Canine Medical Tracker { FREE Printable }

Back in January, I made a cat immunization & medical tracker and I promised I would try to make one for dogs. Just like with my knitting/crocheting printables…I know more about one than the other. I have cats. Even though I love dogs, that’s just not in the cards right now (which is what happens when you have a strict lease and a cat who really hates dogs)....more

Pregnancy and Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome

Thank you - Thank you - THANK YOU for sharing this story. I am 34 and wasn't diagnosed with KTS ...more

My Health Story

I thank God for having a mom that is very heath conscience. She gave me my foundation for living a healthy life. What catapulted me from living a mediocre healthy lifestyle to trying to live as healthy as I possibly could was around 2007 when my health started to deteriorate at an alarming rate. After over a dozen doctor’s visits with no results I started to get frustrated. There were so many things going wrong with my health and I was constantly told that I was just stressed out or I’m just getting older....more

Postpartum and my life, dealing with myself.

I am not even sure where to begin. How do I start this post out? Do I begin with a cliche' "Hi my name is ______, and I have postpartum depression?" I don't think I should, so let me try a different way.This is by no means easy for me. Infact, it is a daily struggle that many women face. A daily struggle to get up out of bed without crying,feeling sorry for myself, or anxious until I am turning blue. This is my story however, of my struggle with postpartum depression. And my final straw to get help....more
@tatwood thank you tatwood:-) I have been doing better, but I still have those moments of ppd ...more


This is our adventure of living in such a rural community in Montana.  My daughter chipped her tooth that the dentist had fixed during her time of braces.  Our dentist/orthodontist is 69 miles away, one way.  Takes alittle over an hour to get there, then we ususally pick up up something for lunch and home we go.  We have a dentist in town but I have been to him an was not pleased with him, he was rough, and gruff.   ...more

FDA OKs Maggots for Medicine

Maggots—the offspring of flies—are making their way to the modern medicine chest, according to this month’s Scientific American. The wee young of flies—larvae—munch on dead skin, cleaning bacteria from wounds.Science writer Carrie Arnold notes the FDA approved medical use of maggots in 2004, in part because some antibiotics have lost efficacy as drug-resistant strains of bacteria populate communities.I found half-a-dozen studies where researchers reported benefits of using grubs that eat decaying flesh on living patients....more

Nope, it's no sci fi. Two rats' brains in two different countries have been interfaced!

It sounds like an episode of "Star Trek" but it's happening now. In our country. Oh yeah ... and in Brazil.A rat in Brazil was trained to do a certain task and press a lever to get a reward. An implant in the rat's brain sends an electrical signal to a second rat - in North Carolina.The rat in North Carolina knows nothing about rat No. 1 or that the task he was conditioned to perform, but because of the electrical signal he's getting from rat No. 1's brain, he knows to push the lever to get the reward....more

It's Never Too Late To Be Thankful

It doesn't take a lot effort to be thankful for what we have and don't have in our lives.While I am in currently hosting a one-woman pity party, I am very thankful and grateful that my children and family are essentially healthy and not battling any life-threatening diseases.I am thankful and grateful that my children are so resilient and  strong.I know that we have faced many medical challenges and I certainly realize that we have been more than blessed and lucky in many ways.  I know that things could be so much worse....more

This may explain "demonic possessions"

I heard this on NPR today: young reporter, Susannah Cahalan, wrote a book about her frightening experience called "Brain on Fire."Essentially, the 24-year-old went from being healthy to practically overnight becoming paranoid, senstivity to light, psychotic and even catatonic at times. She had seizures, hallucinations and erratic behavior. She was groaning and holding her arms out for long periods of time (like Frankenstein) and no one could figure out why. ...more

#274 Checking in, Day 1 of 31

Well, it's time for the annual NaBloPoMo aka National Blog Posting Month.  Yes, another year has passed, and it's another year I can't do the NaNoWriMo for various sundry reasons.  But, still it gives the impetus to write a blog post a day for 31 days....more