At your limit with God

The lives we live are often filled with ups and downs. We put our backs against the wall looking for something better.  Sometimes our health is put through so much, our lives through so much, we wonder if there's a point to the cycles. ...more

Heart risk in young adulthood linked to cognitive decline in mid-life

A new study has linked elevated heart risks during young adulthood with lower cognitive function in mid-life.Researchers at the University of California-San Francisco performed long-term studies to look at things like blood pressure, cholesterold levels and blood sugar during ages 18 to 30 and found correlations to mental function over the next 25 years. The cognitive tests measured memory, thinking speed and mental flexibility.Why?High cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure are major risk factors for atherosclerosis (narrowing of the articles due to plaque)....more

Noah, the movie

Crashing waves, back-stabbing family, murderous and envious people, this is the stuff movies are made of, more so this is the stuff life is made of. Then there is also the element of screaming back at God and looking for Hope. I think I really liked this movie although it was not your "fast and furious" kind of movie. In Noah we find ourselves in a simple mode of thinking. We are not left on the edge of our seat but left on the edge of understanding our soul. Our soul shows us our desires but in plain sight our desires reveal our soul. ...more
You are right. Some movies are mirrors of life, sometimes  they reflect our reality and our ...more

Bipolar Babe!....or abused babe from birth?

How it really feels to be mentally ill in a society that has such a dark stigma? where can you go,where can you hide from people who really don't understand. America, we have such a long way to go. Where are the new Dorothy Dix? who want's to be stingmatized for life?...more

And the state with the healthiest brains is ...

America's Brain Health Index ranks states on a 21 factors. These include nutrition, mental health and social well-being. For 2014, Maryland came in at the top of the list. Why? They eat a lot of fish, have fewer smokers and have lower rates of Alzheimer's deaths. Interestingly enough, Maryland does NOT have high levels of religious or spiritual activities, which are factored in. So how did the other states fare?Washington was #2 and Colorado was #3. The 10 worst?Mississippi was worst. Then Alabama followed by North Dakota....more

A Part of My Story

I'm supposed to be taking a break from my blog and social media but here I am. Plus, my class was cancelled because of the snow. I'm not complaining. I'm going to be taking a nap, and maybe doing a little work later on. So, why am I here?1. Writing gives me the release that I need to function, to help me be mentally healthy. It is also my passion and what I know I am supposed to be doing. Unfortunately I missed my last 2 writing forum meetings, so that is not making me feel in the loop at all....more

The Days They Don't Teach You Words For

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” ~ Dory, Finding NemoToday is not a good day.Today I feel bad.Today hurts.I speak four and a half different languages but I still don’t know a word to identify the way I feel today....more

This Is What A Panic Attack Feels Like

I’ve realised lately that although I’ve been having them for at least two years now a lot of people still don’t really understand what it is that I mean when I say that I’ve had a panic attack. And since having panic attacks is a considerable proportion of what I’ve been doing lately I thought that I’d explain it here.I’m not sure that everyone will experience panic attacks in this way. I have a friend who experiences panic attacks about as often as I do, but speaking to her about it her’s sound like they feel completely different to mine. But anyway…...more

Chandler Bing Syndrome

 In awkward situations where most people freeze up, I do the complete opposite. I essentially act like I’ve had a few too many, which may or may not actually be the case....more

How Do You Know You're Depressed?

A few years ago -- OK, probably 5 years...but who is counting? -- I suffered from depression.  The strange thing for me was that I never realized I was actually depressed.  It wasn't until an ex-boyfriend mentioned something to me that I realized I needed some help. ...more
I have always said that I am socially awkward. I like to be around people, I want to be around ...more