The Depression Diet

It seems that Target (and other stores) can now send, well, targeted ads based on previous purchases. For example, someone who buys a home pregnancy test will start receiving coupons and discount offers on diapers and strollers. Image via Shutterstock ...more

Dental Health and Mental Health

I still remember one of my earliest episodes of panic, which happened in a dentist's waiting room. As I said in the uncomfortable chair, surrounded by Highlights for Children magazines that I had already read, I felt dread moving up my body from my toes. It crept up my legs into my hips and on into my abdomen. I was convinced that when the feeling of terror reached my heart, I would die. I was called into the doctor's office before that happened....more

Self-Harm Revisited

If that title isn't enough of a TRIGGER WARNING for you, I don't know what is.Not long ago I saw on the web a video with the title "Is scratching self-harm?" Well, of course it is, I thought. The video agreed with me.It seems like the low end of the spectrum, not as extreme as as what most people think of as self-harm, but a form of it nonetheless. Scratching, pinching, hair pulling, and the like are probably considered subclinical next to cutting and burning. But they are still problems. They can escalate into worse self-harm....more

Parenting, Am I Doing it Right?

So normally I don’t take to social media to vent or seek advice from. Recently however I have found myself wondering how many other parents, mothers or fathers, find themselves in a similar situation to the one I am currently navigating. I am a single mother with two very high energy boys. I love them unconditionally. I have a wonderful and supportive family that is there for me when I need them and their father is involved in their lives. I have worked hard to create and maintain a fairly good relationship with my ex-husband so that my children do not ever feel like have to choose a side....more

Does "Natural" Treatment Work for Depression?

Not for everyone. Not all of the time.Angel Chang recently posted on "The 10 best natural ways to treat depression." (See While she does acknowledge that "clinical depression is triggered from within, and very often need[s] medical attention" and "it's imperative to consult your physician if you notice an abrupt change in your mood, feelings, or sense of well-being," her article is about "easy" ways to treat depression yourself....more

I Have Bipolar Disorder Type 2, and This Is My Story

I have bipolar disorder type 2. This is my story. ...more
Thank you for your courage, truly an inspiration. Keep it coming! http://www.humbledseeker.commore

Holiday Stress and Health: How To Help A Friend or Family

The holiday season is now in full swing here in the U.S. Although the time between Thanksgiving and New Years is supposed to be happy and filled with joy, that’s not always the case....more

My New Mental Health Tattoo

Once again I have gotten a tattoo, supporting the cause of mental health.A few months ago, I became a part of what's called the semicolon project and wrote about it in this post: For those of you who aren't up on the terminology, a semicolon tattoo represents mental health awareness, especially erasing the stigma, and suicide prevention....more

The Spike

It was The Year of Living With Rex, and for me that meant dangerously. I was undiagnosed and unmedicated, except for wine. I had already been through an episode of cutting. I was clueless and stubborn, isolated and emotionally abused. Tired to my soul and trying to claw my way through my last year of college and a relationship that has affected me to this day....more

8 Ways to Ease Anxiety

Anxiety is something that many of us struggle with, some openly and some more privately. I’m lucky that my anxiety has typically been fairly minor, but that’s not the case with everyone. One of the many things blogging has done for me is to teach me that I’m not even close to alone in my struggle with anxiety....more