Being single in good spirits

Sometimes I think about how different my life would be if I had gotten married at 23 years old....more

My Name Is Worth $500K

"How is married life?" is probably one of the most common questions that newlyweds get, but if there is one question that crops up most often for women who have announced a recent or upcoming wedding, it's: "are you taking his name?" Here, Sharon dishes all the reasons she isn't. ...more
@LLCoolGrey Thank you, my friend! Glad you enjoyed it.more

The Thief and his Princess

I thought I would share my husband and I's love story, this is how we met and eventually fell in love :)   I was a naive innocent sixteen year old who had just started her first job at a local grocery store. I started working as a bag sacker/shelf stocker, I was the only girl who worked in the back with the guys. I was (and still am) a tom boy, I loved working with and being one of the guys. My siblings and I were homeschooled and so as I look back I'm sure most of my coworkers thought I was weird and a highly innocent teenager....more

SEXual Problems For The Christians

 In a recent Christian Counseling quarterly publication I receive every single article discussed sexual problems. This really confirmed that the problems of this nature are definitely prevalent within the Christian Community. Many shy away from discussing issues that are of a sexual nature. It is quite evident that a plethora of the problems we are experiencing are rooted in improper sexual misconduct....more

Laundry Night is NOT Date Night

She's been married eight years. She knows her marriage is a work in progress and she doesn't have all the answers, but she will tell you this much: her horoscope, which indicated that "even laundry night is a date when it comes to spending time with your honey!" is dead wrong. What in the world are these people thinking?! ...more
i am having the same issues but backwards ... i dont know what to domore

How Do I Love Thee: Food For Thought Before You Say "I DO" - Lesson I

In This 21st century many marriages are ending in divorce. Many couples wait until they have reached the edge of their rope before they reach out for help. Or they reach out to someone other than their spouse to satisfy their emotional or physical desires outside of the marriage! Frustrated and at their wits end they now all too often seek divorce as an option....more

Prayer For Marriage Restoration - Giving Up "Me-ness for We-ness"

   Marriage is ordained by God! It was meant to be a Covenant relationship sanctioned by a Covenant God! A Covenant is a sacred vow witnessed by God! For Christians it is the most solemn agreement that one can make between a man and woman! A Covenant requires sacrifice it represents the merging of two lives. The “two becoming one.” This does not mean one gives up their own personal identity. Two strong hearts join together as One!...more

Why Most Marriages Don't Last - Part I

 The statistics for marriages ending in divorce continue to rise!  Why is that?  It is simply because the spouses listen to everyone else except one another.   Their marriage is no longer the top priority it was!  They desire to please their friends, relatives and coworkers rather than one another or God!No you do not have to live on an island!  But you must continue to improve and refine your marriage!...more

old-fashioned marriage

I was talking with a colleague at work this morning and, though I don’t remember exactly how this topic was brought up, we started talking about commitment, marriage and how so many people were getting divorced these days.  Anyway, she said, I guess the recession might be the cause of so many people getting divorced right now....more