Let's go

Sorry I left many of you in the middle of a story. I just came back from a wonderful time. See what happened was..After he kissed my ankle, he kissed my calf.  The softness of his lips on my smoothly shaven leg made me want to giggle like a school girl, but I didn’t.“You taste like chocolate coconut pie.”“Pie!” I said.  I can understand the coconut, since I oil my body all over in coconut oil. “Did you say chocolate because of my skin?”...more

Ain't nobody got time for that...

So I'm kicking back watching Soul Sunday on the Oprah channel and it occurs to me that I wanna be that pure breathing soul, but I got a job to find, student loans to pay off, acid reflex and I'm fighting off the winter blues.  Ain't nobody got time for that enlightenment!  What am I supposed to do, stop and smell the roses as I let the cat litter pile up in my basement?I got people to see and places to be, and all kinds of problems....more

Midlife Cabernet: Little Beauty Shop of Horrors

Hilarious!!  I was actually getting my hair done today as well.  Luckily, my stylist is older ...more

Midlife Cabernet: Attack of the Nipple Stickers

My health insurance was canceled so I scheduled multiple appointments for a full-body tune up and lube before the policy expires on December 31. In four weeks, I was pricked, prodded, flossed, scoped, and dilated as nurses and doctors scribbled notes and muttered in amazement that someone so old could be so healthy. My biggest regret, besides stepping on the scale, was that I didn’t bring along a full flask of Cabernet.During the dreaded mammogram I concentrated on the escape window as a sassy young nurse handled my breasts while muttering “Damn, that’s a lotta skin!”...more
Elaine - this blog is hysterical and yet it states everything that we as women think when we are ...more

Katy Perry (and I) took a Stairway to Heaven

KATY PERRY (AND I) TOOK A STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Last week was lovely.Our kids came for Thanksgiving....more

My Fabulous Fifties!

MY FABULOUS FIFTIES   Full disclosure: I am 56. ...more


“Hey!” I said. How could I explain to anyone let alone myself on how he found out where the heck I live?“Well are you going to let me in or shall I knock on your neighbors’ door to find out more about you.”  I took a deep breath and through over my options quickly.  I unlocked my door, open it and step to the side to let him in.He was beside himself with the largest, brightest, and cutest smile any man had the right to have knocking on a woman’s door after doing half the pleasure he did to me....more

Mr. Jones!

I had a wonderful bit of time off for the blog, so sorry.  I had some back trouble that lead to me to being flat on my back.  The doctor said he thinks I sprang a muscle somewhere along the right side.  A few pain pills, some sleep, and a bed full of toys got me through.  My sisters stopped by every day to make sure that I had something to eat and that I was still alive.See what happened was…...more

Aunt Tulip

Aunt Tulip always gave us as her nieces’ good advice on men.  Why we as women can’t take or even give advice even to those women who need it the most. Like most of us when we were younger, we knew everything about nothing....more

Midlife Cabernet: My Mirror Doesn't Work

 When my eyesight became weaker, I purchased a new lighted mirror with a 10X magnification so I could apply mascara without guessing the actual location of my eyelashes....more