Is Hormone Replacement Therapy as Bad As We Thought?

Take a deep breath – clicking on this headline does not mean you’re old.There’s almost a mythic quality to hormone replacement therapy at this point. Not long ago, it was considered to be the magic pill that was going to keep women young forever. It was going to solve all the problems of aging, basically eliminating menopause and wrinkles and sexual decline. Thousands of women naturally signed up for it, but then came the bad news. ...more

Tips On Raising Teens During Pre-Menopause

Going through perimenopause can be difficult. Your hormones are changing, and your body is behaving in unpredictable ways....more

Tips On Raising Teens During Pre-Menopause

Going through perimenopause can be difficult. Your hormones are changing, and your body is behaving in unpredictable ways....more

How-To: Have Great Sex after Menopause

Menopause is a time of transition, both for those who are going through these hormonal changes themselves as well as for their sexual partner(s). But is it still possible to have great sex after menopause? Yes. Yes, it is. Here’s how!...more

7 Things To Know About Perimenopause (AKA Why I'm Crying/Yelling/Bleeding Everywhere)

I’m not mourning the possible loss of fertility. I’m mostly just waiting to see what happens next, like some sort of hormonal roulette. Content notice: pregnancy, birth, graphic description of menstruation.When I was in fourth grade, I wore a size 28AAA bra.AAA is not a size. It’s just a nice way saying “you have literally zero breast tissue.”...more

I'm Feisty For My Age

Everyone has that moment, I think, where you suddenly see your reflection in another person’s eyes, and it is an unwelcome reality check....more

Musings of A Menopausal Mistress

Aging as a woman is a completely wild ride.It started as the preciousness of a baby’s tender, soft feet and moved to the subtly-curled toes I now have, described as “hammer” by the young, flippant bone doctor who was recently released from medical school. He’s wrong. My toes have been slightly curled since I was five. My white Mary Jane-style sandals were too small, and when I kept telling my mother that my toes were crunched, she thought I just wanted new shoes. Well guess what, my toes as they were growing, retained that too-small subtle curl....more

3 regrets

I never imagined that I would be almost 50 and not have children.  Since I was a kid I wanted my own kids.  I have 3 major regrets (about this). ...more

Are You Struggling to Gain Control of Your Weight?

Knowing what to eat to gain control of our weight has become very confusing. What should I eat?One group says go high fat, low carb; another says go vegetarian for the best weight loss and weight control. Most medical professional still stick with a low fat diet as the healthiest. Until the FDA changes it official recommendations, most dietary associations will also continue to recommend low fat and a decent amount of carbs as a daily recommendation.So what can you or I do to better manage weight as we age through our later decades?...more
The 1200-1500 mg of recommended daily calcium is for the standard diet and standard lifestyle. ...more

Do You Need Contraception After 40?

It always comes as news to my forty-something patients that they can still get pregnant. Of course, I am not saying that a midlife pregnancy is an easy feat to accomplish. But it definitely happens with more frequency than you realize. In fact, statistically speaking, when it comes to unintended pregnancies, the perimenopausal crowd is right behind those young and fertile teenagers. The reason for this is simple. Midlife women think they are too old to get pregnant, so they do not use contraception....more
I say yes. If you don't want another bun. I have a friend, conceived when her mom was about 43.more