Infertility and TTC: It's Not Worth Losing Your Marriage

Infertility is hard. Really hard. If we let it, it can break our hearts.And our marriages....more

Woman lectures ladies on being alone on Valentine’s day, world laughs at her face

(or that’s what I want to happen)...more

The Hard Truth About Love

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Phases of Marriage I read an article recently from a woman who woke up one day and realized after several years of marriage that there were some seriously dysfunctional habits  in her relationship; not the obvious kind, the kind that only the victim is aware of. At the end of the article she said she was staying with her husband. She was going to stand by him and work towards better days. It was inspiring to me, because even in her darkest hour she knew that this slice of her marriage didn't represent her entire relationship. ...more

Where All Points Meet

When I was in college, there was this phenomena that sometimes occurred when the lessons from one class aligned so closely with what I was studying in another that the big picture of life and history nearly knocked me over in its grandeur. It was often during those moments when I felt encompassed by authentic learning and growth. Things were clicking....more

How to Love (a.k.a. Put Up With) A Runner

Runner’s World   Magazine  has declared February the month of “Run-Mance” and has been featuring stories of couples who met each other through running. This got me to thinking about couples where only one of the partners is a runner. What is it like to be the one who doesn’t run?  I can only go from the feedback I’ve personally received over the years from my husband, but in our household it looks something like this:...more

So This Is Marriage: 11 Years, a Family, and Many Beer Mugs Later

“Could you?” He starts, handing me the ridiculously large Mason jar he keeps at his bedside, an ode and a tease to my latest kitchenware obsession. I reach for it with my right hand without looking up from my laptop. He fits it between my splayed fingers and I go fill it up. “Spoiled,” I say over my shoulder. “You know it,” he answers in the crinkly-eyed way that I love. ...more
I've been married for 9 years and I'm starting (this year) to feel the beginning of what you ...more

I’m So Mad at Joel on Parenthood I Could Scream: When a Marriage Partner Quits

 “I’m so mad at Joel on Parenthood,” my husband said to me out of the blue. And I couldn’t agree more.The Parenthood television program on NBC has been a hard-hitting family drama for several years. Last year they tackled breast cancer and its impact. This year, they’re approaching how a marriage breaks down....more
I used to watch this show, but it got to be too much drama for me.  Anyway, marriage is tough ...more

Our{Real Life} Vows

The other night, husband and I decided to renew our vows.  Probably not in the way that most people would.  Although I would love to have a do-over for our wedding.It was an amazing day — all of the people we loved the most were there and it was a magical day.  It was just very … {... more}...more

I was in an abusive relationship, and cooking saved my life.

Sometimes I feel like I have a lived a hundred different lives and that I have found some impossibly clever way to tuck them all up inside of myself, revealing them only in the most deliberate of fashions. Like a wooden matryoshka doll stuffed full of smaller and less-full people, I sometimes seem to unfold.Which brings me to this story. This story I have been trying to write down for years now. This story that I am just now accepting as a part of my life, as something that happened in it and to me. It’s the story of how cooking saved me....more