Perimeno - What?

In my head I'm forever 29, give or take a few years.  When I pass by a mirror, however, I'm often surprised at my reflection, because that is NOT what 29 looks like.  Whatever...being young is a state of mind, right?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy with my age or with getting older.  I have learned so much from my past experiences and I am much more comfortable in my own skin now. But most days I still FEEL like I'm 29....more

Got March Menopause Madness?

She shoots….She SCORES menopausal symptom happiness! And the crowd goes wild! (Ahhhhh)...more

Aging With HIV Part Two

Menopause: My Brain Is Full of Holes

My boyfriend and I are talking movies. Me: “What’s that film where Mira Sorvino plays the stripper?” Him: “Marisa Tomei?” Me: “Did I just say 'Mira Sorvino'?” My 22-year-old daughter and I are on our way to dinner after her ice hockey game. Me: “You know who played really well tonight?” Her: “Who?” Me: “Um, you know, she’s a defenseman.” Her: “Which one? Hailey?” Pause. ...more
.At 53,  I am at war with Menopause. I had to call in the big guns.  Two years ago I sought help ...more

Everything You Need To Know About Menopause (INFOGRAPHIC)

Having to deal with menopause is an unavoidable step in women's lives that is dreaded terribly. But eventually, we have to go through it and it may be easier to deal with if we have a good understanding of the condition. Currently having to go through menopause myself, I decided to share my findings about this natural biological process....more

Find Your Purpose in 2014 – Craft Your Encore Career

Forget your 2014 retirement age. Let’s talk about your 2014 encore career age—and it’s now....more

Crone's Disease

Lately I’ve been feeling tired and irritable. Yeah, I know, how is that different from all the time, right? But seriously, it’s something new right now, something I haven’t felt before in quite the way that I do now.It’s not just getting up at 4:30 5 days a week to get some writing done before work. Not that kind of tired.It’s more just this simmering feeling of frustration a lot of the time, a kind of fed-up-ness with idiocy and selfishness and childishness.In short, it’s Crone’s Disease....more
I like your post.more

Menopausal Moments

Welcome Womenopes!That is my term of endearment for women going through menopause. For those of you who may be entering menopause, or are in the throws of menopause, or are on the other side of it (lucky you!), I am writing to you! I have been searching for a place to find comfort for my everyday complaints, to question the antidotes that are offered to us, and find anecdotes that help me feel  that I am not alone and there are other women out there like me!!...more
@JennieBeach My heart goes out to you. Trust me when I say: it will get better. You are right ...more

Less than 10 Rules for being a healthier person - 4 to be exact!

Less than 10 Rules for being a healthier person - 4 to be exact!  I just returned from a long weekend vacation to the beach.  On this vacation, I took a detour back into old eating habits, and promptly earned myself a week long migraine - longer than the 4 day beach-cation!...more