Maternal Depression Four Years Out: It's Worse When You Think It'll Be Better

2004 was the year my daughter was born. 2008 was the year I found myself in intensive therapy and starting my first serious experience with antidepressants. I was a mess: lashing out at my husband, crying in conference rooms at my then-job, breaking down sobbing while giving my daughter a bath and then feeling terribly guilty for letting her see me fall apart. I attributed it to our move to the suburbs, my husband's job, my daughter's still-refusal to sleep through the night ... really anything but PPD. I mean, four years out is a little late for that, right? Maybe not. ...more
clairejess Trust me, you are so not alone!more

Verified: I am a total wackjob

It’s kind of hard to talk about this but on some level I feel I should.  What I am about to tell you may change the way you think about me, but I hope it doesn’t.  I hope that it changes the way that you think about mental illness. Many of you know I have had health problems for the past two and a half years....more
I think you're incredibly brave to continue going to therapy, for facing the actual diagnosis, ...more

Gifted Women, Gifted Girls and Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and while mental health concerns affect everyone, women face distinct challenges. Women possess unique biochemical and hormonal influences that predispose them to certain mental illnesses, and they respond differently to environmental stresses....more

Mothers Get Better with Age

This much is clear to me about being a mother. Age makes us better. Death makes us extraordinary....more

Dear Friend: An Open Letter About My Alcoholic Boyfriend

My significant other is an out of work, depressed alcoholic.It's Friday night right now. Like other Friday nights, when I got home from work today, he was already passed out drunk. In about an hour, he will stumble out of bed, into the kitchen looking for food and shovel it into his mouth. Afterwards he might stumble back into bed and not show his face for another few hours, at which point I will have already called it a night. Or he may wander around the apartment ranting about anything from Rob Ford to how he doesn't like a bunny that lives in the park beside our apartment....more
Wow - Love this! You've just shown me another side to this situation. An important side. Your ...more

At your limit with God

The lives we live are often filled with ups and downs. We put our backs against the wall looking for something better.  Sometimes our health is put through so much, our lives through so much, we wonder if there's a point to the cycles. ...more

Heart risk in young adulthood linked to cognitive decline in mid-life

A new study has linked elevated heart risks during young adulthood with lower cognitive function in mid-life.Researchers at the University of California-San Francisco performed long-term studies to look at things like blood pressure, cholesterold levels and blood sugar during ages 18 to 30 and found correlations to mental function over the next 25 years. The cognitive tests measured memory, thinking speed and mental flexibility.Why?High cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure are major risk factors for atherosclerosis (narrowing of the articles due to plaque)....more

Noah, the movie

Crashing waves, back-stabbing family, murderous and envious people, this is the stuff movies are made of, more so this is the stuff life is made of. Then there is also the element of screaming back at God and looking for Hope. I think I really liked this movie although it was not your "fast and furious" kind of movie. In Noah we find ourselves in a simple mode of thinking. We are not left on the edge of our seat but left on the edge of understanding our soul. Our soul shows us our desires but in plain sight our desires reveal our soul. ...more
You are right. Some movies are mirrors of life, sometimes  they reflect our reality and our ...more

Bipolar Babe!....or abused babe from birth?

How it really feels to be mentally ill in a society that has such a dark stigma? where can you go,where can you hide from people who really don't understand. America, we have such a long way to go. Where are the new Dorothy Dix? who want's to be stingmatized for life?...more

And the state with the healthiest brains is ...

America's Brain Health Index ranks states on a 21 factors. These include nutrition, mental health and social well-being. For 2014, Maryland came in at the top of the list. Why? They eat a lot of fish, have fewer smokers and have lower rates of Alzheimer's deaths. Interestingly enough, Maryland does NOT have high levels of religious or spiritual activities, which are factored in. So how did the other states fare?Washington was #2 and Colorado was #3. The 10 worst?Mississippi was worst. Then Alabama followed by North Dakota....more