A Sexless Marriage

Dr. Romance on how Couples Can Cooperate for Success

Dr. Romance writes: ...more

The True Measure of Love

How do you measure love? Do you measure it by the number of times you say it? Do you measure it by the amount of nice things you do? Do you measure it by the amount of money you spend? Or is it immeasurable? Is it so abstract and undefined that you can’t put a number or quantity or percentage around it? I feel that you love me; therefore, it must be the case…...more


I love you. I love you always, but you don’t always see that. I think of you in the morning when I wake up and at night when I go to bed, but you don’t always think that. I know you and I know how I feel when I’m with you, but you don’t always know that. I understand you and your actions, but you don’t understand that....more

Communication Is Key...

You always hear that communication is the key to healthy relationships. In fact, you hear it so much that you start to dismiss it—it starts to become cliché. But no matter how overused “communication” may be as the cure for broken or unhealthy relationships, it really is necessary. ...more

More Insecurities

Gman has been wearing his ring. He tells me he loves me and that I’m just over reacting… it’s been known to happen.I know nothing could stop him if he really wanted to cheat - When we first started seeing each other, he was seeing two other women at the same time....more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases, and Misplaced Treasures “Conclusion”

February 6, 2058, Adler and Dulcenia Havnejgerde talked long into the night. Together the old couple lay holding hands—shoulder to shoulder, feet touching and toes wiggling—in their huge four-poster, king-size canopy bed. Both so frail and thin that they just about disappeared from within the thick comforter and many pillows. And with only the light of the moon shining through their great window, they talked about the day’s celebration, as they listened to the drifting, fading sounds closing the day....more

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

If you read much of my blog, "24 In My Mind", you have probably seen the series I have been writing called “Once More With Feeling”.  It’s a story about a woman’s experience with her husband’s infidelity (another installment coming soon!) Continuing on the theme of infidelity, I would like to request your participation in this week’s poll on the blog.  You’re probably familiar with the saying, “Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater”, which suggests that if a guy (or girl) cheats on their partner once, there is a very good chance they will do it again (with that same partner or ...more

You're making total sense. I think it's interesting that you mention even the serial cheater ...more

Taking Care of...Myself?

The other day, I was talking to Nico’s preschool teacher when she told me that she used to be a musician. And by the sound of it, a pretty accomplished one. She quit because the long hours and travel were too hard on her body (as if taking care of 3, 4 and 5-year-olds aren’t?). And then she said something that really caught my attention: “It was just like taking care of kids, but the hours were longer and it was at night....more

Divorced mom loses custody of kids due to cancer diagnosis

Should not knowing how long a divorced mom with cancer will live be grounds for losing custody of her kids? The truth is NO ONE ever knows how long they will live, but evidently North Carolina family court judge Nancy Gordon believes that stage four breast cancer makes Alaina Giordano's health status so unpredictable that her cancer diagnosis is grounds for removing kids from her home....more

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Alaina's ...more