Support Mental Health and Help Stop the Stigma

   May is Mental Health    Awareness Month...more

Straightening Out The Shame Spiral: I’m Sometimes A Bad Feminist

Sometimes I feel like the world’s worst feminist.I mean, here I sit, telling people I want to see them be brave. I triumphantly think that I’m starting to see my own worth. I focus on my achievements and I find beauty in fatness and I think, society and my haters (oh, there are haters!) and everyone who overlooks me is not going to win this time. And I promise – I really do believe it at the time. I really do see my own beauty and strength.And now I’m writing a post that’s going to show just what a failure at feminist empowerment I am....more

Not Myself Today

I really have to applaud Partners for Mental Health's Not Myself Today campaign – a campaign to raise awareness of mental illnesses in the workplace. I wish this had been done a lot sooner, but am very happy to see that it's finally getting some well-needed exposure....more
They've done some good commercials for this campaign, haven't they?more

Perspective--in case of (self-pity) emergency, I break this out

Something I wrote a while ago that I use to remind myself that if this is as good as it gets, it is more than enough:                       PERSPECTIVEI used to have Mikimoto pearls but now I don’tI used to have a  new SUV but now I don’tI used to have a white picket fence but now I don’tI used to have blue & white china but now I don’tI used to have a poor sense of self but now I don’tI used to have a diamond ring but now I don’t...more
@JMRavenscroft Me too, ha. Perspective is a powerful tool. (Use it or lose it.)more

Accessing Your Inner Crazy

Everyone is Crazy in their Own Special Way   ...more

Mary Magdalene Just Stole My Banana



I have lost my mojo.  Misplaced my mojo.  OK, to be honest, my mojo has been devoured by zombies this week. ...more

6 Tips to Improving Negative Self Talk

Original Content from: Oh, Just Stop Already Credit: Jean Julius/Wikimedia...more

Death by Suicide

I was in the parking lot of a youth center where I’d just finished an evaluation meeting when my cell phone rang. My former boss, who probably hadn’t called me on the phone in ten years, tracked me down to tell me that my old boyfriend had died. He had committed suicide. He had shot himself in the head while sitting on the curb in front of his apartment. Twenty-five years had passed between the suicide attempt he made while we were dating and the shot that ended his life....more

Confession of a Medicated Woman

I have a confession to make.  I have asthma coupled with severe allergies.  I've battled this disease since I was a child with many doctors weighing in on how to best control the symptoms.  It was decided that early on I would have to be medicated in order to keep breathing....more