10 Ways Blogging Is Like Having an Affair

The more I have grown to love blogging, the more I have noticed so many changes in my lifestyle, and I think this blogging thing has many similarities to having an affair. Below are just a few examples of signs valid enough for anybody (a. k. a. the husband) to doubt your fidelity. ...more
Holoholo Girls Let me know when you learned how to balance things out because I sure need some ...more

Why can't we communicate?

 Things aren’t always what they seem…….....more

Wife Advice: Whose (If Any) Do You Take?

The other Sunday at church I heard a bit of “advice” that I can honestly say I’ve never heard before. While mentioning how Abraham sent his servant out to find a wife for Isaac and how Rebekah offered the servant and his camels water (Gen. 24 if you care to read it), the preacher said, “If you want to be a wife, you have to be a wife before you become one. The Bible says, ‘A man who finds a wife finds a good thing,’ not a man who finds a woman and makes her a wife.” There were plenty of amens and applause of agreement. I wasn’t sure about it....more


'I know it's hard for you', my husband said, 'this putting down roots business.'Until moving to Seattle, I had lived in eight different countries and traveled to more than I can count on my fingers and toes. Or was that nine countries?...more

Sex...When to Have It?

Most of us love sex and when you meet someone new who is nice, smart and good looking, it is tempting to jump in the sack as soon as possible. After all, if there is a mutual physical attraction, why wait?  But here’s the rub: If you are looking for a committed relationship it is essential to hold off from performing the most intimate of physical acts at first because, by having sex right away you’re putting the cart before the horse, emotionally speaking....more

Perfect Love

I have been plagued with self-doubt my entire life. Although the book A Confident Heart urges us to discover the cause of our doubt, I already know where the root of my insecurities and trust issues come from, my mother....more

My Husband Is Awesome. Is Yours?

Okay, so I’ve written a few blog posts on how husbands can be jerks and how to leave them.I’ve had personal experience with this — unfortunately.It seems silly to write a post about how to know your husband is awesome. You either know your husband is awesome, or you know he’s a jerk.Sometimes your husband can be just “meh.”...more

Sexy Back

"The gentlemen would like to buy your drinks" the Bartender tells my friend and I. He nods to the right, where the three handsome young guys from Dubai are sitting. My friend and I hadn't said more than two words to the guys before, but they've politely asked the Bartender to charge them for our drinks.  "Thank you," we say fully expecting the drink to now obligate us to a lengthy conversation about whatever it is 25 year-olds talk about these days: Jay-Z?  The "lifestyle brand" they're trying to get funding for? Why college is useless? Android vs. iPhone?...more

In Defence of the Pre-nuptial Agreement

How do you show your love to those who matter the most to you? How do you let your significant other, for example, know that he means the world to you? If you’re a celebrity or someone of great worth, you know that someone loves you for you when that person is willing to sign a pre-nuptial agreement.Since most of us bring nothing into our marriages except love, a little baggage and some life insurance, pre-nups are not something most of us even think about – even though signed agreements between married couples, are becoming more popular among regular folks....more