Rough Drafts & Neuroses

I have written and trashed two posts today. That makes this post number three. Yep, I am still chugging along, thinking I’m going to get something worthwhile written. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, or why I feel like I NEED to get something up on here, but I have my suspicions…It’s partly because I don’t like leaving my fiction in the number one slot for too long. I don’t want someone to visit here and think that’s my real life (even if I’ve labeled the post “Fiction” in the title. People are not to be trusted)....more
Love it.more

Getting back to great

Just completed a 4.02 mi run - One time for another great run. YEEEEAAAAHHHHH. #running #templebuilding #RunKeeper...more

Drafted Into A Project

Mike has been working on a boat for the past few years.At first he decided to build one from scratch, which he did. It was just a little guy, something to tool around with in the harbor. Mike is one of those guys that gets an idea, figures out how to do it, and then does it, which is one of my favorites of his qualities....more

Because I'm in Rehab

When I was in rehab, I made sure I mentioned that fact to everyone I met.To the checker at the grocery store down the road: "Could you double bag this 24-pack of soda? I have to walk, because I'm in rehab."To the passenger next to me on the Coaster: "I'm very excited to be taking a day trip! See, I'm in rehab, so I don't get to go out much."...more
Yes, in fact as I was watching the series I kept thinking to myself, "Man, this sounds ...more

Oh the Things That Autumn Brings: A Self Reflection Into a Spiritual Renaissance

Fall is in the air, which means a few things: bundling up in warm layers, building crackling fires in the wood stove, preparing slow cooked meals from a hearty summer harvest, mixing up spiced beverages of the boozy variety, and watching the colors change as people return from their summer vacations. But, this year it means something else for me: this year fall is the beginning of my spiritual renaissance. ...more

When You Need Help - AskMoxie

I was 27 when I gave birth to Mr. Fox.I am the oldest daughterofthe oldest daughterofthe oldest daughterin my family.I am fiercely independent, bossy, stubborn, creative, sensitive, and I follow my own path....more

You Are Worth It

I sometimes feel as if you’ve spent most of your life surrounded by people who told you over and over that you weren’t good enough, or smart enough, or trying hard enough. These people seem to flock to you, maybe because they know that, head bowed and ashamed, you’ll listen to what they say. Some of them might be kind-hearted, trying to push you or fix you with tough love, while others just want someone to hurt and humiliate....more

P90X / Insanity Hybrid Journey Days 6-12

August 29, 2013 Well, I blew it again over the weekend by drinking too much and of course eating too much.  I had been drinking almost evey night last week except for Saturday which I binged big time on several drinks including both rum and red wine.  I hate the cycle.  Sunday the 25th was better.  I actually went to church and had communion.  It was greatly needed.  It had been a month since my last one.  I think this contributes to some of my drinking.  I am happy to report that this week was much better.  Many reasons...more

P90X / Insanity Hybrid Journey Day 4 & 5

August 22, 2013 I did horrible on Day 3 the evening of our dinner plans.  I drank too much therefore, eating too much.  This then created a binge day for me on Day 4 even though I worked out doing Insanity Pure Cardio which is my favorite routines ever!  I hate that I do this.  I really hate it when I fail on my diet and routines and am beating myself up over it.  I truly just want to live and not worry about all this crap of eating healthy and being healthy.  I wish there was a magic pill to be youthful and beautiful.  I have realized that...more

A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear Popular Reviews

By: Stanley Popovich ...more