Mary Magdalene Just Stole My Banana



I have lost my mojo.  Misplaced my mojo.  OK, to be honest, my mojo has been devoured by zombies this week. ...more

6 Tips to Improving Negative Self Talk

Original Content from: Oh, Just Stop Already Credit: Jean Julius/Wikimedia...more

Death by Suicide

I was in the parking lot of a youth center where I’d just finished an evaluation meeting when my cell phone rang. My former boss, who probably hadn’t called me on the phone in ten years, tracked me down to tell me that my old boyfriend had died. He had committed suicide. He had shot himself in the head while sitting on the curb in front of his apartment. Twenty-five years had passed between the suicide attempt he made while we were dating and the shot that ended his life....more

Confession of a Medicated Woman

I have a confession to make.  I have asthma coupled with severe allergies.  I've battled this disease since I was a child with many doctors weighing in on how to best control the symptoms.  It was decided that early on I would have to be medicated in order to keep breathing....more

33 Caffeine-Free Ways to Recharge the Tired Heart

Lately I've been feeling tired.  No, not just tired -- exhausted....more

A Few SAD Words about Seasonal Affective Disorder

It’s been strange weather in Toronto lately. I came back from Florida to frigidly cold temps and a bunch of snow, and then yesterday, it warmed up to 14C (about 60F) and was raining sheets that melted all the snow. As winters go, this one has been fairly typical. Last winter, we had almost no snow and really oddly warm temperatures. This winter has been rife with snowshowers and cold winds. You get what you get and you don’t get upset when it comes to Canadian weather....more

Return to reality

It's been a while. I wanted to make this blog about my league and the personalities and drama therein, but I seem to have been sidetracked by life. I am sure there's lots going on but I have been so immersed in my own internal drama that I sort of gave it all a miss. Only the drama that directly affected me seemed to catch my attention. and I used to know everything in my league. Burn out? Probably a bit....more

Not for me!

A few years ago my cousin approached me about an invention she had thought up while she was on strict bed rest while pregnant for her last of three daughters. With nothing much to do and ideas streaming through her mind, she was curious about a pendant that could "entertain" baby during breastfeeding time. This pendant would dangle from a lanyard that mommy would wear around her neck. It would be attractive to baby both through look and feel....more

What It's Like To Live Here, Part II

You start to think about hitting rock bottom, what that means, what it would feel like.You picture it like this:You’re walking through the woods, along the same path you’ve taken a thousand times before, and suddenly the forest floor gives way beneath you. You fall, for what seems like ages, until you hit the ground. You look around and discover that you’re in some kind of underground cavern. The walls are smooth, the hole you fell through far out of reach. There’s no way you could ever get out on your own....more