Day 6 - Will you still love me...?

 "Do you still love it?" I was sitting in the atrium at the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in Seattle during the national conference for ACEP* enjoying a glass of wine and some fine appetizers, so it took me a moment to think about what...more

The New Health Insurance Penalities

The new Accordable Care Act has certainly become a controversial topic in the U.S. as it came into effect on October 1st this year. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the penalties that will be applicable to families, with many people thinking that it will be cheaper to pay the penalties than to obtain health insurance; this is a complete myth and penalties will increase every year.The Marketplace...more

The New U.S. Health Plan Initiative

Health care reform in the United States has a long history. Reforms have often been proposed but have rarely been accomplished. In March of 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPACA) was signed....more

Wednesday Update

The girls and I are hanging around trying to get our day started. We had a good night and morning, with the advent of the cool front,or Zush off her meds, or a combination of both. Now if I could only get the weather to cooperate, well, the grey in my hair would cut down considerably. It is a good week to be on vacation. We are enjoying the quiet of the neighborhood, and will probably return back to Undisclosed Deux later today.It’s kind of funny though, because,you really don’t mind the city when the weather cools and the kids are back in school. ...more

Praying, waiting and watching...

The trip up for Zush had the vet telling me that Zush has to be watched. We have to stop one med and watch her.As it gets a little cooler this week, we’llsee if there is any change.Hopefully there will be, God willing. If not,down tothe vet we go on Monday morning. Managed to get some laundry done and have issues perking that are right ontime to keep my head weighed down even more. All a part of life, I guess. Imade sick calls for Church, only to be told my buddy is now sleeping half a day.Just the kind of stuff to break your heart. ...more

#274 Present, Day 7 of 31

 My husband loves to hang-glide, and inevitably, whenever I have a day off and the weather is just right, off we go....more

Can a Pill Popper Still Be Green? Modern Meds v. Eco Ideals

With all my talk about chemicals, a couple readers have asked me how I feel about prescription medications. What does “Ms. Natural” think about kids taking Adarol, moms taking Zoloft, and Tylenol for teething? Image: me and the sysop via Flickr ...more
I've actually quit taking opioids and muscle relaxers after 12 years because they just weren't ...more

When Shamanism Meets Western Medicine

If you mixed the ivory towers of Western Medicine with the back jungle villages of the native shaman and shook them up with Pop Rocks, you’d wind up with something that starts to resemble the way I work one-on-one with patients.At least that’s what other people who hear me talk about my work tell me.My Work is Shamanic? Say What?...more

The Doctor-Patient Relationship: Part Three

Awhile back I wrote an article about how medicine is a spiritual practice, and in response, I received an email from a surgery resident at Columbia University that left me in tears and inspired me to share it....more