Being a Man at BlogHer

A year ago I decided to sail about and see the bloggy part of the world. I’d already started a dad blog and begun learning the ropes. This August, I betook myself to San Diego and booked ship on the Mer de Femmes, otherwise known as BlogHer ‘11.This is my ship's log.BlogHer is a sea of 3,000 women. This is a very large number of women to be immersed in if you’re a man. Many more than I've ever known, seen, or imagined. Overwhelming, actually....more
Kristen -- You can be my wing wo-person anytime. Ron -- Let's fly in formation at Blog Her ...more

Finally on the Same Page

We are on the same page, we are reading the same book, we are telling the same story. My boyfriend and I are finally seeing eye to eye in our relationship. I finally understand where he is coming from and he finally gets what I’ve been feeling. We are becoming one in Christ and because we are letting Him become our foundation, things are clicking. We understand each other because God allows us to understand each other. We just had a wonderful weekend together and it was focused on all the right things. We were in tuned with each other and in tuned with God....more

A Dangerous Cycle?

I feel schizophrenic. I’m all over the place. One minute I’m super annoyed with you and the next minute I can’t get enough of you. You are my drug. I drink you in. Even when you are annoying and bad for me, I want more of you. I can’t get enough of you. I’m addicted to you, to how you make me feel. When I take you all in, I get high—highly in love with you. But I’m afraid to overdose for fear of being dependent on you. I can’t let you take over my whole body, my whole being....more

Being brave

I am afraid of the journey I'm embarking upon.  My job was making me physically ill and I was being taken advantage of so i decided to jump into the unknown.  I know the universe will take excelllent care of me because I 've already seen angels appear in the form of my new boss surprising me by giving me money on the day I announced I had quit my job and was ready to work for him, in the form of calling a big client to ask her to follow me to my new company and having her listen to me cry for a few moments, to the client who I had called for a loan and who turned around with a gre...more

The Shadow over My Happiness

Happiness is relative. Happiness can be determined by other people’s happiness. Happiness can be momentary. Happiness can be fleeting. Happiness can be…overpowered. Yes, it can be overpowered by loneliness, insecurity, mistrust, frustration, doubt—essentially any negativity.  Recently, I’ve been letting those things affect my happiness. I’ve been letting these outside forces affect my mood, affect my view on life, affect how I operate. I’m not happy right now and I need to be....more
It sounds trite, and I'm sure you aren't looking for aphorisms, but here it is anyway: You ...more

Doubting a Good Thing?

Is it natural to doubt your relationship or is it a caution flag of something to avoid in the future? I find myself wanting to live in the same city as my long-distance boyfriend, but doubting it will actually ever happen. We’ve dated off and on for four-and-a-half years and during that time, we’ve always lived in different cities. I just don’t know what it would have to take before he or I would transport our lives to a different city.  If it hasn’t happened yet, why should I expect it to ever happen?...more

Faith vs. Foolishness


juicy wishing

juicy wishing While I said that Wednesdays are my day to be carefree and do only what I find joyful, I think it's more true to say that I start out thinking that way on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday....more
I find a clean house lasts an hour. Quality time with your kids is priceless. I would much ...more

Ruffled Feathers - When Prententious Dudes Attack

Check out for more!One more day til the weekend! Woot! And back to business!Do y’all remember learning in elementary school about how the prettier, more colorful birds were actually the male birds? And that they had bright plumage to get the ladies’ attention? Ahhhh… isn’t it exactly the same in the human world?...more

No, It's NOT That Time of The Month...Put The Milk In The Fridge!!!

  I wake up on this drizzly, cool morning and peruse through my usual news/celeb gossip/social networking sites, and I stumble across something interesting.  Very interesting indeed.  And I am MORE than grateful that I am currently not going through PMS at this moment. ...more