Stop the Grandma Bashing

Here's the ad that got me started:...more

Stop the Grandma Bashing

Here's the ad that got me started:<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> It's not the only one out there.  Christmas ads this year seem rife with granny-bashing ads.[...more

BIGO Live Apk, the best live broadcasting social network

In the early era, there was no source to virtually watch your loved ones, instead, you have to move to somewhere far to see your dear ones. Now, this is an age of social media and we are social animals, so it is our need to interact with people living far off. In this world of social networking, far off people are not actually far, instead, they are connected through social networking sites and the fastest growing smart phones trend is making the social networking sites more popular....more

Why Writing is My Safety Net

When I am down, it’s there for me. When I am bored, it enlightens me. When I suffer heartbreak, it pulls me through. When I am vulnerable, it gives me a voice. When I am creative, it enhances me.When I think about it, it makes me happy and puts a smile on my face....more

What made you stop reading?

My son and I are at the bookstore. He is super excited. He has been dragged around on chores with me all day: Car wash, food shopping, photo pickup, department stores and several other places. As a reward for his super helpful behavior, I told him that I would purchase him the book we are missing from his Magic Tree House series. At the bookstore counter, he proceeds to tell the check out clerk:...more

Put your phone down and parent

My son is sitting on my lap as I write this post. He is watching the way my fingers move across the keyboard and he is reading the words as I type them. I try very hard to not use my phone too much in front of my son. Yes, it is very rewarding when it is my turn in a game, or I get a text message from a friend. But, he is my son, and he is much more rewarding to interact with than anything that pops up on that little screen....more

Sex Negativity – Just Say NO To Sensationalized Media

If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw a smattering of angry tweets recently pop up in your feed in response to a Womens Health Mag article (originally posted on ...more

Dear Men's Magazines: Feminism is Not a Commodity

We’ll start off with my husband. He’s a Marine, so he gets his hair cut a lot. Like, a lot. Ever the diligent sidekick, I invariably end up tramping along to various barber shops on a weekly basis, sitting and sifting my way through the stacks of dog-eared magazines because I am, apparently, too old to play with Legos....more
RachelintheOC you and i should fight over this article; it might be fun. #freemarketsmore

How To Get More Social Media Followers

One of the most frequently asked questions amongst fellow bloggers, is how to get more social media followers when you're on a low to no budget and can't afford advertising or marketing. Many people believe in the old Field Of Dreams adage, "If you build it, they will come." This is unfortunately only true for a tiny percentage of users....more

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I agree with your general premise that he's crass and entertaining which temporarily lifts his ...more