Homestyle Chicken & Gravy

 Yesterday was one of those days that I needed to seek out comfort…...more

Teaching and Old Dog New Tricks

Yesterday I lost a very dear friend, my little netbook computer. One minute I was happily working away, sending emails, and checking how many likes my latest Facebook status was getting. The next moment it just died.Panic set in.What am I going to do without my computer?What will happen if I don’t obsessively check my Facebook pages, or my blog’s latest page view count. Not to mention Twitter, I just need 100 more followers and I’m up to 2,000....more

Lessons Learned this Side of the Sod #9: Change

 “The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.” ...more

It all started with Radiolab

Radiolab on NPR is my favorite podcast.  If you've never heard of it before or know of it but have never listened to it, you're missing out on something spectacular....more

Leave Your Ego At The Door ...more

Writers Eating Blueberry Pancakes

My friend Tom and I go out to breakfast a few times a week. We discuss what we are writing and working on and share ideas. There are several local spots we frequent but my favorite is Coll's Farm in Jaffrey, NH. Today I chose Coll's because I needed some local honey and theirs is self-serve and the the best price. As we walked into the warm little cafe-area of store, I was disappointed to note a couple sitting up on the tall stools that face an expansive window. ...more

2013 Equals 50

Tracy Livingston I have a mixture of feelings that range from brilliant to whimsy recently, all due not only to the New Year but what it brings me...50! Yes, that middle of the road number that marketers declare is the new 40 or 30 I can't keep up with the number and how one should feel. According to these geniuses I should be shopping at Forever 21 and dating...I am doing neither, thank you very much!...more

Friday, November 9, 2012
If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be?

Three years ago I had no options available as an outlet at my job. That is when I started my blog. When you have nowhere to go, you go to the writing block. Now I have a lot of choices available to me and I can't make up my mind where to do or what to do. Two weeks ago I asked for a divine intervention, for someone to tap me on the shoulder and guide me in a direction. I was at a conference and the speaker actually sought me out after the talk. That was divine.  So here is my wish list:...more

Cut the Clamor: Accessories for the Disturbed

In yet another installment of Tales from Menopause…I have squishy foam ear plugs stuffed in my ears. They come in a little cardboard box from the drugstore, and sell for about $2.00. Such a small price to pay for saving a smidge of sanity.With these plugged-up ears, I can hear my own breathing, my heartbeat, and not much else....more
You might be pleased to know that earplugs come in a wide array of colors.  I discovered this ...more

Ode to My Memory

Have you heard the informal test for Alzheimer’s?Did you forget where you put your car keys? If so, not to worry. Did you forget what the car keys are for? If so, there may be a problem.My memory has developed a few quirks. I DO still have a memory, so that’s something. I still know what the car keys are for. I don’t always know what today's date is, but can usually figure it out if I think it over carefully. Well, within one or two digits, anyway....more
ok so a few days late but only because I forgot to check in:) I can so relate, sometimes I think ...more