The Clarity of a Red Pepper

"Why is it that we have to wait until we are 50 years old, before we see just how beautiful a red pepper is?," Sandy Dennis says this to Alan Alda in the 1981 movie The Four Seasons.  I say “say” because she wasn't asking. She already knows. ...more
Skirt in the Kitchen  Thank you so much!more

Middle-aged and dating

You’d think men and women connecting as grown adults, with some life experience and wisdom behind them, would result in better experiences than what we all went through in our twenties.But you’d be wrong.As John Hughes once so brilliantly wrote, “People don’t mature anymore. They stay jackasses all their lives.”Strong, independent, emotionally secure women hitting their forties in this era are often surprised to find our hearts break just as easily as they did in the 90s. Unfortunately, we can’t just lose ourselves in ice cream and Cure albums anymore....more

Making the Most of my "Fuck You Fifties"

Amen, sistah! I'm right there with you!more

Learning to be Still

Everything in my world is changing.My entire universe is shifting....more

American Girl and Sweet Child of Mine. Whatever happened to those two?

 American Girl or Sweet Child O' Mine?Okay. If you were born anytime after 1990, you might as well stop reading now. *   *   *The other day, I heard American Girl on the radio.Backstory if you were born after 1990 and decided to read anyway. American Girl is a song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released in 1977.Upon hearing the best song ever in my car, I decided to dig my CD out of the attic....more

In Praise Of Napping

I know one person who is going to have a good laugh as he reads this post. My husband - José.He's been an afternoon napper since we first met almost 9 years ago! I'd tease him for not being able to resist hitting the bed almost 15 minutes after lunch. When we got married he'd pester me to come and rest. Somehow, naps were not something that was encouraged when I was growing up. Why even today I don't think my almost-90-year-old father naps during the day! Somewhere in my subconscious napping during the day amounted to laziness....more
I used to tease my partner about her afternoon naps -- now I'm not teasing her, but I'm longing ...more

Maslow and Me: Where Are You in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

This week I'm on a delayed posting schedule. Kind of like the trash pick-up delay after a major holiday. So I guess I'm feeling like trash today. But I will insert a cute photo to cheer myself up....more

10 Things That Are Not Cool About Getting Older

1. Mail no longer consists solely of care packages, CDs from Columbia House, letters from your best friend dotted with hearts, and magazines containing quizzes about how to land the man/woman of your dreams.  Now your mail has nothing but bills, fliers for gutter cleaning, and quizzes from your financial advisor entitled “What Will College Cost When Your Child is 18?”  Do not, under any circumstances, EVER take this quiz.  It will scare you so badly you will actively root for your child to fail his second grade spelling test....more

Reclaiming My Mojo

 It’s roughly six weeks until my 41st birthday and I’ve been doi...more