Life at the HOUSE of JOES - or - When it Comes to In-laws, Sometimes Divorce is the Only Way Out - 12

Joey spent the next few days in the hospital, undergoing tests and enduring the humiliation that patients endure in that setting. I had brought him a sketch pad and some colored pencils and charcoals so that if his muse happened to speak to him, he would at least have something to respond with. Since leaving Italy neither of us had been very focused on creating any major works, understandably....more

Your Marriage on Colic

In a quaint and cramped Mexican restaurant, my husband and I sat across from each other, hardly knowing what to talk about. So, we talked about our son. Our baby. Our beautiful, colicky, screaming baby. “What do you think they’re doing right now?” my husband asked. “Crying. They’re all crying,” I said cynically. My husband nodded silently and took another sip of his margarita. We had a night away on my birthday. Our son was with babysitters....more

Perfect Moment Monday: A Husband’s Insight

My Perfect Moment for this week relates to being grateful for my husband. As a business owner, mom and wife, there are many things that weigh on our minds. At times it is easy to allow self-doubt to drain us, to divert our attention from the main reason why we make certain decisions....more

Life at the HOUSE of JOES - or - When it Comes to In-laws, Sometimes Divorce is the Only Way Out - 11

There is no way to fully describe the month that Joey and I spent in Hilton Head at the home of my stepfather Maurice and my recently-deceased mother, Marnie. Suffice it to say that I was emotionally devastated by the news of my mother’s death, and at the same time, concerned that Joey was on the brink of another cardiac episode, based on his weight loss and fatigue. The police had botched the investigation of my mother’s murder in its initial stages, so the chances of bringing her killer to justice were fading fast....more

We're (reluctantly) Engaged!

Our engagement was a bit of an uncomfortable situation. We'd hardly been dating a year and, having just gotten out of the *worst*relationship*ever*, (with this loser, if you're wondering) I was barely keen on dating Sexy Nerd. One weekend, he checked us into a local hotel for a "romantic surprise". Ummm...yeah. ...more

My husband and I have separate checking accounts

The other day I found myself defending my decision to have my own separate checking account from my husband. Really? And, it was with a total stranger (amazing what happens in the grocery store line). My husband and I have separate checking accounts. We have a joint account, which I really don’t use, and I have my own account with a debit card (no checks) that he doesn’t have access to....more
Good for you, for not only doing this, but writing about it and defending your stand!  And ...more

Putting the Spark Back Into Your Relationship

What’s the key to keeping the spark in a relationship? When the honeymoon phase is over, how do you ensure the passion remains?When relationships transform from leisure into work, a shift occurs within the dynamics of the couple’s interactions where they start to become complacent and bored. They are not turned on as easily as before—they fall into the “danger zone” called status quo....more

the shimmering light.

blogs have been coming a little less often lately. for many reasons, i’m know. so when in the midst of a basket of laundry folding i started typing in my head – the words rolling out faster than i could remember and store, i abandoned ship. or basket. i often find myself coming back to this quote – which i found via my cousin emily – because of it’s empowerment, it’s sureness, it’s reminder to live fully here and now. no matter what....more

Walk the Line (revised)

Follow my blog "Rub Some Dirt On It" at     Lately I've b...more

Life at the HOUSE of JOES - or - When it Comes to In-laws, Sometimes Divorce is the Only Way Out - 10

After hanging up with Zola, Joey phoned Derba and Big Joe to tell them what had happened, and to let them know that we were on our way to South Carolina. From Joey’s side of the conversation I could tell that they were asking questions about stopovers and where we were planning to change planes. When Joey said that we were transferring in New York City, one of them must have said that they would meet us there and stay during our layover. At the airport in Florence, Joey and I boarded the plane and found our seats in the rear of the aircraft....more