Hello, my name is reality (Part III)

Parts I and II are here. ************************** My daily stops became part of our routine. I could tell she was having a hard time adapting to the reality of her new circumstances, though. Her family visited regularly and she put on an optimistic face, but the permanence of "I may never walk again" is a hard pill to swallow for anyone. ...more

Hello, my name is reality (part II)

If you missed part I, click here. Progress is gauged by the level of music in the OR.  Routine procedure?  ipod blaring.  Tough cases have a soundtrack consisting of crisp orders and little else....more

Hello, my name is reality (part I)

I've been blogging for a while but only alluded to some of my past.  This material is heavier stuff than I normally post but I felt like I couldn't discuss my future without the relevant context.  So, my blog will be taking a slightly different turn for the moment.  Welcome inside my head. **Certain elements of this story have been changed to protect patient privacy.** I was 17 when I met them....more

A Rheumatologist Who Took Off My Shoes

I just moved from FL to WA to find better health care.  Since I suffer from multiple, odd, auto-immune diseases as a result of my Mother taking DES during her pregnancy with me, I am a "complicated" patient.  (If you don't know about DES, you should, visit www.cdc.com/des.  I might hold a record for blowing through moronic medical doctors due to the stupidity I have encountered, to wit: # of FL Rheumatologists who performed foot exams with shoes and socks on: FOUR My brand new WA rheumatologist performed his initial examina...more

The Mother of All Taboos

In case you have not heard, there is a vaccine war raging in America between pharmaceutical companies and Moms. The battle lines are publically drawn this way: One side says evil pharma is poisoning kids for a bigger buck....more

Getting Kids Addicted to Giving

Drives me bonkers when people talk talk talk about giving but don't actually get their tuchus in motion - financially, physically, and specifically with their kids. Our children are not going to gain appreciation for those less fortunate or the extreme needs that exist in our world unless they are engaged in a very active way. Watching parents write a check is not going to do it. They'll roll their eyes. After spending far too much money on groceries that were pushed around the plates on Thanksgiving, I was anxious to find a way to get my children actively involved....more

Decoding Stem Cell Treatments

Could cancer be man-made?

A friend recently linked to an article on a recent study that suggests that cancer may be man-made. Now the study is far from conclusive, but it is the first histological look at cancer rates. The scientists in question based their work on an examination of literature and remains (including mummies) and found that cancer was extremely rare in antiquity....more

Will a Nobel Prize for Medicine Change the Way People View IVF?

The Nobel Prize does matter. It changes the way the general public views an advancement in medicine, with the idea trickling down from the scientific community into the layperson world. The committee's acceptance of an idea, the declaration that it should be honored, carries weight. And it will be interesting to watch public opinion for the next few years following Robert Edwards' Nobel for his IVF work. Will IVF become less controversial? Or will it still continue to garner headlines daily? ...more

He may have created it but there are still ethical issues that have not been resolved. ...more


Viewing commercials when I was a Communication Arts student in college was sort of a "personal study tool" for me. I was  very interested in Advertising and Public Relations so I made sure I watch TV commercials as much as possible. Soon after college, I had two first jobs; a part-time Advertising Communications teacher to college students and a full-time advertising copywriter. Armed with the skills I studiously acquired from college, and a passion to create  knock-your-socks-off commercials, I was ready with my new career full blast....more