Gifts for Meditation and Yoga

If you have somebody in your life who loves yoga. Here are some great gift ideas for you. Yogi's are not really known for their materialism, but there are some gifts that will be well appreciated to help them on their journey to peace, happiness and good balance.Read more from Gifts for Meditation and Yoga at Gifts Ready To Go...more



How to be happy? Benefits of Meditation

One of the common aims of every one of us is to stay happy. Not all the people know the reason behind this. You need to know that how important happiness is for you. It will be a little tricky task to state that why being happy is important, but a number of benefits can be listed, that comes from happiness. You tend to enjoy life when you become happy however this is not the only benefit of being happy....more

A Mental Health Moment

The friendly folks at BlogHer have posted some writing prompts to help bloggers get ...more

I'm The Least Likely Meditator

I never thought I would be someone who meditated. I will admit that prior to discovering meditation, I had no real idea what it was and looked a little strangely at people who said they practiced it. It seemed a silly practice to me. A waste of good TV time. Why are you just sitting there? How on earth is that helping you do anything? I don’t get it. If you are tired, just take a nap. That seems hard. That seems pointless. Oh how WRONG I was! ...more


I have always loved the idea of meditation and on the few occasions I meditated in classes, etc., I have loved doing it....more

How To: Breath Meditation

Breath meditation is an essential concept of meditation because many other meditations rely on you understanding this concept first....more

Mommy is not an octopus

When my son - usually in a fit of excitement - asks me to do too many things at once, I remind him that I am not an octopus. Although I can see the initial appeal of having eight arms for cooking dinner, dancing with him in the kitchen and going through the 5-7 leaflets in his school binder, I wonder if eight arms would actually be enough. Also: Would it really be eight arms? Or, are two of those arms actually considered legs, and it is really six arms and two appendages used for mobility?...more

Being in the Moment

I recently have been working hard on being in the moment. Sounds easy, right? Everyone is in a moment, but are you really focusing and experiencing what is actually happening?...more

Color My World

I don’t know anyone who admits to coloring within the lines when they were kids. Coloring outside the lines was a sign that you refused to accept the rigid dictates of uptight coloring book manufacturers and compulsive kindergarten teachers. It was a badge of freedom and creativity and, for some, poor fine motor skills. It was how the more inhibited of us let our freak flags fly....more