to the curb. You may know her by the name of Siri. ...more
This is hilarious especially since 2 weeks ago MY Facebook post was "There's a new woman in my ...more

A Pothole I Can't Get Myself Out

For context's sake, I'm a 23-year old married for four years with two kids and a third baby on the way. We live in the Philippines where divorce and marriage counseling are unrecognized and foreign in society. My own parents are separated by annullment, and so I don't share my marital problems with them due to their own experiences and biases. ...more

Decorating Tips (Don't do it with your spouse)

Painting can be hilarious....more
Ha ha, that seems like a good idea! :)more