I May Have Had a Bad Childhood

I may have had a bad childhood.  Let me be clear, I was never beaten.  I came from a good home with good parents.  I say this because I don't remember much from birth to about ten.  Even then, it's just bits and pieces, walking to school, a family trip out East, fragments.  In grade school I became the joker, the class clown.  I had bullies, male and female but I never told my parents.  In those days, the 70's and 80's parents were still authority figures, to be feared....more

Dementia, The Slow Disaster

“I can deal with shit.” I was making dinner. My mother’s aide had called me. “But not the constipated.” She went on to tell me about having to put her finger up past “clients’” butts when not even enemas did the trick. I was flipping burgers. For dinner. I had to feed my family while discussing feces, the phone cradled on my shoulder. The sizzling ground meat were beginning to look a bit less appetizing.... ...more


I did what he said the second he told me and man was I surprise.“It didn’t fit!”Remember I told you (LxWxH).  There was no problem. I was wetter than the pool at the hotel. He was just a giant. I could feel the wall inside me scream from the pleasure of being caressed by the smallest thrust of his hips, which caused his member to enter with caution. The sensation was so good that I couldn’t make a sound. It had to be the expression on my face that gave him concern.“You ok?”...more

Aging Like a Mother

Last week at the dinner table, our eleven year-old referred to his dad and me as 'middle aged,' which brought me up short."We are seriously NOT middle aged." I said, working up a huff. This isn't the eighties and I am not Bonnie Franklin (who was, incidentally, younger on One Day at a Time than I am now. That and the fact I now can't get that song out of my head is probably going to bug me all day).Colin pointed out that we're indeed halfway to the ripe, old age of 90, which in his estimation is 'middle.'He's better at math than I am, so I conceded that we certainly could be considered middle aged by anyone who wants to get a punch in the head....more

Taking Stock and other Hot Teas

TAKING STOCK  Every once (or thrice) in a lifetime, one may be inclined, through forces unforeseen, or some kind of milestone, or even the joy of fitting into a dress size smaller, the opportunity to contemplate the steps in one's journey that brings the present forward. I bring you mine. Born.  ...more

Walk this way

Please understand that this is me and I enjoy what I do. Juggling my professional life, toy seller life and blog life can get kinda rough if you think about it.  There have been times where I can’t place into words the wonderful things that are going on because I’m tied up.See what happened was…He had his toys picked out and paid for.  I placed them in a plastic laundry bag from the room closet.“My room right!”...more

My life sucks…according to Facebook

I received a text from my friend “Sue” the other day. She was upset that a mutual friend of ours was, “Kelly”, was wine tasting very near to where Sue lived, and did not call her to let her know. How did she find this out?...more

MidLIfe Sex


Fateful Move

Actually, I was happy to move out of that apartment. I had my mother move in the last six months of my lease, to help with the loss of my salary. We were both miserable. My mother is generally a miserable sort, and with me having what she perceived to be “a great life” – she only became more miserable.  But, in general, that apartment cost so much money.  Years later I discovered that my electric bill was handled by a third party because of some spam email that I had received and clicked onto....more

You Might Be Menopausal If….

    Google symptoms of menopause and you'll probably find my face underneath the list of traits that define a woman on the brink of menopausal insanity. That crazy lady with the wild eyes and the tufts of hair in her hands as she yanks it from her scalp? That's me. I've been menopausal for YEARS. Yes, you heard right. Menopause set up camp in my uterus four years ago and hasn't vacated the premises since the first heat wave from hell arrived in the form of a scorching hot flash....more