Our vacation to Ludington, Michigan

Looking for a relaxing vacation on the beautiful sand of Lake Michigan? Try visiting Ludington, Michigan which has miles of beaches along Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake with a quaint small-town atmosphere. My husband has fond memories of Ludington because he used to come here as a teenager to visit his grandparents.ATTRACTIONS...more

Travel back in time to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Retire for the Fun of itJoin us for a travel back in time to Michigan’s Mackinaw City and the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  How far back?These cars and my hairstyle should help with your guess (stop snickering)....more


Travis and I were finally able to make a trip down to Michigan.  I only had a few days there but it was enough to meet a lot of family, see a lot of Petoskey, and make a lot wedding plans. Travis took me into the alpaca pen at his parents house and managed to catch me a couple alpacas to pet.  They were not pleased but I was thoroughly amused watching my fiance chase around alpacas just for me. Clearly he is a very devoted guy. He also tried to catch his llama, Ted E., for me to meet.  I've been told the two were somewhat of a pair of ladies men back in the day....more

Dear Michigan...

I spent a lot of time in Michigan the last two days.Not literally, of course. But online. I chatted with my friends still there. I dreamed my way through Michigan.org. I rewrote a short story about snow for my writing class.I spent a lot of time in Michigan.It's where I learned to point to the palm of my hand and say, "I live here."...more

Fighting Bullying With Our Own Stories

You are strong enough -- you have always been strong enough, even as you drew your first breath, pink and sticky with placenta. You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are individual. Your very existence is a testament to courage. You do not need the certainty of conformity because you are courage. You may not think it matters, you may think that you are alone, but the very act of being you, doing what makes you happy, liking what you like, dressing how you like, exploring what you like, is a triumph for freedom and self-expression on a much bigger battleground than you could ever imagine. ...more
Thank you for sharing tha great story thats so inspiring that teenager managed to turn that ...more


A Life Full of Days...VAGINA!...more

It's All Perspective!

Today was the day that I have dreaded for weeks. Today was the day that I needed to be strong for my baby.Today was the day my little baby was admitted to Royal Oak Beaumont's Pediatric Intensive Care unit to determine why he has been having difficulty breathing for the past year....more

Romney Sweeps Arizona, Squeezes Michigan, Competes on Super Tuesday in Six Days

Last night, in the Republican contest to be that party's presidential nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney looked relaxed as he addressed supporters in Michigan (one of his multiple home states; New Hampshire and Massachusetts most often cited as the others). He sounded it, too....more

MICHIGAN: Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

The trees are the right height in Michigan? Two Cadillacs? I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that former Gov. Mitt Romney's not a natural storyteller. Just watch: ...more
I have never, never gone to the store and  looked at a product that I have never seen before, ...more