Tired of Falling into Anger Traps

­­Are you holding onto anger towards someone? I have been and it is a lot of work to continually remind myself why I am angry, how they hurt me, how amazing I am for enduring unfairness. The nursing of wrath is exhausting, which in itself adds another check in the “poor me” column....more
I love your style of writing. I still struggle with anger, after many years of working on it. ...more

Why "Three Little Birds"?

Why "Three Little Birds" for this blog?...more

Focusing on Stress

I’m excited! Today is November 1st....more

People With Borderline Personality Trait that I Know

I happen to know many people, or those affiliated with folks I know, who have borderline personality traits.  I say traits rather than disorder because it is incredibly common, has many good points as well as negative, and is a manageble condition.  Let me list a few, names changed to protect privacy.Marvin Felt Abandoned...more

Borderline Personality in Teens: The Thing That Works

I have read the many books on parenting teens, helping those with Borderline Personality Disorder, and treatment advice.  In addition, I have years of finding the best therapist with the longest waiting list and figuring out how to get my child in for an appointment.  I have guarded her privacy and searched for answers.  I have offered her support, found external supports, and consulted the school.  What works?...more

My Husband's Suicide

(Piece originally written in 2004; updated in 2006 &  2014. Since I am new to this whole “blogging” thing, I wanted to give my new readers some more background as to who I am, where I have been, and where I am going.  It’s been a journey.  As it continues, I hope you enjoy taking it with me at www.mamalawmadingdong.com.)...more

Separating from your spouse? Say hello to Mr. Panic Attack

Other kids had imaginary friends growing up, I had panic attacks. I think I had my first panic attack when I was four. I remember a big one when I was seven, visiting Opryland. I began hyperventilating during a stage show medley of country classics and had to be taken to their medical center. (But really, was it a panic attack or a way to get the hell out of Opryland?...more

The Thrill of Dreams

It’s amazing how hard-wired we all are to believe what we already know as all the truth there is in the world. We use this limited list of facts to make judgments about everything around us and quickly come to the conclusion that we can only do things as they’ve always been done.Most of that conversation with ourselves has gone on so often we no longer even notice it anymore. That’s when the words become a false truth to us....more

Mindfulness: Inhabit the Present

WARNING: Reading this entry may lead to hippie-like tendencies.  You may feel the urge to grow out your hair, wear Tevas to work, listen to Enya, and smile for no reason....more

The Silent Fighter

Since it is Mental Health Awareness Week, I am sure we will hear all the ways to fight stigma and about the most vocal stigma fighters. And I believe, rightfully so, these people deserve their recognition. However they are not my focus for this post. I want to recognize and thank the silent fighters. I want to recognize those who live day to day beyond the stigma....more