We're (reluctantly) Engaged!

Our engagement was a bit of an uncomfortable situation. We'd hardly been dating a year and, having just gotten out of the *worst*relationship*ever*, (with this loser, if you're wondering) I was barely keen on dating Sexy Nerd. One weekend, he checked us into a local hotel for a "romantic surprise". Ummm...yeah. ...more

My husband and I have separate checking accounts

The other day I found myself defending my decision to have my own separate checking account from my husband. Really? And, it was with a total stranger (amazing what happens in the grocery store line). My husband and I have separate checking accounts. We have a joint account, which I really don’t use, and I have my own account with a debit card (no checks) that he doesn’t have access to....more
Good for you, for not only doing this, but writing about it and defending your stand!  And ...more

Putting the Spark Back Into Your Relationship

What’s the key to keeping the spark in a relationship? When the honeymoon phase is over, how do you ensure the passion remains?When relationships transform from leisure into work, a shift occurs within the dynamics of the couple’s interactions where they start to become complacent and bored. They are not turned on as easily as before—they fall into the “danger zone” called status quo....more

the shimmering light.

blogs have been coming a little less often lately. for many reasons, i’m know. so when in the midst of a basket of laundry folding i started typing in my head – the words rolling out faster than i could remember and store, i abandoned ship. or basket. i often find myself coming back to this quote – which i found via my cousin emily – because of it’s empowerment, it’s sureness, it’s reminder to live fully here and now. no matter what....more

Walk the Line (revised)

Follow my blog "Rub Some Dirt On It" at http://vermontwhitneys.blogspot.com     Lately I've b...more

Life at the HOUSE of JOES - or - When it Comes to In-laws, Sometimes Divorce is the Only Way Out - 10

After hanging up with Zola, Joey phoned Derba and Big Joe to tell them what had happened, and to let them know that we were on our way to South Carolina. From Joey’s side of the conversation I could tell that they were asking questions about stopovers and where we were planning to change planes. When Joey said that we were transferring in New York City, one of them must have said that they would meet us there and stay during our layover. At the airport in Florence, Joey and I boarded the plane and found our seats in the rear of the aircraft....more

Having Mom Live With Us Has Taken a Toll On My Marriage . . .

Friday, March 11, 2011 Having Mom Live With Us Has Taken a Toll On My Marriage . ....more

What an amazing daughter you are. I went home to take care of my mom for a week after some ...more

The importance of a good example

The past few of months have seemed like a roller coaster. I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll just lay out what's on my heart right now... First of all, you need to know I love my family. All of them, no matter how crazy they are. I am very loyal in that fact. So, my little sister, Kimberly got married back in January to a wonderful man who is a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He is a Blackhawk pilot and not long after saying their vows was stationed to Korea for a year, possibly two. South, not North thank goodness!...more

Aging in a Prison of Indecisions While Menopausal

As I sit and write, a drying-out prune from so much crying (lately I seem to cry a lot), I am aging in a prison—partnered with menopause—and indecisive about my life: stay fat, lose weight, to exercise or not to exercise. But darn it; make a decision soon, for my health’s sake. What to do…? But why do today what I could put off and do tomorrow? Do. Don’t! Yes. No! But then tomorrow never comes. And only if I am lucky, I’ll die of old age waiting, while still deciding. Now that’s-a-hoot!...more

How awesome that you have found an outlet! And I agree with you, a project like writing is an ...more

Make Nice

http://daisychain.typepad.com/the_poet_in_you/I received the results from the DiSC Personality Test that I took in February. I'm conscientious. I was classified (on page 3 of report) as an "Objective Thinker". I'm not so sure about that but I could have told anyone who asked that I am conscientious. But I'm all too familiar with work environments, both corporate and small, casual and not. ...more