Vaccines Keep Our Kids Safe

The measles outbreak traced to Disneyland this winter has created a great resurgence in the "vaccinate or do not vaccinate" debates that surface relatively often in parenting discussions. The media has been covering different angles, from encouraging everyone to get their shots to heart-rending stories of children purportedly injured by a vaccine. It's a hot topic....more

Myths About "Anti-Vaxxers" that Need to be Debunked. NOW.

  There has been a ton of media hubbub over the measles outbreak that has been birthed out of the land of happiness aka Disneyland. The disease is making a cross-country migration and is now being found in some mid-western states. There have been nearly 100 cases and (thankfully) no deaths. The culprits? Those darn "anti-vaxxers" of course! They MUST be the cause of such a preventable outbreak.   ...more
Part 3 of 3 15) Myth #8: Anti-vaxxers are exhibiting parental neglect and child endangerment by ...more

Current Measles Outbreak Tied to Anti-Immunization Sentiments

I was shocked to learn earlier this week that a measles outbreak had been identified in Texas.  I was not surprised to find that the epicenter of the outbreak was in a religious community which encouraged prayer over immunization. ...more
@Shellireads Science nerd or not, being an informed mom is a wonderful way of expressing love ...more

Measles & Vaccines: Giving The Gift of Health

Despite the retraction and correction of the claim that the MMR vaccine had been linked to autism, popular support for vaccination has decreased and, coupled with recent measles outbreaks in Africa, Europe and India, the World Health Organization estimates that the fatalities will begin rising by 500,000 each year, completely destroying the progress that has been made against the disease since the 1980s by next year. ...more
@avflox In follow-up, here is a great visual (not scientific) example regarding the importance ...more

A Measles Memento

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently reported on 7 new cases of measles in children aged 6- 23 months of age here in the US.  What's amazing is that measles is virtually unheard of here in the US, because most people have been vaccinated.Unfortunately, for these children, they weren't vaccinated and traveled outside of the US where they were exposed and then brought back measles as an unwelcome memento of their trip....more

An Interview With Vaccine Expert Dr. Paul Offit

Vaccine expert Dr. Paul Offit is the author of the new book Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All. I talked with Dr. Offit about why you shouldn't have chickenpox parties, the realities of vaccine-preventable diseases, the importance of herd immunity, why it is unethical to run studies featuring vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, and just how extensively the autism-vaccine hypothesis has been debunked. ...more
Agreed - fantastic interview and I need it.  These are things I struggle with often with young ...more