Sex Talk: Eighteen Year Itch?

For the past few months, even before the threat of lay-offs loomed, she started noticing that even though they spend the same amount of time together, less and less of it is devoted to intimacy. How do we deal with a marriage in which sex and passion start going the way of the dodo? ...more
That what starts to happen as a marriage falls apart. At 20 years the sex is non-existent. I ...more

Am I there yet? Waking up and realizing there are no "Cinderellas"

I am 45 years old and have lived a life filled with much happiness and sorrow. Much like all women out there. I am writing this blog to help myself thru a very difficult time. I hope that it heals me as well as any other woman feeling the way that I feel. Life is hard. It offers good days and bad. It offers happiness and regrets. Maybe I am head ass deep in a mid life crisis. Things dont work like they used to and I look in the mirror and say what the hell. I get up day after day hoping to do my best in relationships, career, motherhood and marriage....more

3 Months In Counting

3 Months in Counting Fiance, Todays post is dedicated to you. 3 Months from today we will be individually getting ready for our wedding. At 4:30, i will walk down the aisle and give myself to you fully forever.I will officially be Mrs. R, and i am thrilled. I love you because... You love Jesus. You love serving Him. You love worshipping Him. You play the piano--Really Well. You make everything funny. You love people. You make everything an adventure. You compliment me. You love all the same ridiculous reality tv shows that i love. You know how to make me laugh when i am upset....more

Playing With Fire: When You're the One Who's Tempted

Many of us are unprepared to deny biology's drive after marriage. We see it as a weakness, a gross manifestation of our lack of faith and inner strength. We suffer this almost inevitable shame to eventually -- given enough shame and public penance -- be told it happens to good people and assured we can get through it if we find our path again and work together as a couple. There is no prevention where infidelity is concerned, only damage control. How do marriages survive? ...more
I always hear/read that it's normal to be attracted to other people when you're in love, and the ...more

Seven Pieces Of Advice On Marriage

It’s 23 years now I’ve been married. I’ve ever done anything else as long as I’ve done this. I did take a year off however, in two parts. We separated twice, for about half a year each time, so I count that as a year off. As it turns out, I’ve been married most of my life. And I’m only 43. That’s something to brag about right there, I don’t care who you are....more

The Burning Bush Beside The Bed, And Other Things You Need To Know About Men

I have been observing a particular phenomenon for many years now, and, after careful study and observation, I am now ready to publish my findings....more

Here's a Quarter (Century) With Someone Who Cares

My husband I have been married 25 years, a quarter of a century, this week.  Amazing, huh, since I’m only 24 years old?  I remember anniversaries being a big deal back in my parents’ day – the 25th anniversary was called the “Silver Wedding Anniversary” (your 50th, if you live that long, is called the “Golden Wedding Anniversary”, BTW)....more

what the hell was he thinking??? part 2

I have been thinking about relationships, and why some people would choose to risk a good relationship for something that is clearly inferior. No one really knows what goes on between two people in a marriage/relationship, but for God's sake, what were these guys thinking?Yeah, yeah, don't tell me I'm being superficial and judgemental. You know you were thinking it, too. This is like trading in a Prada bag for a Payless - no offense to Payless, but you cannot deny the quality and craftsmanship of a great Prada bag....more

The glass is half...

If you know us at all you know that Jason would say the glass is half full and I would say the glass is half empty.Although, to be more precise, Jason would probably say: "Wow, great, my glass is half full! I'm sure there is more in the fridge too in case I run out.  If there isn't, I'm sure we have loads of money to buy some at Turkey Hill. I'm so glad we have this delicious drink because it just makes my day!"...more

Time Alone

Later this month, my husband is scheduled to be out of town for training.  I'm looking forward to his trip and always do when he travels.  Why?  Because it's me time...just me....more