Through My Eyes: Body Image, Jennifer Lawrence & The Media

(Image courtesy of Buzzfeed.)In the past few days, a certain Huffington Post article has appeared in my Facebook news feed....more

Confession of a Binge: How I Lost Two Weeks of my Life to Breaking Bad

  I am an addict.I am addicted to the AMC series, Breaking Bad. My husband Juan is the person responsible for hooking me up.  He is a huge fan of the show and repeatedly tried to get me to watch.  I vowed not to get sucked into another television series.  Besides I already had a few of my own must-see TV shows. I resisted Juan's efforts but then, with mounting peer pressure from friends who were hosting a Breaking Bad finale party , I succumbed....more
@StephSkjefstad I was so glad to watch the finale with friends. I felt like we were all part of ...more

Nothing to Say

I’ve wanted to write about the Navy Yard shooting ever since it happened a little over a week ago. Something about tragedy or crisis, or just the sheer noise of the media in its wake.You see, I live just a few blocks away from the Navy Yard. The CVS in some of the media pictures, where one of the victims passed away, is directly across the street from my normal metro entrance.But while there’s lots of thoughts in my mind, I haven’t posted any of them here because, well, there just didn’t seem to be anything to say. ...more

Dear Women’s Health Magazine, What's With All the Boobs?

Dear Women’s Health Magazine, I’m confused. You see, as a women very interested in the state of my health, I recently purchased a subscription to your magazine. Apart from the happiness and well-being of my family and friends, my top priority is my own wellness, and I am a slave to it. I want to feel well all of the time — mind, body, spirit, as they say. ...more
So true.more

Media Images We Need

Media images and cultural messaging shape our thoughts. We can deny it all we want, but they do. Even when you KNOW BETTER than to buy into some stereotype/tope/bullshit you have to make yourself remember and counter earlier conditioning....more

You are going to die (and other stress relievers)

I can't be the only one, when watching morning shows or scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, who's thinking pleasefortheloveofgodjustshutup, who empathizes with the character Michael Douglas plays in the movie Falling Down....more

How Twitter Impacts PR

How would you characterize breaking news? I would define it in 140 characters (or less)! Yep, Twitter is PR’s tip of the spear. I once found out about an earthquake rolling my way in Los Angeles on Twitter before my building started shaking. Seems that it’s faster than Mother Nature, herself!...more

Where are the women in Rolling Stone?

I no longer live in the United States, but I have some of my US magazines forwarded to me because I’ve never quite gotten the hang of reading magazines on an e-reader. For me the experience of a magazine has to do with being able to flip around and read whatever catches my eye. An e-reader is too linear, somehow, too much of a commitment. When I moved out of New York two years ago, I sorted through subscriptions, weighing what should be forward to us out here and what should be canceled. One of the mags that made the cut was Rolling Stone, not only for Matt Taibi’s depressingly accurate reportage but also because without some awareness of “new” music, I will continue to listen to music that is A) leftover from my youth, which is now an uncomfortable number of decades away; or B) condoned by my children, which dooms me to a steady diet of “Glee” covers, Katy Perry, or Macklemore. But after the most recent issue, I’m thinking of canceling my subscription....more

Media Magnetism, a Review

Media Magnetism is a compilation of media-related advice by many significant players in the media industry, all brought together by editor Christina Hamlett. This book is for people who are new to dealing with media, and it has some great tips even for those who are more experienced....more

TV vs. the Movies: Which Does Better By Women?

I live in Los Angeles where saying that you don’t like movies is tantamount to claiming atheism in a church. But I don’t like movies, generally speaking. In contrast, I quite like TV. Does this seem weird?...more