How to keep your man and not chase him away.

How to keep your man Here are eight things that will chase him away. Get rid of them. ...more

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Just Like That Other Chick Across the Bar?

I recently read a blog here -- that was an open letter to husbands about looking at other women.  Which got that internal dialog going in me, or perhaps it was just voice hallucinations from my psychosis setting in.  Either way, whoever was in my head, it was pretty interesting.According to this blog, apparently I'm not the only woman to have experienced a lifetime of men commenting on other women to a woman supposedly important to them.  I have one question:Why?...more
Ha! Madge! Yes! I've had many boyfriends do that. Another reason they are no longer around. I do ...more

Pretty Sure My Husband Hates Me

I'm pretty sure my husband hates me. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy when I try to explain that he is passive - aggressive, emotionally unavailable, punishing, manipulative, withholding, and distant. I'm pretty sure he can't see that he's a bearded version of the mother he resents. I'm pretty sure he's incapable of changing and will be miserable for the rest of his life. ...more
Wow, you pretty much described my marriage. I can't leave him though, it would devastate our ...more

Why Do Women Fall For Cruel Men? Your Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

Built In Toys

When I first grew boobsWhat was the big dealI could not figure outWhy boys wanted a feel*Why didn’t GodGive them to boysHow convenientTo have built-in toys*They could feel and squeezeAnytime they wantedNever get slappedNever get shunted*...more

Six guys you don't want to commit to

 Sometimes in life, we fall for the types of guys who we really shouldn't fall for: guys who are anti-relationship, serial cheaters, the keg stand king, etc. And then when they hurt us we sit on the computer blogging about it asking "Whyyyy???!!" and reading our horoscope searching for an answer. Don't lie....more

Some Suggestions for the Men, Part II

I orginally wrote this back in January.  I have since added a few suggestions and helpful hints.  I can only hope it helps men everywhere!   I saw this while wasting away nap time on Pinterest and it got me thinking, why can't us women ever just relax?  Why do we "need" so many things?  I don't really need ...more

Childbirth vs Sac Whack

 @simplyjune A Sac Whack is perhaps like a band aid being pulled off on the count of three and a ...more

Why Do Men Cheat?

“D-day” – commonly known as the day the allied troops landed on Normandy beaches, changing the entire course of WWII and the world as we know it. Fittingly, this is the term relationship counselors use to describe the day you find out your spouse has cheated....more

365 Days of Blessings - Day 116 - Our Male Readers

I am thankful for our male readersYes, I know you are out there!  I know, I know, you just come for the recipes you want your wife to make you!In fact, the first person to comment a word of encouragement when we gave away our pup was a man, this morning I was greeted by an e-mail from a male friend who told me my mobile site was running a bit slow, and then a comment on a blessings post too!...more