Winter Thesaurus

I don't know about you, but some days, I feel plain old sorry for my children. The things that they have to listen to that stumble out of my mouth. It makes me want to dig up and carry around my college transcripts to show them that once, yes, mama had a working brain. Today, by far, one of the most ridiculous sentences imaginable tripped out of my mouth. As I heard myself saying the last word, I could almost read my childrens' minds, Whatever happened to poor mama that makes her talk like that......more

Go (Mid) West, Young Woman!

  My husband whisked me away to mid-state Illinois to the land of the Illiac ( prehistoric computer reference dating before Mr. Gore and his insemination of the Internet) and birth place of Netscape. The University of Illinois ( Urbana-Champaign) was good enough for the riskier Tom Cruise, so why not for a BFA in painting for me and a Masters of CS for D?...more

Environmentalist in Oklahoma: Against the Grain

I was born and raised in rural Oklahoma, in a town of around 17,000 people. Oklahoma is known for things like rodeos, country music, the Dust Bowl, the oil and natural gas, and for being one of the reddest states, politically, in the U.S. Oklahoma is not known as being a very progressive or eco-friendly state. My Senator, Sen. Inhofe is even one of the biggest climate deniers in U.S. politics....more
@Ranching architect Thank you for your comments, I have no ill feelings ...more

Hello! My Name Is....

Greetings! I am not new to the world of blog, but most definitely to a realm where the blog is read by someone other than my kids or extended family. So please be gentle.The "who"...that would be me, not the classic rock band. I have recently found myself in a three bedroom apartment with one 16 year old child, one bicycle, zero cars and a manufacturing job that I have a love/hate relationship with. ...more

The Filth and Beauty of Midwestern Winter Cars

Now that I officially live in rural Minnesota, I can't help but compare my former life in California with my new reality of small town living in Middle America.  For example, when I was shopping at Walmart this afternoon, I noticed that almost all of the vehicles looked alike.You see, everyone's car is dirty here and it doesn't seem to bother the natives one hoot.  Out in  Southern California, a car is a definite status symbol and many people will spend a small fortune and an entire Saturday morning having their cars washed and "detailed."...more
Great post! My car was so dirty last week that I had to remind myself that one way to see out ...more

Top 10 Reasons I Heart Oklahoma!

Number 10: Spotting a real, live princess in an autumn Oklahoma pumpkin patch is a  frequent occurrence. Photo by Rachel Apple....more

Book Review: Peace Like a River

Such timing, this book entering my life, the landscape shifting and changing around me, just so. Come two more weeks into April, and I could not have abided a story with blizzards and below zero temperatures. Come one week earlier, and I would not have savored strong rivers and spring time like I do this day. ...more

What Successful Writer Would Want to Live in the Midwest?

A man after my own heart, this Charles Baxter.Baxter, a Minnesota native and successful author, was only twenty seconds into his Friday night reading at Micawbers Bookstore in St. Paul when he addressed his Midwesternness, a label that is regularly affixed to his award-winning work."Just the other day I received an email from a reader in Los Angeles," Baxter said, "and the man's main question was--if you've published nine books, why are you still living in Minnesota?"...more

Unemployed Mid-West Girl w/ Hollywood dreams

So here I am writing a blog something I honestly thought that I would never do. Now I am not saying that it's a bad thing writing things for possibly millions of people to see but it's still weird to me for the time being. Let me begin by saying that I am 24 years old and currently unemployed (have been that way since October 31,2009)....more

Caregiving is a thankless but necessary role. Thank you for caring for your mother. There are ...more

Reverse Migration: From the Coast to the Heartland

Lately, it seems companies and people are starting to recognize that business in the United States does not consist of only New York City and California. There are, in fact, many wonderful places to live in between. People are choosing to live in cities that are a little quieter, a little cheaper, and a little more family friendly, as buzzwords like “work/life balance” echo in the halls of corporate America. More companies are choosing to set up shop in places like Colorado, Kansas City or Oklahoma. It’s not because of the weather. ...more

I left beautiful, warm Northern Cali for Brr, cold Minnesota. And why yes, yes it is hard to get ...more