It's Not You, It's Your Kid

When my son was 8 months old, he bit another child on a play date. I was embarrassed and felt responsible for my son's action. Would the other moms think I tolerated biting? It also terrified me to imagine what behavior loomed on the toddler horizon....more


I'm so glad your blogging ! You crack me up ! xomore

My Adopted Son Needs Help...and the State Doesn't Care

The news media is full of stories of parents abusing and neglecting  their  adopted children and stories of mentally ill indivials harming others. As  parent, I think to myself, how many of these parents have sought help for their children and not recieved it?  Why aren't we hearing about that? Please, read my story. People need to know that there is very little in way of support and help for these children....more
Crissa Yvonne That is exactly what I hoped to gain by writing this post. Thank you.more

What Causes Addiction ?

LindaBlogging at:  Queasypeasy and Catch Us CampingWhen a person cannot stop using a substance and find themselves continually experiencing cravings to use that substance or struggling to resist the urge to use we call that addiction. Most people have a view about what addiction is; some are quite rigid while others are more flexible and open-minded in regard to their views on addiction or the person struggling with addiction....more

I'm Back Out in the World-Join Me.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Beginning

I started Down the Rabbit Hole when I was blogging at Living a Faerie Tale and started my mental health journey with a PPD diagnosis....more

Who Knows?

I’ll start by saying I don’t like to speculate on why people do what they do. However, in regards to the recent shooting in California by the 22-year-old virgin, I am chiming in after all. The reason is that I am a surrogate partner therapist treating a number of “late virgins,” and what I offer has helped many of them enter into solid intimate relationships for the first time. This therapeutic model is based on  Dr....more

Help Stigma Fighters Become a 501C3

Stigma Fighters is a blog series that I created where real people with mental health issues are sharing their journeys.  People living with PTSD, PPD, ADHD, depression, panic disorder and other mental health issues are being candid about their struggles. I am truly amazed by the bravery in these journeys. ...more

Depression, Like the Governor in the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas...It Comes and Goes.

I have depression, plain and simple.  I wouldn't describe myself as a depressed person but the fact of the matter is that I have been on anti-depressants longer than I have been off of them. This leads people to think I am chronically unhappy....more

Maternal Depression Four Years Out: It's Worse When You Think It'll Be Better

2004 was the year my daughter was born. 2008 was the year I found myself in intensive therapy and starting my first serious experience with antidepressants. I was a mess: lashing out at my husband, crying in conference rooms at my then-job, breaking down sobbing while giving my daughter a bath and then feeling terribly guilty for letting her see me fall apart. I attributed it to our move to the suburbs, my husband's job, my daughter's still-refusal to sleep through the night ... really anything but PPD. I mean, four years out is a little late for that, right? Maybe not. ...more
clairejess Trust me, you are so not alone!more