New Technology Low Battery..!

Do you remember that day you were at a party and your battery died in the middle of a selfie hunt. What were your immediate thoughts? "fun died with it?, party was over too? I should write a feedback letter to this  phone company.?"Whatever it was I’m sure you felt like urgh new technology but low battery!For us sunrises and sunsets from the phone....more

Why Millennials Aren't Moving Away From Home

According to a new Pew Research report, millennials aren’t buying houses or starting their own households, and society is shocked! They’re scandalized that even with millennial unemployment dropping to 7.7 percent, 26 percent of millennials are still living with their parents—a 2 percent increase since the height of the Great Recession in 2010....more

4 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Marketing To Millennials

Millennials are the talk of the town in 2015. Everyone is scrambling to know what Millennials want to buy, how they think, and what they do online and when....more

Five Things Boomers Can Learn From Millennials

via Splitshire Our millennial kids can be frustratingly stubborn....more

Cooped up and lonely

After a completely non-scientific, multi-year study that consisted of me questioning other women, it turns out that this is the typical life cycle for women who work from home:...more

Invisibility: The Internet's Greatest Gift?

 Here's a question for you:Why does anyone blog?...more

Millennials in Need: Crowdfunding Health Care

Health care is perhaps one of the most loaded terms for millennials, right alongside student debt and unpaid internships. Despite the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, which allowed individuals to stay on their parents’ health care plan until age 26 and implemented the individual mandate in 2014, receiving medical care at an affordable cost is a challenge for those who struggle to make ends meet. High deductibles and patchy coverage mean even those with health insurance often run the risk of being bankrupt by the high cost of care. ...more

What Makes a Marriage?

As our generation creeps slowly towards our 30s, more and more of us are starting to think about the M word: Marriage. What we want out of our partnerships is a question mark for many of us as we grapple with what could be called the ultimate badge that says, “We are now adults.” Some have already been divorced, others have never been in a relationship, and many are in committed relationships with or without a marriage license. ...more

On Leaving Home

We are the generation that goes home again. It’s happened to many of us; after college we go back home while we search for the perfect job, the perfect haircut, or ourselves, but before we come home again we must first leave.In the search for independence we leave home, either when we move to a dorm or apartment in our hometown or another state to get “the college experience,” or maybe even leaving the country for a semester abroad. No matter how far we move or travel we learn to adjust without mom’s cooking and taking care of ourselves, but somehow it always seems temporary....more

Millennialisms That Make My Ears Bleed (A.K.A., I'm Old)

Although my current number of regular readers is small, you guys are a very diverse group.  Each generation creates their own language of sorts.  I am a proud Gen-X’er, which is, like, totally rad, dude.  I am the parent of a Millennial.  I just don’t understand these kids today.  Here is a list of my top language pet peeves of the “next generation”....more