365 Days of Blessings - Day 116 - Our Male Readers

I am thankful for our male readersYes, I know you are out there!  I know, I know, you just come for the recipes you want your wife to make you!In fact, the first person to comment a word of encouragement when we gave away our pup was a man, this morning I was greeted by an e-mail from a male friend who told me my mobile site was running a bit slow, and then a comment on a blessings post too!...more

Do Over: My Hair is Running My Life!


Holding out for a hero?

So in the last month I have had some interesting experiences with a few males, I have come to a few conclusions about the male specie....more

The Object Of The Game Is To Drive You Insane

  Why do some women end a bad relationship and then go on to become permiscuous, or insanely insecure? Why do they keep going back to the bad guy who obviously doesn't love them? Because that is the objective.  Some men don't really like women....more

Don't Hate

  So I started writing something earlier, and then the whole thing got deleted because I was not being attentive. My bad. It's all in the good 'ol noggin.   Basically the gist of what I was trying to say is this: The game can be fun if you are a truly fun person and you don't make sex the goal, when you meet a cool chick you have a better chance of being friends, lovers, starting a relationship, or whatever. If you are an older dude who is dating more than say eight to ten years younger than you, then maybe you should let the girls be....more

Who Stole The Cookie From the Cookie Jar?

   By cookie, I mean, you know what I mean.  The guy that stole the cookie is incredibly smooth and charming. The thing is you aren't really even that attracted to him, but for some reason you just can't seem to say no....   It is because he is talking. That is normal.  Everybody but mutes can talk, and most of them know sign language these days....more

Things You Need to Know Before You Go Out Next Friday

    I'm not sure how many women even realize this, but the chances are that if you have ever hooked up with mister wrong then somewere in your subconcious is the knowledge that there is an organized grass roots of movement of men who are "trying to give women a great experience".     If you were to Google a term such as 'how to pick up women' or 'get laid every night' then you will most definitely find exactly what I'm talking about.  This whole debachle smacks of men.  Have you ever had a man blatantly disrespect you and then...more

Happy Endings: Where’s Nora Ephron When You Need Her?

Girl meets guy. Guy kisses girl. Fireworks erupt. But girl gives guy the wrong number and the night starts to fade into memory. But don't worry, girl's friends are not without wiles. They harness the power of the web to find the guy for her and -- a miracle! -- they do. In the Nora Ephron version of this story, the two are reunited and live happily ever after, eating their sauces on the side and over-analyzing Casablanca. But this is 2012, not a perfectly scripted romcom Hollywood film. So what happens? ...more
Ha! Love you! I have a smile a mile wide on my face. Your avatar, title and tag lines are so ...more