S.O.B.by Jan Sokoloff HarnessI told himhe was agood for nothingson of a bitchand I meantevery word butevery word was a lie.His mother was reallya lovely personand he was very goodat some things.Very good,if you know what I mean.And you know what I meanbecause we’ve all been there.We’ve all been in lovewith a good for nothingson of a bitchand the horsethat he rode in on.©Jan Sokoloff Harness 2012  ...more

Metrosexual Style & Sexual Orientation

I read an article “Express Yourself” in Barnard's book "Fashion Theory" which got me thinking about my guy friends who have style and the way they are portrayed by some people. Being that I work in the nightlife scene, I have seen my fair share of metrosexual men and barbie doll looking women. Nightclubs downtown are filled with people dressing like that. But here I want to focus on metrosexual men. ...more

Shaven not Stirred?


Men, it's time to drop the Axe and other dating tips

Alright Men (and boys of the teenage variety) today, I'm talkin' to you.  The information I'm going to share with you is valuable, it's intense and it's profound.  It will change your dating life forever and subsequently you will all want to marry me.  This unfortunately cannot happen, I have a husband (who's both sexy and wonderful) and I'm totally off limits.  Besides, the desire to marry will stem only from the influx in your dating relationships and the euphoria that brings, not from an actual attraction....more

I Think I Figured Out My Husband, Maybe

As she watched the grin grow on her husband's face, it slowly dawned on her that he was not just pleased with how his home theater had turned out. That grin signified much more. His face declared "I won! I got what I wanted!" What did he want? It took her a home redecorating spree to figure it out. ...more
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Food memory

"Remember the brasciola we used to eat at the Italian restaurant around the corner and downstairs from the Tampa Maas Brothers department store?" asked my husband. "No,' I said. "That was fifty years ago, and I don't remember lunch." Men's brains are wired to remember food and sports, and it lets them talk to strangers with ease. "Try the brasciola." "How 'bout Carlos Zimbawatty's double play?" This man I am married to can tell you the starting lineups of both World Series teams from 1958. But he can't remember from one day to another how to work the toaster....more

The adventures of JETgirl

Follow the adventures of JETgirl - a thirty something girl and her unusual observances, occurrances and bad dates.  All true!!  http://jetgirl000.blogspot.com/  ...more

Internet dating advice for boys...

Some of my online friends have been internet dating...I again want to say good luck with that. I have opted out of the internet dating scene due to bad choices and preferring to be single for the rest. of. my. life. rather than try it again... But since I adore all you girls that are giving it a whirl, I thought I might try and help the boys out a little bit while filling in their profiles, so here is my advice boys...it's good advice, take it...really. All the examples I am using are from real life profiles ... be afraid. ...more

What the hell is wrong with men?

I don't know if I will ever publish this post or not, but I have to type it. As you know, I am single again. I am good with that. It is where I want to be right now. It was my choice. It usually is. I will take 100% responsibility in pretty much all of the major breakups I have had in my life. I am not proud of that but it is true. Some of the time, I was just bored. If you don't keep me amused and try new things, I get bored and I will leave. Pretty easy, work on the relationship and don't slack off. ...more