Just Get Over it? Let's Try Compassion Instead

I’ve seen a meme going around in recent months that chaps my ass a little too much. The one that says everyone has problems and if we’re upset or depressed to just suck it up and get over it. In my not so humble opinion, I feel it suggests we don’t care about each other as human beings, as people with genuine feelings. Instead of compassion and empathy, we tell people to get over whatever is bothering them....more

A Message from your Therapist.


Why is emotional intelligence so important?

You read and hear a lot about “Emotional intelligence” these days. No self-respecting management guru can consider him or herself adequately informed, it seems, without referring to the importance of “EI” continually.But what is Emotional intelligence, exactly, and why is it so important?...more

Rejection Kills, Love Restores

I’m not sure people realize how powerful rejection is.To make this short I want to outline what can happen to most people when they are rejected, whether they are aware of it or not....more

There's An Owl In My Brain

 I’ve reserved the weekends for my own prompts....more

To The Manor Retired

sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"...more

Year Four: Practicing Peace

I know I’ve been writing a lot about my addiction and recovery lately. Hopefully it doesn’t scare anybody off, but there’s a few reasons for the trips down memory lane…It’s partly because tomorrow is my fourth birthday, meaning, the marker of four years without alcohol. Birthdays tend to make me reflective....more

A healthy brain, exercises and Alzheimer's

Every time we exercise our hearts are pumping and delivering more nutrients  and oxygen to the brain. During physical activity our bodies secretes a hormone called brain-derived neurotrophic factor which is thought to help with neurons growth.Exercises won't stop you for getting or curing brain diseases, but studies have shown to improve or delay some brain diseases long enough so you never experience symptoms....more

Rough Drafts & Neuroses

I have written and trashed two posts today. That makes this post number three. Yep, I am still chugging along, thinking I’m going to get something worthwhile written. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, or why I feel like I NEED to get something up on here, but I have my suspicions…It’s partly because I don’t like leaving my fiction in the number one slot for too long. I don’t want someone to visit here and think that’s my real life (even if I’ve labeled the post “Fiction” in the title. People are not to be trusted)....more
Love it.more