The One Where I Wee Myself at a Wedding

DorkyDad and I are just back from a wonderful weekend in Galway, celebrating the wedding of two very good friends. DorkyGranny was kind enough to babysit, so it was just the two of us (and 100 other guests, obviously!). Other than the wedding itself, which I don't think I can write about yet without being too gushy, here are a few of the noteworthy moments.No DorkySon!...more

Can We Talk?

"Use your words." "Can't we discuss this?" "How does that make you feel?" ...more

tee for the bride to be. all you need is love.

love is all you need in a "graffiti love one" tee Where would we be without love?...more

Is One The Loneliest Number?

She is enjoying her life with her husband. They have a lovely and tidy apartment, a good routine, and a great dog. She has time for cooking meals she enjoys, going out with friends, and blogging about her passions. Where do children fit into all of this? Ashley Lauren tackles the question of whether she wants to change the way things are. She knows one thing: when it comes to kids, IF they have any, they're only having one. They learned that from their dog. ...more

I didnt want to be a Mom until the month before I conceived and 18 years on it is the best ...more

We're In Love. Get Over It.

Friday was JDubbs's and my fourth wedding anniversary.  We didn't do anything elaborate, but when you have two kids under three and the younger littlin' just got three teeth at the same time (including one molar), getting out to dinner a mile and a half away is a blessing and as much a present as we could ask for. I didn't bring my camera.  We turned our phones to vibrate and didn't ask the waiter to take our picture.  So on the way ...more

Two Balloons. Going Up.

When we're two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person. Our soul mate is the one who makes life come to life. -Richard Bach, from The Bridge Across ForeverI was never the kind of girl who did what girls were supposed to do....more

tees for the bride to be

even when i'm a mess, i wear an "s" on my chest 'cause i'm a superwoman ...more

When I thought my world was falling apart

"Mr. Right" and I dated for nearly 3 years before deciding to get hitched.  I guess I should have been wary when the way he proposed was "so what kind of ring do you want"?...more

Marry Above Yourself

my dad always says how he married above himself when he married my mom.he always raves about my mom’s talents and strengths and how impressed he is with her. he tells me about the lessons he has learned from my mom and how she has made him a better person just by being her....more

Marriage should Encourage Growth not Suffocation

SCRUBCO: The letter O for Open to Change-...more