By: Stanley Popovich Everybody deals with anxiety and depression, however some people have a difficult time in managing it. As a result, here is a brief list of techniques that a person can use to help manage their most persistent fears and every day anxieties. When facing a current or upcoming task that overwhelms you with a lot of anxiety, the first thing you can do is to divide the task into a series of smaller steps....more

On Being Real

This is my first blog post here, and I may already have enemies.Limiting Time Gives You PerspectiveOne of the things that I learned early on in life was that you have to stay true to yourself. Your decisions, your actions, your inaction, you have to live with them. All of them. This becomes even more important when you add in something that could take your life at any moment....more

The Beauty of Being Self Aware.

Self-evaluation can help you to notice your vulnerabilities.   What’s good about recognizing where you are  a bit weak? Vulnerabilities  can help you strive to be less self-centered and more  in tune  with your life goals.It also offers you a sense of humility and gratitude about where you are in life....more

Settling Is For the Dogs

 When you have an SPD kiddo, the situation naturally vacuums up any time you used to have for yourself....more

How Online Advocacy Influences Life Offline

It's uncomfortable to bring it up out of nowhere with people, but if someone asks, I am good about dispelling myths or telling them what my experience is like. But I don't go to restaurants and order my burger and then tell my server about my PPD, PPA, and OCD. I don't let the dressing room attendants at the GAP know I have Generalized Anxiety. I don't let the cashier at Target in on my PTSD. And I sure as heck don't put any of that stuff in my syllabus in the About Mrs. Sluiter section, nor do I introduce myself that way in my welcome email to parents. If someone asks about it, I don't lie. I mean, duh. The Google search. ...more
 @Miche Kat What a lovely compliment!  Thank you, Miche! I try to live by the rule of thinking ...more

Next Of Kin.

My mom is on food stamps. There, I finally said it. ...more
@Blackbeards Wyfe Wow, thank you for this. Honestly it made me cry a little bit. Thank you for ...more

The One Thing I Can't Say: I'm Depressed

The first time I remember feeling depressed was in the first grade.  My grandfather had just died.  During recess, I walked around the school yard without talking or playing with anyone for at least three days....more

Shame Series: Drunkologues

I’m a recovering alcoholic. When I go to meetings, I hear people laughing about all the chaos drinking caused, or whining all the turmoil it caused. I’m not saying this is right or wrong. It just is. It just bugs me. In fact, it bothers me to the point where I will leave to go to the restroom. I just think to myself, if he tells the story of peeing on himself one more time, I’ll leave and never come back. It’s so bad, I asked my boyfriend not to regale his drunken youth.  Apparently, some people had fun drinking....more

One of my biggest emotional rollercoaster videos yet. Talking about ultra-surprising acunpture technique leads me to happy tears

This personal story ... very personal in a way (mercy!) .... well does it need to be shared? I've decided there's no harm & no foul in sharing it.  ...more