Objectification: no longer gender specific

It seems I hit a nerve last Friday with my discussion of the objectification of women. We all know it happens....more

Do boys outnumber girls in the TV shows your kids watch?

Thinking we are closing the gender gap in the workplace, I assumed the same goes for TV and movies. Unfortunately, male characters still dominate movies and TV for kids. And the impact of a bias that goes undetected is shocking....more

I agree! I think many of the reality shows are inappropriate for younger kids. However, if you ...more

Porn On A Treadmill

 A while ago, I figured out that the best way to deal with the gym workouts that my broken neck require of me (as opposed to what I used to call "real" workouts, doing real things in the real world,) is to watch TV and movies on my iPod. Today I watched the first two hours of a truly interesting documentary about the history of porn as it relates to the history of civilization....more
It's not always about sex.  When I read the description of you running on the treadmill, I got ...more

Make the Break!

My students have been working hard to have their voices heard. Having met with Maria Shriver, via live video conference and having scheduled meetings with former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers and the first female high school football coach in the nation, Natalie Randolph, they thought they would take a different approach to gain the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.  One student wrote an incredible song, a phenomenal drama teacher put the students' ideas into a video and one very accommodating principal worked with the students to make this a reality....more

We are in need of more hits. Any assistance that could be provided would thrill the students. If ...more

Month of Awesome Women: Sandy Close

In writing about my hero Sandy Close, it's hard to know where to start.  The end point is easy: Sandy is a over 65+ writer, editor, creator, social change leader and visionary whose work at New America Media and Pacific News Service gives me a map for what fearless, consistent work in the  community-focused media space can look like. Her work is so unique, and her impact so profound, that this year Sandy was the 2011 recipient of the George Polk Career Award, one of journalism's highest accolades. ...more

Virtually Speaking Sunday, March 6 to Thursday, March 10

Interested in politics, public affairs, news, media? Listening to the people you read? I'm still getting the hang of blogging (2nd post and all...) so I hope for patience from prospective readers and will look at the comments. If any. My hope is to put a little spotlight on some fine writes we've convinced to try a new medium: podcasts. So I guess that, more than patience, I'm hoping for curiousity and that some readers will become listeners, too....more

Neither Here Nor There After "The Thing"

Editor's Note: Please take a brief poll (you'll find out why at the end of this post)....more

Warning: Television Is About To Get Worse

It is actually possible for television to fall further into it's dark abyss. I had to share this interesting post I found on Los Angeles' Craigslist.org about "Mom's Club", a great new show about 'Amazing Moms' currently in production. **********************************  "Mom's Club" casting posted on Craigslist 1-3-11....more


Thanks for offering to look at the bright side ;) But I can't see it.

Right now an ...more

Who Won #BrandBowl? Arianna Huffington and AOL in Overtime

My short blog about Bridgestone and Chevy winning #BrandBowl got scrapped before it could even get published this morning when I saw a tweet sometime after midnight announcing AOL bought The Huffington Post. Already in bed, the "What?" I yelled out loud caused my poor dog to jump up and look at me very confused....more