And Now I Am 49

Like most little kids, all I aspired to be was 16 years old. I longed for it and counted down to it. I thought 16 was the greatest age possible. Even when I was older than 16, I would have told you that being 16 was as good as life gets. Oh, the independence and the freedom that comes with driving. And dating. And general flirting turned up a notch or two because of those other things. I swung my keys and flung my hair. As perfect as being 16 turned out to be, it got even better....more

20 Signs Your Pop Culture References Are Probably Falling Flat

A lifetime ago I worked for a madman (all of the sexism and alcohol of Mad Men but without Jon Hamm) in an office with an eclectic cast of characters....more
Can I get The Facebook and The Twitter on The Windows 8?more

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deleted post...more

School's Out for Summer!

Finally!!!  The summer semester has finally ended.  That was a rough ten weeks! Now I actually have a bit of time off before the madness begins again.  I don't have to pick up my books for fall until the 12th and fall classes don't begin until the that I look at those dates...that doesn't seem like that much time!!  Crap!!!  I have a huge (and I mean humongous) list of stuff to get done before school begins again.  Ugh!!...more


I'm halfway through finals for the summer semester.  Three down and three to go!!I don't think I've felt exhaustion like this since my youngest son was a newborn.  I'm talking exhaustion to the point of sitting at my desk and breaking down in tears because I am just so tired.  My brain is completely, totally fried!!I saw a post from an author friend the other day celebrating that she had done 10,000 words that day.  Oye, the guilt!!  10,000 and I couldn't even manage 100 for a blog post!! ...more

This Bookworm Turns

When you start a book you should always finish it; otherwise you have wasted the author’s time and you have wasted your time.So said my favourite 6th Form English Tutor in days of yore and an edict I took to my young heart as unbreakable law.Which was okay and all until one reads that, statistically, one is unlikely to finish all the books one has sitting on one’s nightstand when one is aged about one and fifty....more

Multi-tasking Mamma: Extraordinarily Ordinary

I call myself Multi-tasking Mamma because on a good day I don’t know if I am coming going or left. The good news is somehow, some way, I usually get there. In reality I wear many hats ranging from professional woman, wife, hockey, lacrosse and soccer mom, writer, professor. Who am I, and why should you care? I am simply a modern day middle aged woman taking life moment by moment. In a word, I am ordinary, two words, extraordinarily ordinary! And well, honestly you may not care, and honestly that’s okay....more

Please Accept My Apology


Do Women Really Become Invisible After Turning 40?

I remember being in high school and sitting with my friends and listening to a song called Forever Young by Alphaville. I remember talking with them about how awful it would be to get old. I’m pretty sure at the time I defined old as somewhere around age thirty. I mean really – those thirty year olds were SO LAME! Anyway, the song was one of those songs....more
The truth is you're in a much better position at 40-something or as an adult to realize your ...more

Daughter Envy

I think I am jealous of my daughter. The thought occurs to me as I wait on a bench while she has a job interview across the street. My feet hurt, the ten pound "Forever 21" bag  full of floral print dresses and cut off shorts digs into my shoulder. She has shopped before the interview and I am holding the bag....more
Pauline, many thanks. I reworked it just a bit.more