The Joys of Minimum Wage: What I learned from my two year stint as a barrista

I write a blog post this cloudy Monday morning as I'm camped out with my laptop at Bare Bulb Coffee. Although this may sound pretty typical to you, today marks a big change for me. For I have spent the last two years opening the doors of Bare Bulb Coffee every Monday and Wednesday before the sun comes up to brew up some Joe and bake muffins and cinnamon rolls for the hungry people of Middle Georgia....more


I have very few friends "my age". I do not know why or how this happens....but it is true.I attended a cancer benefit last night with two of my girlfriends with the intent of meeting a group of blended couples and others that would be there. It was lovely.The band that was hosting is a favorite, notorious for playing 90's hip-hop.....which, when you are 44, was the stuff you cherish as "your jam"; the anthems of your youth and dancing fun days....more

There's Nothing Graceful About Getting Older

When I was younger I always said I wanted to be a "fat, jolly grandmother." I guess I imagined a person who always baked cookies and had a lot of fun and hearty laughs with their grandkids. Of course, that was when I was 16, 105 pounds and had flowing Farrah Fawcett hair, which I was NEVER going to dye, by the way. ...more

Lover boy vet

I've been divorced since Gerald Ford was president.Oh, I've had relationships over the years, but have avoided serious emotional involvements.Sorry, that topic is between me and my therapist.It's been a number of years since I've even dated; family responsibilities, work, and some long-term health issues have kept me tired and frankly just not interested in l-o-v-e....more

To Zumba or Not to Zumba

Ageism is Alive and Well at the Office

This won't be grammatically perfect, nor will it be typo-free.  I've been there, done that, all week, all month, all year, for nearly five years at my workplace, and it's Friday evening and I'm tired.  in fact it was 5:20 this evening when I first started to think about  how cubicles had been emptying quietly since 4 PM and as I delivered documents to a few empty cublicles I heard the twenty- and thirty-somethings making plans for an impromptu evening together for themselves and their significant others, wine and dinner somewhere....more

Midlife Cabernet: When Mom Sang "Que Sera, Sera"

 I was 7-years-old the first time I saw my mother cry. She leaned against the kitchen counter with her face pressed into a gingham tea towel, and I didn't know what to do because it was my fault she was sobbing. She had returned from the hospital and told me she "lost the baby" and I yelled at her to go find it. I didn't understand what had happened....more

“Not now kids, I am watching the Walton’s.”

My son came up to me the other day and informed me his phone no longer worked.I gave him a look like, “What do you want me to do about it?” (As if I didn’t know the answer to that.)He gave me a look like, “Grab the keys, mom; we need to go and buy me a new one!” (With no upgrade in site.)I, knowing the importance of a teenager having a phone, suggested on a compromise for awhile. A phone that merely talks and texts?God forbid! He’d rather have nothing.And that’s what he has, moping around the house like he has lost his best friend…...more

Choosing Teams for the Game of Life

Until recently, I was pretty clear where I stood and why— firmly and proudly with Team Make it Happen. There’s another team, Team Meant to Be. We’re the doers, they’re the believers. They accept, we activate. They hope. We hike. And obviously, we’re the superior team.A funny thing happened on my way to judging and dismissing Team Meant to Be. I realized they might have something. Something I wanted, and maybe even needed. Perhaps it was time to change the way I play....more
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