What's the Limit Before Enough Is Enough?

How far are you supposed to go for your significant other?  How much are you supposed to do?  Do you keep giving and giving and giving until you have no more to give or do you cut off the “donations” before you’ve reached your breaking point? Is there ever a time when you just stop giving to the relationship?  Are you allowed to give tough love to a relationship versus continuing to nurture it? I’ve been giving a lot to my relationship…a lot of love, a lot of attention, a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot o...more

What is enough to build a life on?

No Money Back Guarantee, No extended Warranty .... Can you blame me for asking if its in the cards? It really was in the cards, My favorite gypsy lady said the Man with the Child is a gift from God! Really? I swore I would never ever ever do this!! I took solemn vows to myself and several glasses of wine that I would never fall in love... Never get married again......more

But I took a picture of the cards... and a praying mantis and stuff... and it was just a pain to ...more


Yesterday a friend from my Yakima days shared something on Facebook that I immediately felt was speaking directly to me. It said:Love one another and you will be happy.It is as simple and difficult as that.~Leunig  ...more

Husband Resents Time With Kids

Why does your husband get cranky when you spend time with the kids? Why is he so demanding of your time when he knows you don’t have any!? A woman laments: “I don’t get it, Mom, he sees me dealing with the kids – diapering one, holding the other back from hitting the cat, and chasing the third down before he runs naked into the street - and all my husband does is get home from work, plop into the couch and complain “We never go out anymore”?!” “Men are like that,” her Mom says sympathetically....more

"Everytime he does something on your list, praise him enthusiastically,"

I find that to be ...more

The Soundtrack of My Life

“I miss you” is the soundtrack to my life right now.  When I wake up in the morning, “I miss you.”  When I come home from work, “I missed you so much today.”  When I go to bed at night, “I really do miss you.”  This soundtrack had been playing on repeat and I’m getting tired of the tune.  I’m so tired of the “miss yous” and “miss you toos.”  I’m tired of you saying those words to me. ...more

The Love We Share

The fullness of my love is pushing, pulling, pounding, gushing, throbbing, pulsing, rumbling to break through the walls of my heart.  This love is so intense, so rich, so immense that it’s overwhelming....more

Looking Back at Single Life

…Single girl life…it’s had many adventures. I had crushes on boys and tried to get them to notice me. I’ve had kisses with random boys and tried to get them to forget me. I’ve had days and weeks of uncertainty: is he going to call? Does he like me as me as I like him? Why did he stop talking to me?Single girl life brought many adventures, but the adventures I’ve been through since I’ve been in a relationship have been more intense, more meaningful....more

What makes it harder...What makes it easier...What makes me stronger...

What makes it harder... On my bad days, I sit back and wonder how could something like this have happened? It happens. I know it does. But I didn't think it would happen to us. I guess every woman who has ever stepped into these shoes says that. But what makes it especially painful to me is that the other woman is my sister. And that she has not made any attempt to acknowledge, apologize for or accept responsibilities for her actions. Blood is supposed to be thicker than water. How would she and my husband hurt me like that?...more

Mummies Can't Get Sick

This was originally published as a guest post on the excellent parenting blog ...more

World Weddings: Send Us Your Best Posts!

Wedding season is in full swing! What does that mean to you? Something borrowed, something blue? Jumping the broom? A white dress… or a red sari? But traditions familiar to in one heritage may sometimes be baffling to others. Why do older guests leave right after dinner is served at a Korean wedding reception? What is the proper way to dance at an Indian wedding?...more

I bet your story is more interesting than you think!

And I love that you have been married ...more