Don't Buy A Black Lipstick and other lessons I wish I knew when I was younger

Don't Buy A Black Lipstick and other life lessons I wish I knew when I was younger ...more

Safe in his arms

   I just found out how to let you see the wonderful bags that I have in my trunk. The picture that is in my profile spot is one of the first bags that I told you about.  But that is not why you are here. You want to know what happened when we pulled up into that beautiful hotel in that fabulous city’s downtown.   See what had happened was…....more

Fun Night Out

It would be easy for me to tell you that I went back to him. Remember I told you I spent fifteen years waiting on this man to do what I wanted him to do, without me telling him what I wanted him to do.No, I didn’t go back.I was telling you about the tricks I keep in the trunk of my car. I told you about the small bag, now let me tell you what is in the rest.PantiesTwo condoms (Can’t show you)LubricationCandy writing penCombToothbrush and pasteWash cloth and soapSmall hand held toy (Can’t show you)...more

I'm So Old That...

I turned 47 at the beginning of this week. I've started to view getting older as a great gift, especially in the past few months, when I have heard all kinds of crazy stories of sudden deaths. One of them was a boy I had a crush on when I was six. He died suddenly at 46, leaving behind his wife and adored children. Another was a college classmate whom I did not know well. A third was a soldier killed in action last week, a dear friend of a dear friend. So, as I pause to celebrate another year, I think about how lucky I am to be alive and well, with my family intact. ...more

OK Slowly Now

So sorry, I’ve been sick. It is hard to remember, type and keep names to a minimum while your tossing your large cookies in a trash can. I can only ask for your forgiveness while I type very fast to tell you what happen next.See what happen was…“Look it doesn’t matter.  There is nothing going on between us.  Let us both count this as a one night stand and never speak of it again.” I said. It was time for me to go and I had my hand on the door knob....more

Not this AGAIN

In one motion he was pulling me upwards out of my heels. I heard his zipper become undone and then I felt his hands pull on my panties. I reached into my bra and pulled out a condom.  I have to admit that Daisy gave it to me.  She said that it was her purpose in life to make sure that her younger sisters are safe.“I rip them off.” I said arching my back and turning until our lips meet.  With one strong pull, I heard them rip and soft sound of them making contact to the floor. “Look at what I got.” I said.  “Stand still while I put it on you.”...more

50, Fit and Fabulous: The Journey Begins


A Tribute To Secrets

9.20.2013A TRIBUTE TO SECRETS Secrets.We all have them....more

Break seal in case of Emergency

How many times have you been in the situation where an emergency occurred while you were out? If you had a flat tire, there was a spare in the truck.  Needed a jump? Jumper cables are at the ready, in the trunk. So tell me why you don’t have an emergency kit in your trunk for sex? I know what you are thinking. “Girl, I got an extra pair of panties in the glove compartment.”That is miner, everyday emergency. You know, wet your pants after laughing too hard, started your period, or your panties are riding up your butt....more

A Cure For My Insomnia?

I have suffered with insomnia for decades. Honestly, I have tried nearly every herbal remedy beginning with Chamomile (lame at best), Valerian which smells and tastes like manure (I held my nose and swallowed), Kava, Braca spray and numerous other herbal cocktails. There's been Benadryl, Unisom sleep and lots of Melatonin, all to no avail. I stay open minded to almost anything anyone suggests, much like I did when my son suffered with colic and someone suggested I put salt in his water bottle. When you are desperate you will do just about anything! ...more
@difbutdeterm Yes I have heard of this. And have also heard that there is no real treatment or ...more