A Note on Reparative Therapy: "I'm Still Gay & Now, I'm Depressed."

By Dr. Jami WilderThe bottom line on reparative therapy (aka conversion therapy) is:It doesn’t work.It is wickedly harmful.Period. End of story.And here’s why:1. It doesn’t work: The consensus of nearly every reputable major health organization in the country is that reparative therapy, or therapy designed to change a person’s sexual orientation, is ineffective. Research across several disciplines concludes the same thing....more

Are we too afraid be sad or angry these days?

If you've ever been told to "calm down" when you were angry or "cheer up" when you're sad then you know how infuriating it feels to get such inane advice in the face of strong emotion. Social media itself has become one big happiness quote after another, each telling us all to look on the bright side....more

"Love Me ... Broken" Dating While Living With Bipolar Disorder

 Humped over on my bathroom floor, feeling like a shell of myself, I already missed his arms. Another one bites the dust and that sinking feeling whispers again – “Will anyone ever love me broken?”Someone told me once that you have to get yourself together before anyone will ever love you. I researched convents the very next day. When you live with a mental illness (bi-polar for me), there’s no such thing as simply “getting yourself together”. Well, not totally. ...more
I feel the exact same way.  I understand how the you feel completely.  Thank you for showing ...more

Echoes of An Abandoned Era

We sat in a circle in my basement, sleeping bags spread out. Someone held a flashlight under her chin and told a ghostly story. “She was sent to Mayview after she got in trouble. The police brought her home, but she was never seen again. They say,” the story teller paused dramatically, “she killed herself in her room. But it is said she still walks the halls every night, crying.”...more

The Thing About Forgiveness


So My Mother Is Dying

I’m surprised to find myself starting a blog. I’ve never kept a journal, and analyzing my thoughts and feelings through writing has never been a habit. But I have come to the belated realization (I’m 39) that I’ve bottled a tremendous amount of feeling and unprocessed emotion. I have always been a forward-looking person, and it is easy for me to get swept up in plans and hopes for the future. I guess I thought, perhaps unconsciously, that I could sweep old hurts and angers out of the way in anticipation of better things to come....more

My Experiences with Postpartum Depression

After the births of each of my children, I went through periods of postpartum depression, which I am still going through today. The one surprising thing is that after the birth of each child, the PPD symptoms were different.  Just like each child is completely different, so were my mental health problems, I suppose....more

One simple trick to beat the blues

 hat do you do when you you feel down and are sick of your whiny self? Try this trick ( I’m doing it now)Count your blessings…..no, literally….like with pen and paper....more

Mother's Day Is Not My Mother's Day

This is a hard post. Very hard. Every year I face the same feeling towards celebrating Mother's Day, I am untouched. Celebrating Mother's day is not a synonym of celebrating me (in my head) even though I'm totally qualified for it now. Mother's Day resonates to me as to celebrate my own mother. And that is every year as you know. ...more