My Rather Short Bucket List

So, New Year's comes but once a year. That's about all I can stomach.  All of this looking to the future and re-creating myself takes its toll....more elaineR.N. Glad!!  Looking forward to Macchiotos or frappocinos or a carmel ...more

Cheers Grandpa

No matter how many times I experience loss, it never gets any easier. Every loss is different and significant. Even though I’m sure he’s at peace, one of the greatest men I’ve ever known passed away Saturday night, my grandfather....more

No female role models - what to do?

A blog post by Ginni Chen, Chief Happiness Officer at iDoneThis, caught my eye.  Her post,, was about role models for women in tech start-ups, or rather, the lack thereof.  As Ginni pointed out, vastly more men then women populate tech start-ups, a fact made worse by statistics showing men predominating over women in the essential services that surround start-ups, such as finance. ...more

Mommy Mentors

I remember the first mommy mentor I ever had.  Her name was Megan and she lived in the neighborhood that I moved into when my first son was 6 months old.  Megan was about my age and had two beautiful girls.  Her oldest was about 3 and her youngest was about a year old at the time. I was struggling with working and being a mom to one measly newborn and Megan made it look easy.  She juggled work, motherhood and anything else that came her way with ease.  The thing that I liked most about my mommy mentor was that she did not judge me....more

Announcing: BlogHer ‘13 Newbie Networking Workshop & Conference Mentors

Each year, BlogHer welcomes newbies to the conference with a special breakfast and welcome to break the ice, get to know other people who are there for the first time, and to get acclimated before the hustle and bustle of the programming begins. This year we’ve got a few new additions to the newbie breakfast to help you get them most out of both that session, and the rest of the conference! ...more
Thank god for this list. I'm excited and nervous about the start of this conference that I've ...more

My Mentors

 Today's blog is a hard one for me. I have so many people that I would want to be my mentor, depending  on which life goal I focus on.  I have four major goals in my life right now.  First, I want to draw closer to God spiritually. Secondly, I want to become a published young adult author.  Third, I want to become a published poet. Finally, fourth I want to build a popular blogging presence on the Internet.  Who would I want to serve as my mentor for each goal....more
I've been looking for a blogging mentor too. I haven't identified one yet, though I follow a ...more

Conference Corner: Introducing the BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 Speakers & Mentors!

In just over two weeks, 100 attendees will meet up at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus conference center in Mountain View, CA, for two days of intense learning and mentoring at the 3rd annual BlogHer Entrepreneurs event....more

People You Need on Your Career Team

No one succeeds in isolation. There's a team behind every successful person. So, who is on your career team? Those people you consciously choose to help you move forward. Karen Adamedes shares the 5 types of people you need to have on your team in this post. ...more
We develop networks for a myriad of reasons, in discussion, for encouragement and support, for ...more

Who Did I Most Want To Be Like?

A question was offered: “Who do you wish you were related to?” But here I would ask your pardon and rephrase it instead, by asking this in its place: “Who would I most like to have been more like?” In my heart of hearts; having been fortunate to work for two great companies, and having had the privilege each time of working closely with an Executive Secretary—both supporting Vice Presidents at the time—Stella A. and Joanne A.M., I would have loved to have been more like them....more
 @elaineR.N. Who knows if I could have really been a good Executive Secretary, I am ...more

Mentors Make a Difference!

College students and grads now have a great--free--way to obtain a mentor in their field of study through This new nonprofit offers simple online access to mentors willing to assist. Additionally, there are other resources of interest listed on the website. Don't miss the blog with relevant posts, guest blogs, and vlogs, or the newsletter (sign up on the blog)! Add a great mentor to your list of things to get this week. Judy Anne-Educator/Writer/Prospect Researcher Edublog-