Perfect Moment Monday: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

My Perfect Moment Monday......more

For Richer, for Poorer, in Sickness and in Health

I could never have imagined the power behind the vows I was uttering. I could never have fathomed that each line would come to fruition in fewer than six years. ...more

over the weekend, but couldn't comment from my iTouch (technical difficulties!). Yay, Katie! I ...more

The Unexpected Divorce

I started thinking about it on Valentine's Day for two reasons. One, a humorous post about things not to do, including giving gas-station flowers. And two, a post written by a woman in pain over being alone.An odd combination, perhaps, but the connection was made. I started thinking about my divorce.I divorced a kind, intelligent man....more

Is comparing pain, or trying to one-up someone in terms of who hurts worse.

We all have our ...more

When Bloggers Write Love Letters

We have these places, these blogs, where we write. I think often of what I'm leaving behind for my daughter to read, but also, my husband. ...more

I love that you wrote about writing love letters, it is exactly what I did for the first time ...more

Ten things I've learned so far in marriage.

It's been almost eleven months since my husband and I have been hitched and I can see the one year mark on teh horizon. Almost one year of learning how to share a queen size bed, cook dinner for two without having two weeks worth of leftovers (still perfecting this), memorize each other's Starbucks order and occasionally have an adult conversation where one or two of the parties disagree with the other. Just kidding. We haven't had a fight yet. Ha. ...more

Yep... We're Married

Adam and I were in the car the other day discussing his birthday plans, and he told me that I am "required" to come out to the cabin with him for a snowmachine trip next weekend (his bday is the 19th). Thinking back to the last time I was at our little cabin in Talkeetna, I remembered that while I was *a little* intoxicated over New Year's Eve I *may* have stepped in a bit of dog doo. Or a freaking POOL of it, from the looks of my boots. Which I haven't cleaned off yet, because, well, it's disgusting and I have a majorly sensitive nose (and gag reflex)....more

Girlfriends = Sanity

Looking back at my life, I see how important my girlfriends are and were in my life.  From keeping me out of trouble; being the voice of reason; having my back; providing free therapy sessions; making me laugh through my tears; and just plain listening when it seems no one else could -- my girlfriends have all made lasting and important contributions to strengthening and supporting me in times of need.  Now that I'm raising two girls of my own, I...more

Would you give a "work spouse" a Valentine?

Since I barely have enough time in a day to talk to my "real spouse," I can't imagine having enough time for a deep friendship with a "work spouse." And when in the day would I ever carve out enough time to buy a work spouse a Valentine?...more

Choosing Monogamy

I was reading a Blogher blog by Susan regarding choosing monogamy or NOT choosing monogamy.  I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments although most of the comments aired on the side of polyamory.  Polyamory is, in my definition, the practice of open love.  Certainly it seems to be a much more openly discussed topic lately appearing on sex talk shows to Dr....more

Mary Harvey: Making Black History by Starting to Think Like a Man

Whatever the rights and wrongs of a relationship gone wrong, I feel no-one outside of any ...more