Anticipatory Anxiety Sucks

To my unpleasant surprise, I was told that I have to interview to substitute teach in the school district I've been working for the past 5 years. I've been a special services assistant, summer school teacher, and substitute in the past, so the whole thing seems ridiculously silly to me. I know it's just part of the bureaucratic bullshit and red tape that I'm in the process of escaping, but nonetheless, the idea of an interview makes me want to throw up. Allow me to divulge the reasons......more

My Daily Battle with Depression

  Some of my favorite movies are Jumanji, Aladdin, Good Will Hunting, Jack, Patch Adams, Mrs Doubtfire, Hook .... do you see where I am going with this? Yes, they all star Robin Williams.  I have many more movie favorites, but really I want to talk about the tragedy from yesterday.  Unless you do not have internet, social media, contact with others then you know that Mr Williams passed away yesterday morning.  Although, if you don't have internet, social media, etc then you wouldn't be here on my blog. I digress which I tend to do when I get nervous....more

Do or Say Unto Others ...

There has been much said and written about Robin Williams and the sad and shocking details of his death. I have nothing further to say on whether he took the right option, made the right decision, whether he was strong or weak. He did what he did because of his pain. I've never felt that kind of pain and can't even imagine it. So I can't judge, as so many feel they can. He was a wonderful actor, comedian and from what I've read, a good human being....more

Find out why I share my Depression Story

Often people ask me why I share my experiences with Depression. There is still so much stigma around mental illness that people are shocked when I willingly and freely discuss my own experiences with it. They assume that I am ashamed of it, and that I should hide it away from the world. I disagree....more

Five Techniques To Improve Your Emotional Freedom!

As time passes, it becomes much easier to see how hard we are on ourselves. We are all racing around, doing, getting, prepping, making, care-taking, and when we stop to enjoy the beauty of all of our creating, we are still plotting, planning, and scheduling our next moves. Why can’t we just…relax? My mind is constantly doing the same thing. I have to fight the impulse to stop the noise of it all. I call these my emotional freedom techniques. ...more
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Depression Ever After: An inside look at the life of a "normal" girl living with Depression.

Depression Ever After is my personal blog about living with Depression. I have been living with Depression since I was 14 years old, and wasn't diagnosed until I was about 21. I decided to share my Depression story through this blog in the hopes of challenging the stigma against mental illness, and giving a voice to those who have not yet found their own....more

7 Ways to Overcome Insecurity

Insecurity is as common as a cold. So many of us wander through life saddled with the effects of damaging childhoods, traumatic relationships or events and subsequent personal shortcomings; all of which can burden us with a lifetime of endless self-doubt.7 Ways to Spot Insecurity1. Defensiveness - when a person feels he or she isn't equal to others, a common way to respond is by putting others down, and being easily offended....more

How To Lose Control Without Losing Your Mind

My sister had a baby a few weeks ago. Her name is Eleanor Elise, and I'm in love. As a new parent, like any and all, I'd say one of the biggest things my sister is struggling with is that her life is now…different. Different in a beautiful, positive way, but she's struggling to cope with the lack of the structure of a full-time job and an active social life – not to mention adequate rest. ...more

Good Behavior for 100 please

There was something that my family, close friends and I observed about my sons' behavior over this recent visit that had us all questioning where it could be coming from. It's an observation I made months ago. However, as a mother I realize I can be a little sensitive and I definitely over analyze sometimes. Regarding my son, I watch him close and sometimes notice things no one else would otherwise notice. I continued to monitor him without raising the issue initially....more

Rational Parenting: What's the Secret?

Recently friends have asked me these questions: “Does your baby’s face ever get red?” “Is my baby going to be dehydrated because she didn’t finish one bottle?” ...more