Why You Are Married

My response to Tracy McMillian's article "Why You're Not Married" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tracy-mcmillan/why-youre-not-married_b_822088.html : WHY YOU ARE MARRIED ...more

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On some level, I do know that and have a deep respect for marriage. ...more

Dark Days of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Menopause

“It’s hot in here…turn on the fan… It is cold…add another blanket… It’s hot, take the blanket off…” But this is the middle of winter! I can’t make up my mind what temperature feels comfortable. After two years of this I should have driven my husband insane by now, and yet my Dear-heart patiently goes along with my constant temperature changes. “I am flexible, Honey,” is all he ever says to me. I tell you, the man has got to be a saint! He just never complains....more

Marriage: What Are We Waiting For?

I was talking with my grandparents last night, and we were discussing how it seems the current trend is to get married at much older ages than back in their time.  They were saying that men need to step up to the plate and stop waiting for the perfect time to get married because that “perfect” time will never come.  There are always going to be money constraints, there are always going to be problems at your job, there are always going to be issues with your family—so if you are waiting for those things to go away or get better, you will be waiting for a while....more

Twenty-Nine Years Still Married… And they said it wouldn’t last!

This past month of February 2011 my hubby and I celebrated 29-years married. I praise God because we are still going strong; in spite of the silent side-line jeerers and open unbelieving doubters here we are, still together. Though, in all fairness, we did have a few sincere “wish-you-the-best” blessing givers....more


I am 25 now.So that's something.I'll try not to question whether or not it counts as an accomplishment of any kind. Although some of my family members might find it amazing I haven't managed to get myself killed yet, since my lack of common sense means I make a lot of dubious decisions....more

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Life at the HOUSE of JOES - or - When it Comes to In-laws, Sometimes Divorce is the Only Way Out - 8

The next few months at Cousin Cyril’s were spent in sunshine, food, wine, oil paints, boisterous children, and, most importantly, figuring out where to dig the next hole under the cypress tree, which served as a sort of outhouse area, as the farmhouse did not have any indoor plumbing. Joey and I were, for the most part, undaunted. When we first arrived, Cyril had said that toilet, sink and tub installation were in the offing, however this task, like many projects under my cousin’s purview, was subject to ongoing delays and postponements....more

I'm new to Blogher, and came across your story as I was surfing around. Compared to some of the ...more

The Happiest Day of my Life....

If there is one great lesson I have learned in the short time I’ve been married, it’s that your wedding day (if I may be so bold to say) is not the happiest day of your life.  I would even go one step further and argue it shouldn’t be the happiest day of your life....more

I completely agree! I think you put it very nicely. How sad that for some people that process ...more

Don’t Marry Her If ...

Again, this week, I have given men somewhat of a rough ride and the article Don’t Marry Him If: The Mother Load is a case in point.  Men, I know - you are a sensitive people and, those of you who can read, probably sat there seething “Yeah, what about those crazy women and their antics?  What about all the things they keep from us so we marry their mad selves?”Okay, okay, I get it.  Here, then, some pointers on what to look for to ensure your ‘fatal attraction’ isn’t cut off in the middle of the night by your new and, as it turns out, psychotic bride:...more

Life at the HOUSE of JOES - or - When it Comes to In-laws, Sometimes Divorce is the Only Way Out - 7

“Benvenuti a Firenze!” cousin Cyril exclaimed in a big, booming voice as he walked briskly towards us in the arrivals lounge at Gallileo International. His wife, Nicoletta, reached us at the same time and they embraced us both with a firm hug. Nicoletta smiled at Joey, then back at me and gently stroked one of the bags under my sleep-deprived eyes, “You both musta be very hungry. Come, we go home and you have nice long bath, and I make you some pasta mosciamme – that’s with a dry tuna an’ the oliva oil.” To me, hearing Nicoletta speak English was like listening to music....more

Realizing Purpose Before Letting "The One" Slip Away

It’s funny how people pop into your life—some are just supposed to be around for a moment; either to teach you a lesson or inspire you. Others stay around for a lifetime, constantly teaching you, inspiring you, motivating you, and energizing you.…The difficulty is discerning those people who were meant for a moment in time versus those who were meant for the entire journey…...more