My post a few days ago  ended with me on the phone until after 1:00am with my sister.  I love my sister.  I left a little party because my sis texted me that my post about our mom, blew up on HER FaceBook.  ...more
 @Reticula I would like to.  Still trying to master the comma.  ;)more

C.R.A.Z.Y. Does Not Live *here*.....though YES I AM meltin' down at my blog site

Truths from the ChaosCertain doctors have a legal and ethical obligation to ask some standard questions during their session. Do you want to hurt anybody?Do you feel suicidal?Do you want to hurt yourself?For 2 years, 9 months and still today, one of my three doctors asks me these questions at some point in my session. In the beginning, I hated it. Today I don’t mind so much. I want and expect my doctors to do their job....more
Even with you feeling like you're coming part, you've managed to produce a phenomenal list of ...more

Just Checking it out

I've been reading blogs and thinking I might have something to say about parenting, marriage, mental health and living.  I am a licensed therapist and have been in practice for a long time and I've seen and learned a lot.....some of which I'd like to share. ...more

Cross Post: Getting Shrunk is Okay

I have frequently shared a lot about my therapist and my counseling work. This is for two reasons. First, I was lucky enough (in my opinion) to have found one of the best counselors in the business, and I believe that people can benefit from many of the stories of how she has helped me. The second reason that I am so open about seeing a therapist is to strip the shame that is associated with seeing a mental health professional....more

Dear Dr Romance: I Need a Good Self-Help Book

Dear Dr. Romance: I congratulate you for your many helpful articles on the Internet. I would like to have your advice. I am male and in the last 25 years I had a therapy experience which lasted 3 1/2 years and left me with unresolved issues; shorter therapy experiences with different therapists, which I ended, because it seemed to be prolonged pointless therapy, for the sake of therapy. I am left with frustration from the futility of these experiences....more

My Special Morning Sickness: Anxiety

Every muscle in my body is tight. One knot on top of the other binding together. I swallow hard until my throat feels like it's forcing down a softball. Curled up on my side, my eyes are squeezed shut.Maybe if I change position I will be able to breathe. I have to do this quickly, no slow movement will be successful.I heave myself over from my left side to my right, while simultaneously gasping for air.That didn't help....more
@julianna12369 new book coming soon Mind Over Medicine: A Common Man's Guide To Managing Bipolar ...more

Corn Allergy  ...more

Women's Issues/Abuse

This is the true story of a woman who has navigated her way through hell. She felt that the story was too shameful to tell any one. Ever! She didn’t tell her family, she didn’t tell her best friend of thirty-five years, no one. And yet she has spent her entire life helping and defending young girls and grown women from abusive men and that’s just the beginning. The best place to start is at the age of eighteen. That was back when 18 meant you were legal for everything. You could drink, smoke, vote, join the military, get married, and get a loan....more
This is a difficult story to tell. I hope that it helps someone else along the way, more to come more

Talking About The D Word

Lately I've been noticing a lot of commercials that Bell has been sponsoring for their Let's Talk campaign. In case you don't want to click the link, what they're doing is that every text message sent and long distance call made today, Bell will donate 5 cents to mental health programs. One of their intentions is to erase some of the negative stigmatism behind depression and to get people talking about it....more

Things that Shouldn't Make Me Anxious, but Do

Presents.  (Subcategory underneath “surprises”).  I don’t like unwrapping presents.  There is that moment where the ______ is unveiled & I realize what it is.  I like it.  I gush about how much I like it.  I fawn over it & start wearing it on my head.  Or…maybe I hate it.  & I start absurdly babbling about great it is & how on earth did they know this was exactly what I need.  Or what if I don’t really understand what it is.  What if they have packed it in a box tha...more
I know it's not funny but this made me laugh because I have a friend who is so much like this.more