Dr Phil, Get Real & Get On The Couch

By our newest Commentarista: AnnaChristina Peterpaul...more

Cooking a Romantic Meal, Even If I’m Menopausal and on a Budget

With an eagle eye I search through my pantry and thoroughly comb through our fridge until I discover items I know I can use to compose my Lancelot Knight a romantic meal. After a long week of work and family obligations, and me fighting to keep the menopausal Banshee at bay, the least I can do is cook my Honey a peace offering. However, I warn you that this meal is guaranteed to go straight to your thighs and settle like a fresh layer of stucco!...more

When a Third World Came West

Overview: When a Third World Came West...more

Chilling with My Children While Under the Influence of Menopause

From a very early age I loved playing with dolls, and did continue to secretly play with them until about the age of fourteen. And even though I was already dating, I couldn’t wait to get home, close my door and pick up my dolls to talk to them. ‘Guess I was being reluctant to growing up! But when I turned eighteen years of age I’d decided, adamantly, to never have children. Right! And only three short years later I had my first child, a little girl, a real live doll of my very own....more

God did indeed know just what I would need today. And I just love what your grandmother had to ...more

Do Fairy Tales Come True?

Gina Barreca on The Royal Wedding

Here's my take on the Royal Wedding--Advice for ALL of us!! Hahahaha...sort of....http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/sex/5-tips-to-prevent-your-in-laws-from-b... Your Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases… cont. “From Nicaragua to Life in El Salvador”

“Is that the plane now, Mami? Are Mayo and Little Fredo on it?” young Dulcenia asked Canela, bouncing up and down, anxiously awaiting her brothers’ arrival. And then she’d jump into her mother’s arms—the whole time squirming, making it impossible for Canela to comfortably hold her. And she’d put on a significant amount of weight since first arriving, so Canela put her down, making her wait on her own two, little pitter-patter feet....more

Maybe I'm Not the Marrying Kind?

Part of separation is figuring out if I want to be married at all, to anyone, ever....more

What About the Dumper?


It's Not About The Money

I once attended a workshop about money and the meaning of life. One of the exercises our group did was chew a brand new $100 bill. Most of us gagged. The purpose of the exercise was to demonstrate that money – the thing itself – is neutral. Pieces of paper, diamonds, chunks of gold to which we assign a cultural worth have no direct value in nourishing us, keeping us warm, or sheltering us.  In this exercise, money even turned out to be disgusting....more