I'm A Paranoid Schizophrenic In A Happy Marriage

In all my years of learning to cope with this disease, nothing has helped me as much as having someone who has real compassion and support.I’m a paranoid schizophrenic.Breathe. I’m not armed. I have no intention of eating any of your children, appendages, or whatever it is the media is blaming us for this week. Anyone in the mental health industry will quickly tell you we’re more likely to be the victim in most situations than the aggressor, but that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about....more

Think Twice Before Posting That Positive Thinking Meme

Most Internet memes are harmless, or even amusing. They proclaim that someone has a wonderful granddaughter or that kittens are cute. But some memes that travel the world sow unhelpful or even hurtful ideas as they go. This one appears mild and even inspiring, but to a person with mental illness, it says a lot more than appears on the surface. ...more
minniepauz Expat Mum Welcome back, Dee! I appreciate your thoughtful additions to the discussion ...more

Support and Non-Support Groups

My family has never been big on support groups. When my father had multiple myeloma (which killed him after 15 years), he turned down any opportunities he was given to join cancer support groups with names like Make Today Count. He preferred to go it alone. He was stubborn.So am I.I have actually been to support groups for mental illness once or twice, but they were never a success or, I guess, just never right for me....more

The Only Path Through Pain is Straight Through It

My sister is the queen of shortcuts. The shortcuts involving an automobile, that is. She’ll find every back road, every right turn that prevents a left, every roundabout tucked in a sleepy neighborhood, anything to prevent going from Point A to Point B in a traditional path. To her, it’s not about the time saved, but about the puzzle she creates and then solves; the circuitous route is the one best traveled in her world. It makes me want to scream, and throw up. All those twists and turns, and mountainous speed bumps leave me both queasy and frustrated....more

Destructive Habits We Need to Quit

Have you looked in the mirror lately and picked out something you don’t like about yourself? Have you procrastinated on a major project and kicked yourself later for it? Have you compared yourself to someone else and felt inferior? These are all destructive habits. They knock us down when we should be building ourselves up. They push us a few steps backward in life when we should be taking a few steps forward....more

The Truth About Suicide that No One is Telling You

On suicide awareness days it isn’t always the person suffering that we need to address.Not everyone is as compassionate as a condition such as depression necessitates.  Not everyone is compassionate every day....more

What Does "Being Alive" Mean to Someone with Depression?

When you mention you’re depressed, sometimes people like to say:  Well, the good thing is: you woke up this morning. It's a blessing to be alive!...more

The Teen in My Head

There is someone else living inside my brain.I don't have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, formerly called Multiple Personalities). I just have another me who pipes up from time to time. And, man, can she be annoying!She's 14 years old, and she doesn't have a name. I don't know when I acquired her, but I do know when she acts up....more

Conquering Anxiety - Ten Strategies to Teach Your Kids

Did you know that anxiety is contagious? Well, not in the germy way like a bad head cold. It's contagious in the teaching/learning way. Your children learn it and you can guess who they are most likely to learn it from. Yes, they learn it from their best teachers, their parents. "But our whole family has it", you say....more

Art as a coping tool

   As a therapist, I am helping clients find emotional management skills through acquiring coping tools to use in times of emotional distress or un-comfort.  You can figure out what coping tools help you the most as there is a variety to choose from; meditation, mindfulness, reading, journaling, counting, or art work.  Having emotional management skills means having the ability to monitor your feelings to feel better as opposed to feeling the emotion for an extended period of time.  The ability to ma...more