But Most Of The Time All You Need Is A Stick Of Gum, A Pocket Knife And A Smile.

 Let's talk turkey or cooking or chicken or butter....more

Crispy Foolproof Chicken Tacos -- for Two, or for a Crowd

Crispy chicken tacos work well for an easy lunch or dinner, but they also work well at a party in that they're a make-you-own offering once you've set out a...more

The Don't Be Afraid Easy Chicken Alfredo -- From Left-Overs

 So I made my delicious easy chicken tacos and found myself with some left...more

Leave The Gun, Take The Cannoli

 About our move to Costa Rica, my darling fr...more

How Not to Write An Obituary

I really thought that my demise would signal the end of my years of editing and writing, but after reading a questionable obituary the other day, I now know my writing skills must be utilized even after death. The obituary I am referring to was glowing…initially.“She loved four-letter words almost as much as gardenias, hot-air balloons, needlepoint and kokopellis.”...more

Sex Parties & Salvation: A Midlife Mom's Story

I sat on the couch in the dark room next to Brittany, a cute twenty-something mousey girl, engaged in mundane small talk as we watched several naked couples fucking on queen sized mattresses that filled the floor of the otherwise empty playroom.  It was strangely erotic....more

Daring to Let Go

Pulling open the hall closet doors reveals fifteen years of accumulated memories. I start slowly, making piles of school supplies, arts and crafts, photo books. There's all the old stencils that I never got around to using and three new boxes of crayons. Half a dozen old school binders that only a thirteen year old would love.We've decided to put this house up for sale in the new year....more

Getting Over It

So, I dunno about you, but when I was younger I was a tremendous fuck-up and not of particularly sterling character. That's what youth is about right? The chance to make certain mistakes in order to learn something, even if all you learn is never to do it again( Tequila hangovers anyone?). But I went a big step beyond being a jerk, I lied through my Pepsodent-white little teeth, not so much for the purposes of willful deception but for more the trick of misdirection. Horribly misguided misdirection, but never with the intent to hurt anyone, or so I convinced myself at the time....more

What They Don't Tell You About Menopause

The low point of the day was The Photo. For some reason, my friend wanted to take our picture in front of the sand sculpture, something that we have never done before, and then post it on Facebook for the entire world to see. I avoid having my picture taken, especially since going through menopause. ...more
hbksloss I have always worn glasses but my eyes are dry now too.  And my skin!  I am constantly ...more

Is My Blog My Midlife Crisis?

I heard some information on the radio a while back that said you are most likely to encounter a midlife crisis around the age of 42. It will last roughly 5-6 years, during which time your tastes in music will get significantly younger. Once those 5-6 years are over, they will change back. This information worries me. Not just because 42 is getting uncomfortably close, but because I've always liked music that 12-year-olds like. How will I know if I'm having a midlife crisis? Am I having one right now? What are the other signs? ...more
Thanks for the great read and for inspiring my own writings of midlife angst. Would I be an ...more