Unstoppable in Stilettos: Lauren Ruotolo Stands Tall

New York magazine executive Lauren Ruotolo, born with a rare genetic disorder called McCune-Albright Syndrome, could have chosen a wheelchair at an early age. Among other difficult symptoms, this disorder affected her bones and legs, arresting her height at 4'2" and making walking a challenge. It would certainly have been understood if she had chosen to use a chair to help her navigate her busy life. ...more

thanks for sharing this story, its really inspiring.more

Feminism, Masculinity, and the Mystique of the Asian Woman

Feminism, Masculinity, and the Mystique of the Asian Woman   In The Asian Mystique, by Sheridan Prasso, Prasso discusses the stereotypes, expectations, and fantasies the Western world has of Asia and, especially, of Asian women....more

Why I'll Miss "The Oprah Winfrey Show"

The Oprah Winfrey Show is over and I've used up the last of Kleenex. Before watching the show, I had all kinds of things I planned to say about why I’ll miss Oprah’s daily hour of love, laughter, pathos, confession, inspiration and enlightenment. But what I wanted to write changed after watching the show....more

You're right, for someone who didn't have children, Oprah was smart enough to remember that a ...more

Guiding Our Children Through Life, One News Cycle at a Time

I wrote a piece last year for Momversation about kids and television. In it I took exception to the "tv is bad for kids" idea, noting that as long as you, as a parent, provide the proper supervision, an atmosphere of encouragement for discussing what kids are seeing, and actively participate in their choices, then it can often be a great learning medium....more

The Royal Wedding: A Much Needed Break From Reality

Every year has its ups and downs; but it seems like 2011 has already had its share of tragedies.  Between the high gas prices, the horrendous events that struck China, the verbal mud-slinging between Republicans and Democrats that could have ultimately shut down the government, the dangerous and debilitating storms that hit Alabama and many other states, it’s no wonder that people seem to be a little moody these days.  Many people have expressed their unhappiness with the much publicized coverage of the Royal Wedding which has occurred over the past few months.  “Why ...more

Objectification: no longer gender specific

It seems I hit a nerve last Friday with my discussion of the objectification of women. We all know it happens....more

Do boys outnumber girls in the TV shows your kids watch?

Thinking we are closing the gender gap in the workplace, I assumed the same goes for TV and movies. Unfortunately, male characters still dominate movies and TV for kids. And the impact of a bias that goes undetected is shocking....more

I agree! I think many of the reality shows are inappropriate for younger kids. However, if you ...more

Porn On A Treadmill

 A while ago, I figured out that the best way to deal with the gym workouts that my broken neck require of me (as opposed to what I used to call "real" workouts, doing real things in the real world,) is to watch TV and movies on my iPod. Today I watched the first two hours of a truly interesting documentary about the history of porn as it relates to the history of civilization....more
It's not always about sex.  When I read the description of you running on the treadmill, I got ...more

Make the Break!

My students have been working hard to have their voices heard. Having met with Maria Shriver, via live video conference and having scheduled meetings with former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers and the first female high school football coach in the nation, Natalie Randolph, they thought they would take a different approach to gain the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.  One student wrote an incredible song, a phenomenal drama teacher put the students' ideas into a video and one very accommodating principal worked with the students to make this a reality....more

We are in need of more hits. Any assistance that could be provided would thrill the students. If ...more