My Fifteen Minutes of Fame on COSMO Radio

  Maggie Walsh, the heroine of the Talk Radio Mysteries, hosts a talk show on WYME, a south Florida radio station. My agent pitched and sold the series as a cross between ”Frasier” and “Murder She Wrote.” Like Fraiser, Maggie is a licensed psychologist who gives up her private practice for the fun and excitement of live radio. And like Jessica Fletcher in “Murder She Wrote,” she solves a murder in every book....more

male housewives or househusbands

Yesterday morning, like most of the days, I woke up feeling blessed and very active to execute my work task.  The morning was bright and calm. My assignments were not more than I couldn’t handle.  Everything was going on fine, until the moment I took a walk to a colleague’s desk. This was around midday....more

Are there too little coloured women in magazines or too many white women?

The fashion industry often is criticized for not using enough coloured models. This lack of coloured models in the high-end fashion industry is merely a reflection of the racism in our society. And a reflection of how the fashion world is merely interested in capturing the time spirit and that it does not have any vision of their own on how the future will or should be.  However, I feel like black people are in a better way presented than white women in fashion magazines, because ... ...more

Protecting Our Own: The Sign on Leiby Kletzky's Door

If you're anything like me, you have been disgusted by every detail of the kidnapping and murder of eight-year-old Brooklynite Leiby Kletzky, and yet compelled to know more. I can't remember the last time I've had to hide the newspaper for three days running, or change the channel every time my kids entered the room. But I have to keep looking....more
To night I watched the news and saw that a father was arrested for numerous physical abuse acts ...more

Zappos' New Ads Dehumanize Women

This is a guest blog from Imran Siddiquee, Social Media and Communications Manager at just posted an official blog in support of the Zappos petition. Check it out! ...more

Points Taken

by Lianne Castelino ...more

A Women's Sports Marketing Win?: My Thoughts on the WTA Strong is Beautiful Campaign

I am pretty sure that I am going to take a lot of heat for this blog post from some of my regular followers but I cannot help it. I love the WTA's Strong is Beautiful campaign. Unlike other women's sports marketing campaigns that come across as cheap, poorly planned and unartistic, this advertising campaign by the WTA is very professionally done, sends a very strong and potent message and focuses on the elite players of the game....more
Help bring the Women's Professional Racquetball Organization to light. You have every sport BUT ...more

Painting The Town

I'd only been to Portsmouth, NH, once before this holiday. So I wasn't sure if the amazing artwork painted on building around the town was a permanent feature or a special exhibition. A quick Google search on my return revealed that they were part of the Street a.k.a. Museum exhibit, curated by the Portsmouth Museum of Art....more

Time for a Rewrite: Mental Health in Primetime

Last year, a study in the UK found 45% of characters on primetime television with mental health issues were written as dangerous or potentially so. This month, the World Health Organization reported 45% of young adults, ages 10-24, struggle with mental health disorders - these numbers aren’t adding up....more
 @GaelMc I would be interested in this group.  I write a blog about compulsive hoarding at ...more

Wake Up Call: 12 year-olds Charged With Attempt to Rape

Recently, in Redwood City, CA, five teenage boys were charged with the intent to commit rape on two of their female classmates during a school field trip. Everyone involved was between the ages of 12 and 14. What are we communicating to our boys that makes any of them think that violence towards women is OK?...more

I used to like Rihanna, but I was absolutely horrified to listen to her song S&M:
"Cause I ...more