Importance of Sexual Health for Men

The state of mind and social well-being with respect to one’s sexuality is termed as sexual health. Sexual health is like a beating heart for a man. Good male health means his capacity to perform sexual intercourse. The sexual health of men is not as complicated as that of women.Testing a man for being sexually healthy is very easy and does not involve any sort of complications....more

Kegel Exercises for Men to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Try these simple exercises and you’ll not only have longer, harder erections, you’ll last longer in bed, and you’ll also be able to shoot like a porn star, so get reading....more

Let's Talk About The Good Guys

Let’s have a toast for the douchebagsLet’s have a toast for the assholesLet’s have a toast for the scumbagsEvery one of them that I knowLet’s have a toast for the jerk-offsThat’ll never take work offBaby, I got a planRun away fast as you can -Kanye West  ...more

What's so funny about a man getting pregnant?

I recently read The Fourth Procedure by Stanley Pottinger, in which, during a surgical procedure, a man is given a uterus containing a fertilized egg.  He is enraged when he finds out, afraid that if it becomes public knowledge he’ll be a laughingstock.  Turns out he’s right.  But I don’t get it.  What’s so funny about a man getting pregnant?...more

Failing at life

It's been a while since I've written a new post so just so you know I've not made a miraculous transformation and resigned myself to a life of celibacy here is a brief description of some of the poor choices I've made over the past four months. If you recall in my last post I described how a potential date of mine had ended up getting with my friend. I had also flirted with the idea of sleeping with the brother of a guy I had already slept with a couple of times and who I then worked with. Well......more
Brilliant article! Laughed all the way through :D Don't worry, you're not alone in the drinking, ...more

Where Are All The Body Positive Men?

Insecurity about their bodies is something all men experience — yet finding a man to speak openly about these issues is like finding an oasis in the desert.The body positive movement has swept through the media over the past few years — more and more films are showing people of all body types, plus-size modeling is being celebrated more as women of different sizes are allowed to own their bodies, and people like Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor are writing painfully-catchy songs about curvy bodies....more

5 Must Buy Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Last year, I wrote the post, Holiday Gift Guide for Him and I discussed general gift ideas for the men in your life.This year, I’m going into specifics. There are some fantastic gifts out there for those men who have it all and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you....more

I'd Make You Most Unhappy, Most. That Is, I'd Do My Best

Let’s stroll back in time. Our darling neighbors are back on the mountain....more

The People Under the Stairs

The People Under The StairsMy Very Real, Very Fake Kidnapping Fantasy ...more