What People Really Look Like Behind Appearances

The other day, someone asked me on Twitter about balance -- and I knew they weren't talking about my Wii Fit yoga score. They wanted to know what advice I had on getting it all done. It being, all of "it." I sat at the other end of the screen, surprised, because Wow, do I look like someone who has it all together?...more
It was the same to me. I had to do a lot of things the whole week and I didn't watch TV at ...more

What I want to tell you

Here is what I want to tell you.That you don’t ever have to give me a reason for your struggles. There isn’t always one. If there is, you can tell me why. And if there isn’t, it doesn’t matter. It makes you no less deserving of a hug, of a listening ear, of a compassionate smile.That you can say to me, “I’m so anxious,” or “I’m super down today” or “I’m miserable” and I won’t expect you to know why....more

How to Talk about Depression with Your Family

Talking to your family about depression is not always easy, especially if there is nobody else in the family who is dealing with depression already. I’ll tell you about my experience and give you a few tips. Just know that it won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but it also won’t be the hardest thing either. Sometimes you will have to talk to them several times and sometimes they just may never understand, but be patient with them and know that you need to do this for your own well-being....more
Thank you for sharing this.  I have battled depression for years and trying to be brave and open ...more

Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Suicide Rates of Teen Girls?

Most of us don't understand why suicide is a leading killer of teen girls....more

Why I love Yoga more than chocolate cupcakes?

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever” – Keri RussellLast Sunday, I went to the newly opened shopping mall, just in front of my house. It had some of the best collection of jumpsuits I had ever seen in all of my 25 years of life. I was super excited. It was the opening, so there were a lot of discounts like: “3 for price of 2”“50% off for the first purchase”“Buy now, get yearly discount”...more
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Thank you to the moms for their prayers and support, in dealing with an impossible situation

I humbly came to my readers on yesterday, expressing concerns about dealing with an impossible baby daddy.  I genuinely asked for advice, and it came pouring in. I was contacted by women, men, divorce counselors and one Judge. They all told me that they did not see my post as an assault on my baby daddy character. They were able to read my concern with diligence and detect the sincerity that I had toward the issue. I asked them how to proceed with a bitter ex who won’t let go....more

When You Can't Find Your Attitude of Gratitude...

 I'm a fan of smiles and sunshine, but who says we have to pretend all is well when life gives you lemons? If you ask me, it's better to make your sour face than to fake what you're feeling. Although nobody likes a whiner, being authentic requires honesty, and the payoff for being real is big. So what exactly do we gain when we refrain from saying we're fine and tell our close friends and family  life sucks instead? ...more

I'm Still Me

   Hokay. So. Today I have a piece on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog on my postpartum depression.But Kelly, I didn’t know you had PPD. ...more

I Kissed a Murderer

This time last year, I learned a high school crush of mine murdered his neighbor by partially scalping and stabbing him with a samurai sword. ...more
Ashleigh Burroughs Thank you for your comment and for being a part of the larger conversation! ...more

Keeping it real

Today is my first 'weigh in' day.  After two days of 'loading' (eating lots of high fat foods) I woke up yesterday feeling less than prime.  I weighed myself - 191.8 lbs (a full 1.8 lbs heavier than when I did my first blog proving the loading really does just that - load) - and decided coffee was not going to be my friend.  Cuz then I would want toast.  Toast was not on the list.  It also wasn't on the menu as I had deliberately not bought any....more