A fun quiz on mindfulness

https://www.worldpulse.com/en/community/users/girlpower/posts/73838  Take this quiz about how mindfulness can help you with many ailments, it makes you present and can heal you. It can help with chronic pain and depression. How will you score?...more

Accepting A Diagnosis I'd Never Heard Of

It was spring. And I was sitting across from a curt Russian lady.“Schizoaffective Disorder.”...more

Tips for dealing with anxiety

An article recently came to my attention that gives a lot of really good tips if you're a person who is dealing with anxiety. It is known that women typically deal with anxiety more than men, whether that is because of gender roles, I'm not sure. But, nonetheless, it is true that many new mothers are anxiety stricken. I happen to (used to) be one of them, dealing with anxiety on a rare basis now....more

Be nice to yourselves!

I have a problem with nice being very nice to myself, in my own mind. When I consider myself, many times a negative thought enters my head. If I ask my own opinion of my own work, often times it is sub-par, not good enough, and I am not good enough. A lot of people have this problem!...more

Right or Left Brained?

Have you ever considered which side of your brain you dominantly use? It's just a theory, but according to some psychologists if you're right brained, you are more artsy and if you are left brained you tend to think more critically and are typically better with numbers. I took the test, and found that I am right brained! I can't say I'm surprised, I've always been artistically inclined and really bad at math. That doesn't mean that it's always the case, but I still found it really interesting!...more

Mental Illness Touches Us All

I read an article on the Huffington Post one day titled Mental Illness Affects Everyone and I realized there was far more truth to that title than the article covered....more

Chaos to Action

Last winter, I went to see my counselor feeling very overwhelmed with my surroundings.  I own a 4 bedroom house, 3 1/2 bathrooms, finished basement, kitchen with an island in the middle, and a deck right outside the sliding glass door.  Besides my husband, my daughter, and myself in the home, I also have a small dog, and 3 cats that run around like they own the joint.  My dining room table is cluttered with useful mail encased by the junk.  It get's really overwhelming to look at the pile of papers on a table, that is meant to be eaten on....more

Coping With A Stormy Day

Stormy weather is often synonymous with mental health struggles. Often images such as stormy seas and waves; are used to describe the challenges faced by people with many different difficulties. The use of these metaphors can work alongside different skills (such as mindfulness, distraction and other distress tolerance techniques) to help people to remember to hold on to hope that one day the storm will past, as it can't live forever....more

Daddy Issues: Daughter of an Addict

It was Christmas morning, I had made my dad a snow globe. It was little, filled with glitter and plastic confetti. He put it in my moms hands, frowning, saying he didn’t deserve it."Dammit, take it. She made it for you," my mother said, trying to stay hushed. I continued unwrapping gifts. I remember feeling bad; tears welled up in my little brown eyes. Why didn’t he like my gift?I understand his guilt now. As an adult, accepting a gift you don’t deserve can be humiliating....more

Another Word for Stigma

Recently I was reading an article online and came across a word I had never encountered before: sanism.I don't like it.Oh, I realize that it's meant to go along with all the other "isms" – words that point out how the world decides who is worthy of respect, then campaigns for the rights/recognition/understanding of the disrespected. There are lots of "isms," some familiar by now, and others that just never quite made it.racismsexismnationalismfeminismelitismethnocentrismableism...more